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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 110: Li Niannian Got It free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 110: Li Niannian Got It

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Chapter 110: Li Niannian Got It

Chapter 110: Li Niannian Got It

"How is it? Does it feel good?"

A soft hand pressed on Chu Tian's head. Li Niannian gently rubbed his temple with her thumb and put her other hand behind his ear in a diagonal shape.

"Yes, it's comfortable." Chu Tian's face was very comfortable; he leaned on Li Niannian's leg and said, "Sister Nian, I think your method is quite professional. Have you studied massage?"

"Guess." Li Niannian rubbed Chu Tian's head and said with a smile, "I was in the company, and my colleague's name was Xiao Guo."

"Her parents ran regular massage parlors, Chinese professional massage that wasn't part of a large healthcare system."

"It was a family job, so she was good at massage, and then we also had a good relationship, so she taught me."

"So, although I have not studied professionally, the inheritance is more authentic. When you're free, I'll give you a proper medicated massage. I’ll ask my sister to give you a full-body meridian massage. I hope you enjoy that, as it is very comfortable.”

"Hey, it can’t be true." Chu Tian laughed and said, "I didn't expect Sister Nian to have such skills. I'll try it another day. By the way, do you still have contact with your colleague, Xiao Guo?"

"It's over." Li Niannian took a deep breath and said, "She was pregnant. She resigned and went home to become a mother. She was as old as me. Hey, I'm a bit envious. She was about to become a mother while she didn’t even have a relationship."

"What's there to envy?" Chu Tian smiled and said, "Sister Nian, do you want a child? I'll help you. I will make you pregnant in a month."

"Screw you!"

Li Niannian giggled, twisted Chu Tian's ears, and said, "It’s getting more and more obscene." Chu Tian said happily, "Ah, sister Nian, don't say it; your method is just fantastic.”

Chu Tian sat up and moved his neck after some time had passed. “I feel refreshed and more energetic when you finish pressing my head."

"That's right." Li Niannian said so proudly. "This is an authentic Chinese massage. When are you going home?"

"Wait." Chu Tian said, "Xiao Bai hasn't woken up yet. Let her sleep for a while. It's only 9:10 to worry about each other."

With that said, Chu Tian took out the key from his pocket and said: "By the way, Sister Nian, here is the key."


Li Niannian asked curiously, "Why did you give me the key? What kind of key is this?"

"These are my home keys." Chu Tian said, "Sister Sisi just told me you hadn't found a house here, so you should go to my house first. It's very close, and it's very convenient to go to work…."

"Oh, no." Li Niannian said, "I live in a hotel nearby."

"Say goodbye to that hotel." Chu Tian said, "Dirty, I don't know who has slept before. Is there any skin disease or something? My house is empty. My classmates moved back to the school dormitory so you could go there. I'll be there tomorrow. I'll give Sisi a key when Sisi can't go back and visit occasionally."

Li Niannian smiled as she continued, "If I come, won't I affect you and your love?"

"Not at all." Chu Tian said, "What's the impact? I don't treat you as an outsider."

"Yes, it's true." Li Niannian joked: "Since you have already slept with my sister, you can't be an outsider."

"Ah?" Chu Tian was stunned for a moment. He smiled and scratched his head, "What, what do you mean? Sister Nian, I, I don't understand."

"Stop pretending." Li Niannian rolled her eyes with a smile and said, "I'm not blind. I went home last Saturday night to have a look. You had evidence in the trash.  Who else could be there?"

"Uh… hehe." Chu Tian smiled awkwardly and said, "So you knew it!"

Li Niannian smiled and curled her lips. "Do you know how to play King's Glory?"


"Then let's play in two rows." Li Niannian said, "It's just boring. Play with me."

"No problem. I'll show you off!"


Ten o'clock at night!

After three lines of kneeling, Chu Tian was successfully kicked out of the Milk Tea Shop by Li Niannian.

Chu Tian was simply helpless. It was not his dish; it was her own. It was at the same level as Bai Xiaochun but more ferocious than Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun ran away when he saw someone and was chased after.

As soon as Li Niannian saw someone, she started walking fast. Whether or not she could defeat them, she was not afraid of death. She couldn't save, even if she had just died.

Quickly, when Chu Tian returned to the barroom with three cups of milk tea, Bai Xiaochun was still sleeping while Li Sisi was also lazily lying on the sofa, playing with her phone.

Seeing Chu Tian come in, Li Sisi stretched lazily and said with a smile, "Have you been soaking for so long?"

Chu Tian smiled as he sat beside Li Sisi and said, "Went to play with Sister Nian for a while and gave her the keys. We'll leave after work later. Are you not going over tonight? "

After speaking and seeing Chu Tian staring at her, Li Sisi seemed to realize something and couldn't help laughing: "Don't make trouble. The big baby is about to wake up. If she sees you, you're done. Honestly."

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