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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 94 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

Sun Nana Called The Police

…This necklace cost 1900?

Sun Nana felt as if nothing was right anymore the moment she saw Bai Xiaochun show off her Star of Purity.

What nonsense was she sprouting?!

This necklace was made completely out of diamonds!

Forget that 1900, even the smallest diamond on that necklace cost at least over a few tens of thousands!

Besides, the bigger the size of a diamond, the more expensive it would be, especially for that large rhombus-shaped diamond, she did not dare to imagine just how much that alone would cost.

Just from gauging this necklace visually, she was sure that this necklace must be at least ten million!

Seeing how Sun Nana just stared at the Star of Purity on her neck so blankly, Bai Xiaochun smiled brightly, revealing her row of pretty and white teeth as she said, “What do you think, Nana? It’s pretty too, isn’t it?”

Sun Nana quickly gathered herself and forced a smile, “Xiao-Chun, t-this is a present from your boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” Bai Xiaochun said, “Chu Tian gave it to me the day before yesterday, he even put it on me himself, heh.”

“…How much did he say it cost?” Sun Nana asked again.

“1900.” Bai Xiaochun asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing.” Sun Nana thought for a second before she continued, “It’s just that… does your boyfriend go to another person's house to do part-time?”

“…” Bai Xiaochun thought for a moment, “He did in the past, but not anymore.”

“Are you sure?” Sun Nana asked.

“…He might have started again recently.” Bai Xiaochun said, “He did go out everyday during the afternoon for work a few days ago, but I have never asked him what he does.”

“Going out everyday in the afternoon?” Sun Nana narrowed her eyes, “That means, you wouldn’t know even if he did go to another person’s house to work part-time, right?”

Bai Xiaochun creased her brows and said, “Yeah, but Nana, is something wrong? Why do you suddenly care so much about my boyfriend’s job?”

“Oh, nothing.” Sun Nana grinned, “Well, it’s time for class soon, I’m going to the restroom.”

And with that, Sun Nana stood up and left the classroom straight away.

Bai Xiaochun thought that was pretty weird, but did not think much of it as she put the necklace back into her top.

In the female restroom at the end of the corridor, Sun Nana was hurrying into the toilet as the class bell rang.

As it was already time for class, there was not a single person in the toilet at this time.

Sun Nana smirked as she took out her phone, “Bai Xiaochun, let’s see how you’re going to remain in school after daring to wear something your boyfriend has stolen. Hah, don’t think you can leave this university acting all innocent, just wait till your boyfriend goes to jail.”

As she was saying that, Sun Nana called for the police straight away.

Very soon, the line went through and Sun Nana said, “Hello, police? I want to make a report about someone stealing. He didn’t steal from me, he stole it from others and I happened to discover it. It’s really expensive, a diamond necklace which costs at least ten million.”

“I’m very certain he stole it from others. He’s very poor so there’s no way he can afford it.”

“I saw it clearly, they were definitely not glass but diamonds. My mum works in a jewelry shop so I’ve been in contact with these things since I was young. It’s too obvious, I could tell with just a glance, it’s 100% diamond.”

“Yeah, I’m at Haicheng University of Medicine, a first year student from Class 6 of the nursing department. My name is Sun Nana. Also, Mr. Police, please hurry up or you may not be able to catch him when class ends. That guy is pretty capable of escaping since he’s very fit and full of muscles.”

“Yeah, yeah, yes, bye. Remember to come quickly.”

Sun Nana smirked after she hung up the phone and said, “The school should at least give me a certificate or something for reporting such a big case to the police. Hmph, Bai Xiaochun, let’s see who you’re going to cry to now, your boyfriend is definitely going to jail!”

Sun Nana started towards her classroom in a good mood after saying all that with a smirk on her face.

At the same time!

In a police station in Haicheng, a tall and lean experienced police woman with short hair was taking a mouthful of water as she grabbed the car keys on the desk. She then said, “Xiao-Liu, I’m heading out.”

“Is something the matter, Captain Xia?” A male police officer asked.

“There is a case reported from Haicheng University of Medicine from our administrative region.” The police woman continued, “It’s a major case of theft. Apparently, the case involves a diamond necklace that cost over ten million.”

“Damn!” The male police officer stood up immediately, “Holy, a diamond necklace that cost over ten million, how is it possible for a student to be this rich?”

“That’s not it, it was stolen by a student.” The police woman fastened the buttons on her uniform as she said, “We still do not know who stole it.”

“Damn, this guy must be crazy.” The male police officer followed her out as he spoke, “Stealing a necklace that cost over ten million… I guess he can stop going to university now. Stealing such a necklace will cost him at least three years and up to ten years of jail time.”

“Actually, that’s not what I’m worrying about.” The police woman responded as she walked, “Even if the person is truly rich, there’s no way they will wear it or place it around without a thought. If it’s true, I suspect this might be more complicated than a simple case of theft.”

“Er, Captain Xia, so you’re instigating that it might be a… murder case instead?”

“We can’t rule out that possibility for now.” The police woman creased her brows as she said, “The person who reported the case said that the person is pretty fit and muscular. He must have the characteristics of a ruffian, so we should hurry up.”

“Shit, students now are days sure are fucking daring. Look at how little value they’re placing on lives. Ah, right, Captain Xia, let me drive.”

“Sure. Here, take the key.”

The police woman tossed the key to the male police officer and went to get seated in the front passenger seat.

Not long later, the police car was started up and the male police officer drove them directly to Haicheng University of Medicine.

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