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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 99: Invisible Pretend free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 99: Invisible Pretend

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Chapter 99: Invisible Pretend

What the hell?

19 million?

When they heard the price that Chu Tian said in the office, they suddenly became quiet.

One could hear the silence even when a needle fell to the ground.

The teacher and the two policemen stared at Chu Tian in amazement.

Not only that but Sun Nana was astounded. In fact, dumbfounded on her forehead.

Is that what Chu Tian paid for this necklace, 19 million?

It means he was so rich.

There was also Bai Xiaochun, who had her head buried in Chu Tian's chest and was crying. She also raised her head and looked into his eyes, not crying anymore.

The air in the entire office was as if it had frozen.

After some time had passed, the policewoman was the first to return to her senses. "Uh… You said you bought it for 19 million?"

"That's right." Chu Tian hugged Bai Xiaochun affectionately and said with a smile, "This necklace is called ‘Pure Star’. It was designed and completed by Zhou Yun, a master of diamond carving, for two and a half years. This is a platinum necklace. There were 128 small diamonds and one enormous diamond. I forgot the exact number. The price was around 19 million."

Hearing Chu Tian's familiar introduction, the policewoman frowned slightly and said, "But what did your girlfriend say? Did you buy this for 1,900 yuan?"

"Oh, I lied to her." Chu Tian said: "Because I'm afraid she won't wear it after knowing the actual price. After all, with 19 million around her neck, she must be worried and afraid of being dragged away. But I wanted her to wear it, so I wiped it off."

Wiped a million?

He could still wipe it like this.

It was already a lot of exaggeration to wipe the slate clean. Did he wipe out a million?

"That's right." Chu Tian continued, "Sir, is there any problem with the necklace?"

"Uh… there's no issue with the necklace." The policewoman licked her lips and said, "But do you have an invoice?"

"I didn't bring the invoice." Chu Tian said, "But I have the phone number of the store manager. If there is any problem, I can call her."

"If it's convenient." The policewoman said, "It's better for us if we can.”

"No problem."

Chu Tian took out his phone and started a video call as he spoke.

Very quickly, the video call was answered. Manager Cheng of Dafu Jewelry Store appeared in the video with a smile. “Mr. Chu, why did you suddenly have a video call? What's the matter?"

"Manager Cheng."  Chu Tian said, "Something happened on my side. Now, some people suspect the origin of the Pure Star. I didn't bring the invoice with me. Two police officers want to talk to you."

"Hey, how did this happen?"  Manager Cheng said, "No problem, no problem. Mr. Chu, don't worry. I'll talk to the police."

Seeing this, Chu Tian handed the phone to the policewoman.

In the video, the policewoman took it and looked at Manager Cheng. However, before she could say anything, Manager Cheng spoke first.

"Oh, police officer, it's a misunderstanding. You have really made a mistake. That diamond necklace is called the ‘Pure Star’. It's the treasure of the Haicheng Dafu jewelry Store. Two days ago, on Saturday afternoon, it was bought by Mr. Chu for 19 million. That was a gift he bought for his lover."

"If you have questions, feel free to ask at my Dafu jewelry store. I'm the manager of this store. My surname is Cheng. You can also look. This is our Dafu jewelry store. Look at this gold and silver jewelry, as well as these pearls, agates, jades, and so on. They are all from our Dafu jewelry store."

"Then, these are the employees of our shop. You guys, come over and answer. Where are we?"

"Haicheng Dafu Jewelry Store."

"Who am I?"

"You're our manager."

"Manager Cheng of Dafu Jewelry Company in Haicheng. "

"All right, you go ahead."

Video continued. Manager Zheng continued: "Police officer, our Dafu jewelry store is here. If there is any problem, don't bother Mr. Chu; come directly to my store. That pure star was bought by Mr. Chu, worth 19 million yuan. That was a mistake."

The policewoman smiled at Manager Cheng in the video. "All right, I'll have to bother you and have already grasped the situation. I'm sure this is a misunderstanding."

"That's fine." Manager Cheng said, "If you have questions, then come to me anytime."

"All right, excuse me. Goodbye."

Saying that, the policewoman hung up the phone and handed it to Chu Tian. She smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Chu Tian; this is a misunderstanding."

"It's ok. But what happened here?" Chu Tian said, "Why do you doubt this necklace?"

"We received the call…."

As she spoke, the policewoman explained the cause and consequences.

After finishing her speech, the policewoman continued: "It's just a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding is well resolved. Student Sun Nana has no ill intentions. I hope your students don't have any conflicts."

"No, no." Chu Tian said with a smile: "I see. Sun Nana is also well-intentioned, and her behavior is worth promoting and learning from. Suppose everyone can be like Sun Nana, who dares to call the police after discovering a problem. In that case, the security of our country will be better."

The policewoman smiled, nodded, and said, "Yes, you are fine. The next step is to go back."

"Then, comrade police, can the necklace be returned to us?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll return the necklace to you guys. Check it out; not a single diamond is missing."

"No need to check." Chu Tian smiled. "This is usual. The main thing is that this is my first gift to my girlfriend, and it has a special meaning."


Hearing Chu Tian's words, the policewoman's mouth twitched.

80 cents for a block of stuff?

That's 19 million!

This formless show-off was intimidating!

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