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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Countered By Bai Xiaochun

The time passed quickly and soon, it was already Monday afternoon.

At this very moment, there was only one more class left before the school day ended.

In Class 3 of the nursing department, Chu Tian sat at his seat, busy replying to text messages during a short break between classes. He could not help but let out a sigh.

It was a message from Li Niannian, it seemed like the milk tea powder was going to run out soon.

In the afternoon last Friday, there was still 2000 cups worth of powder left. Chu Tian made another 75000 cups worth of powder afterward, which meant that there was supposedly 77000 cups worth of powder left.

77000 cups, Chu Tian thought that volume would be able to last till Wednesday no matter what. Or, at the very least, until Tuesday.

However, he overlooked Saturday and Sunday. That weekend alone had sold more than 50000 cups, almost 60000 cups.

He did not restock today either, resulting in him receiving a message from Li Sisi before his classes even ended.

There were only about 6000 cups worth left of powder. And it would soon be the milk tea shop’s peak business time as the time for classes to end neared.

Given the current situation, the 6000 cups worth of powder would not be enough to last till the shop’s closing time at eleven tonight even if there was no peak period.

Li Niannian: You’re going to bring your big darling over anyway, why don’t you restock in passing? We can then go over to the bar and drink something at night together. Sis said that she has already prepared a few good bottles of wine for us.

Chu Tian could only do that. He had to restock anyway, or the shop wouldn’t have anything to sell.

Li Niannian: Oh, right. My sis’s earrings are quite pretty, who bought them?

Chu Tian: Hmph, who knows? Why don’t you ask Sister Sisi yourself?

Li Niannian: Tsk, she doesn’t want to tell me. Did you buy it for her?

Chu Tian: Guess?

Li Niannian hid her smile behind her hand as she replied: I knew it. Anyway, remember to bring your big darling over and restock, don’t go anywhere else or we’ll run out of stock.

Chu Tian: Got it, love you, muah!


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