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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 105: Being Targeted by the Policewoman free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 105: Being Targeted by the Policewoman

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Chapter 105: Being Targeted by the Policewoman


Hearing Li Niannian say this, Chu Tian nodded in understanding and said, "I have understood."

"Then let's go up too." Li Niannian said, "The big baby is still waking. I like her very much. Don't scare her."

"Well, come on, let's go up there too."

Chu Tian and Li Niannian also went upstairs.

Soon, Chu Tian and Li Niannian came to a private room with the sign ‘idlers may not enter’. They couldn't help but narrow their eyes.

This room was well decorated.

The walls were all soundproof and soft, and the chandelier was dark. The room had a dim beauty with big and small beds, and two sofas also had a billiard table.

Not only that, the shelf was built on one of the walls. Each frame had a bottle or two of wine. There was dry red, dry white, and even a lot of foreign wine that Chu Tian had never seen before.

Seeing Bai Xiaochun sitting on the sofa with two more lip prints on her face, Chu Tian couldn't help laughing. "Sister Sisi, kiss her slowly. Don't kiss my baby madly."

"What's the matter?" Li Sisi smiled, put two bottles of red wine on the table, and said, "Sister kissed you twice. Are you still sad?"

"I don't feel bad." Chu Tian smiled and sat next to Bai Xiaochun. He pinched her blushing face and said, "Sister, do you have anything to eat? We're hungry."

"Yes." Li Sisi said, "These are all dishes ordered from the hotel. These were delivered just before you guys came. Wash your hands first at the small door next to the pool table. Open it, and you'll find the bathroom. We'll have a good drink later."


At the same time!

At the police station, the policeman who went to school in the afternoon was about to get off work when suddenly, as if he had discovered something, he couldn't help looking at the policewoman sitting in front of the computer and frowning. "Captain Xia, you haven't worked for so long. Why don't you go home?”

The policewoman looked at the policeman, smiled and said, "That Chu Tian…it's fascinating."

Chu Tian?

"What's wrong?" The policeman laughed. "Is our Captain Xia also fascinated by that kid's wealth? That's right, a 19 million yuan necklace. If I were a woman, I would be obsessed with him. Being his girlfriend would be fun."

"Get out of the way." The policewoman smiled and said, "I just found something interesting. Come and see."

The  policeman walked over and asked, "What did you find?"

"Look for yourself." The policewoman gestured at the computer screen.

"Damn, this kid's figure is so explosive. He's muscular."

"Good boy, this dunk. His head is already higher than the height of the basket. This bouncing force is too outstanding. For a basket that is over three meters tall. This…… No matter what, your feet must be 1.5 meters away from the ground."

The policeman said while watching. After a while, he couldn't help frowning and said, "Hey… Interestingly, Chu Tian didn't have parents when he was in the second grade of junior high school. After so many years, he made money by studying for himself. It's inspiring."

"It's not simple, is it?" The policeman said.

"It's not simple." The policeman nodded and said, "No wonder Sun Nana said that Chu Tian's money was stolen, this… It's indeed a little mysterious. What is he doing? He's just a freshman, so why does he have the capital to buy 19 million necklaces?"

"That's right." The policeman seemed to have thought of something, looked at the policewoman, and said, "Captain Xia, have you checked it? Is this situation true?"

"I checked." The policewoman replied: "Everything is true except that he is poor. His parents died in an accident when he was in the second grade. Also, they left him nothing."

"And I found out one more thing."

As she spoke, the policewoman clicked with a mouse to open a  web page.

The policeman glanced at it and said in surprise: "Damn, the White Milk Tea shop that has been making a lot of noise these two days is his shop?

The store's establishment must be recorded in the industry and commerce system. Because it is connected to both the industry and commerce system and the public security system, a search in the general security system determined that the store's name is Chu Tian.

It's not just White Milk Tea shop. The policewoman said, "Look down. There's more here. He also has a bar."

The policeman investigator glanced at it and said, "Pure bar?"

As if thinking of something, the policeman said thoughtfully, "White Milk Tea… Pure Bar… Sigh, Captain Xia, isn't his girlfriend's name Bai Xiaochun? Damn, it's so romantic."

"It's romantic." The policewoman smiled. "But I'm more curious. How did he get the money?"

"These two stores were all bought by him. With the addition of the investment, it's at least 50 million. If he's a rich second generation, I can understand, but as per his situation, I can't."

"Okay, Captain Xia." The policeman smiled and said, "You don't want to investigate him, do you? With so much money, the bank will report it if anything unusual happens. Since the bank didn't report it, his money was fine. Forget it."

"I didn't say there was a problem with his money."

When she spoke, the policewoman stood up and said, "I'm just curious about him. Well, let's go to the bar and play."

"Are we going to the bar?" The policeman was curious.

"That's right." The policewoman said, "Pure Bar will open today with a 50% discount. Take advantage of the opportunity to go enjoy and relax."

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