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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 106: Li Sisis Routine free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 106: Li Sisis Routine

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Chapter 106: Li Sisis Routine

Chapter 106: Li Sisi's Routine

7:30 In the evening.

On the bar's second floor, in Li Sisi's deluxe room, Chu Tian and Li Sisi sat on the sofa drinking red wine while chatting.

On the bed, Bai Xiaochun was sleeping.

Chu Tian drank two bottles of red wine just now. One bottle was dry white, and Bai Xiaochun only drank half of the bottle. Then they couldn't hold it any longer and started chatting. One second, they were still drinking with Li Sisi, and the next second, they were lying on Chu Tian's body in a daze.

Seeing that Bai Xiaochun was drunk, Chu Tian took her to bed and let her sleep.

As for Li Sisi and Li Niannian, they were completely fine. Li Niannian had even returned to the milk tea shop to continue working.

After all, she was a practising person.

Li Sisi didn't need to say anything. She had been in nightclubs for so many years, not to mention four people drinking three bottles. She could drink three bottles by herself.

Li Niannian's alcohol intake was also good. After all, she had worked for a big company, and she had some entertainment.

As for Chu Tian, although he drank little alcohol, his body was strong, and he had the recovery ability of Dead Servant, which had a certain effect, so it didn't work.

Only Bai Xiaochun would wake up after a good sleep.

"I didn't expect the bar business to be so good." Li Sisi shook the red wine in the glass and said, "Today is the first day of our business. It's Monday. I thought it would be nice if I could have some people. I didn't expect all the private rooms to be fully booked. More than half of the seats are booked."

Chu Tian said, "It's cheap today. There is a 40% discount on the entire court."

Li Sisi said, "It has a certain effect. However, it's mainly next to the university. There are female university students."

Female students…!

Chu Tian smiled and said, "Sister Sisi, the school dormitory closes at 11 pm."

"Don't be naïve." Li Sisi said with a smile: "This rule has a certain impact on first- and second-year students. Do you think your seniors still believe this?"

"When I was in the Legends bar, I had a female student who was a medical student almost every day. When she had time, she would be between one and two in the morning. She would play with her bag, clothes, makeup, living expenses, etc. She spent two nights at the bar."

"Heh, it's quite realistic." Chu Tian smiled.

"There are all kinds of birds in the big forest." Li Sisi said: "There are nearly 40,000 people in your school. If we don't make it higher, there will be only 15,000 girls. How can there not be a few hundred?"

"Besides, which university doesn't have female university students doing private work outside? Everyone understands this. It's more convenient for them to find rich people in bars."

Chu Tian nodded his head.

"By the way," Li Sisi continued, "I won't reveal your boss's identity in the bar. I'll just say you're one of my younger brothers. If you want to come to play, you can come with Bai Xiaochun. I'm afraid you can't cover your identity if you reveal it."

Can't cover.

Chu Tian thought for a while and said, "Is there anything I can't cover up?"

"These girls in our bar are all old foxes I've found." Li Sisi smiled. "Every thief knows how to flirt. If they know you're the boss, don't think about it. One by one, I just don’t want you to be teased. This person is sitting on your thigh and kissing you on the face. Can you cover it?"

"Oh." Chu Tian smiled, nodded, and said, "Then don't say I'm the boss. If that's the case, I won't be able to come in the future."

After chatting for a while, Li Sisi poured another wine for Chu Tian and said, "By the way, does that big baby know what necklace you gave her?"

Chu Tian took a deep breath and said, "Something happened this afternoon, and someone called the police. Later, she found out."

"Ah?" Li Sisi frowned. "Someone called the police. What is the situation?"

"A classmate of Xiao Bai…" Chu Tian took a deep breath, "Her name is Sun Nana. She has always been jealous of Xiao Bai and always wanted to…"

Soon, Li Sisi told Sun Nana's situation and what happened this afternoon and nodded with a smile. "So it's this kind of woman. You're welcome. Such a woman is really rare."

"Not common?" Chu Tian thought about it and said, "She's just a scheming and material woman."

"No, no, no." Li Sisi shook her head and said, "It's not that simple. I know this type of woman, having a very high level. Wait, she will seduce you."


Chu Tian frowned and said, "Will she seduce me?"

"She will be 100% Seducing you." Li Sisi said, "By the way, how is she?"

"Good." Chu Tian said: "She ranked third in goddess selection in the first year. Although she cheated, her appearance and body are goddess-level. However, compared with Xiao Bai, she is still a bit weak."

"Then you can't compete with the big baby. The big baby is no longer a goddess-level person," said Li Sisi. "Shee is a demon-level person. Are you interested in making fun of her?"

Seeing Li Sisi's crafty expression, Chu Tian smiled and said, "I want to deal with her. Sister, let's make a move."

Li Sisi smiled, came up to Chu Tian's ear, and whispered.

After a while, Li Sisi smiled, kept a distance from Chu Tian, and said, "If you follow this routine, you don't need to spend money, and you can play to the fullest. I believe my sister. You must be right."

Chu Tian smiled and licked his lips, saying, "Alright, I'll try according to your plan."

"Remember to say hello to your love in advance." Li Sisi said, "Otherwise, I will be jealous."

"Understood. "

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