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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 120: free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 120:

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Chapter 120:

Chapter 120: Pretty Young Lady

Chu Tian pulled ten people out of the bar in a row. Li Sisi glanced their way as if she could see their attribute panel. She could tell if they were easy to flirt with or not.

It's too simple to flirt with that.

Li  Sisi took a sip of the cocktail and said, "You don't even have to go to the hotel. Let's go over and chat for a bit to make her happy. "We can ask for the bar."

"So open?" Chu Tian said speechlessly, "Sis, she looks quite pure."

"A young woman who lacks love." Li Sisi said, "She is married at first glance. Her husband couldn't be on her site often. She can't stand the loneliness anymore and came to the bar to find comfort."

Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi and said," Sis, you are a little scary. No one can escape your eyes."

"It's also a separate occasion." I can't if these people are out there," Li Sisi said with a smile. "But in bars, based on their reactions, it's only natural to see them once in a while."

Chu Tian nodded and said, "Hey, sister, with your eyesight, which one do you think is the most difficult to flirt with?"

Li Sisi looked around and said, “Hold on; I'll look for you.”

After a while, Li Sisi suddenly seemed to have discovered something. "I found one. She's pretty and looks like a goddess."

Chu Tian said, "Sis, where?"

"Then, at the corner of the bar." Li Sisi signaled, "She isn't easy to flirt with. She doesn't feel like she can."

Chu Tian looked over and was stunned. He frowned.

This…… Wasn't this the policewoman?

The policewoman asked him about the necklace the afternoon before yesterday.

However, she was wearing casual clothes. She had short hair, big eyes, willow-shaped eyebrows, and a prominent nose. She was drinking a bottle of fruit and wine.

"I didn't expect her to come to the bar." Chu Tian suddenly couldn't help smiling.


Li Sisi asked curiously, "Do you know her?"

"She's the policewoman who asked me about the necklace the day before yesterday," Chu Tian said.

"Oh, it's her." Li Sisi nodded. "I didn't expect it to be so beautiful."

"Then I'll go say hello." Chu Tian said.

"Go on." Li Sisi said, "bring a bottle of wine."

Chu Tian smiled and nodded. Then he took a bottle of cocktail from the bar and walked over.

In the bar's corner, the policewoman was suddenly standing alone, with a bottle of wine in front of her.

"Hey, beauty, are you alone?"

The policewoman looked up and saw Chu Tian smiling. She smiled and said, "Yo, isn't this the bar's owner?"


Chu Tian smiled and licked his lips. "Are you here to investigate me?"

"I don't have that kind of time." The policewoman said, "I live nearby, so there is no place to play at night. You happen to have a bar here. Come and have a party. I need to see you too. Bars are trouble-prone. I just opened it. I'm here to observe for a few days and see if there's any illegal activity."

"Then you can't see!" Chu Tian smiled and said, "The illegal activities are in the private room upstairs."

The policewoman narrowed her eyes and said, "There is? If I'm there, I'll go up and catch him."

"I'm joking. There's no such thing." Chu Tian said, "But, sister, you're working overtime. Do you have overtime pay?"

The policewoman smiled and took a sip of the cocktail in her hand.

"As well." Chu Tian said in a low voice, "Sister, don't call me boss. I'm just a worker."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't suppress it." Chu Tian helplessly said, "I'm too young. If those female employees know I'm the boss, they're too crazy, and they all have to think of ways to tease me."

The policewoman giggled and said, "You're the boss. You're sneaking around."

"I can't help it." Chu Tian smiled and said, "I'm not that kind of serious person. I'm also young, so I can only pretend to work. Otherwise, they won't; otherwise, they won't let me off."

Chu Tian opened the cocktail bottle and placed it in front of the policewoman.

"What do you mean?"

"Sis, the bar." Chu Tian said, "It's normal for guys to treat girls to drinks. Besides a bottle of this stuff, can you still convict me of bribery?"

The policewoman smiled and curled her lips. "Where's your girlfriend?"

"She is at the White Milk Tea Shop next door." Chu Tian said.

There was no need to hide it.

Since she knew that the bar was hers, she must have found out that the tea shop next door was hers.

The policewoman nodded and said," Be careful of that female classmate of yours. She's not a good woman. She's quite capable of looking for trouble."

"I know." Chu Tian smiled and said, "That's right, sister; what's your name?"

"Xia Mo."

"Then let's add WeChat."

Add WeChat?

Xia Mo smiled and said, "Are you crazy? Do you want to flirt with me?"

"How dare I?" Chu Tian said, "Sis, don't you care about this area? If there's anyone causing trouble in my bar, I can contact you."

Xia Mo smiled again and took out her phone to create a friend's QR code.

Chu Tian scanned it, added a good friend, and then changed the "Lovely young lady."

Seeing this, Xia Mo couldn't help but glare at him and say, " What did you give me the memo for? It's changed."

"Hey." Chu Tian chuckled and said, "I won't change it, My good friend. I can make notes as I like. You don't care."

Xia Mo rolled her eyes with a smile when she saw Chu Tian's shamelessness. Then she picked up the cocktail in her hand and drank it.

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