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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

The True Love According to Legends

Half-past two in the next afternoon!

When Chu Tian left his neighbourhood, Li Sisi was already waiting for him at the entrance with her little BMW.

Big sunglasses and red lips, both sexy and charming.

After Chu Tian entered the car via the front passenger door, Li Sisi turned her car around as she smiled and asked, “Where’s your darling?”

“She went to practice yoga.” Chu Tian replied, “She’s in the school’s yoga club and they seem to be quite active, so she has yoga practise sessions every week.”

“Did she just abandon you heartlessly, just like that?” Li Sisi laughed.

“Exactly.” Chu Tian responded with a luangh, “What a heartless woman. We're together everyday, so we have lots of time to go on dates at night. Not to mention she has her own classmates and friends too, she can’t always be with me. I encourage her to do whatever she likes, and she’s been practising yoga for many years now.”

Li Sisi nodded her head with a smile and changed the topic, “The price of the necklace isn’t cheap, it costs about 19 million.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chu  Tian said, “As long as it suits Xiao-Bai and that it looks good on her.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Li Sisi replied, “This necklace will definitely suit Xiao-Bai, or I wouldn’t be so anxious for you to have a look at it. You’ll know once you see it.”

An hour later!

At Haicheng’s city centre, Li Sisi stopped her car in front of a jewellery shop called the “Great Fortune Jewels Gallery”.

Seeing Chu Tian and Li Sisi’s entrance, two tall female staff welcomed them at the entrance with a light smile on their faces.


A female sales representative walked over with a sweet smile, “Welcome, are there any specific accessories you wish to see?”

“We’ll look around first.” Li Sisi replied.

“I understand.” The sales representative followed Li Sisi and Chu Tian with a sweet smile on her face. Seeing the two stop at the section with gold accessories, she began introducing her products, “This is the section for our gold accessories. We have gold and platinum. We also have a wide variety of designs for our accessories. I am guessing the both of you want to look at wedding rings, right?”

Hm? Wedding rings?

Chu Tian was stunned. Before he could utter anything, Li Sisi had already taken advantage of the situation and hugged Chu Tian’s arm. She smiled and said, “Yeah, we’re getting married soon so we rushed here to pick our wedding rings during our break. Do you think we look good together?”

“You guys look perfect together.” The sales representative smiled brightly, “He is tall and handsome and you’re charming and sexy. You guys are definitely the perfect pair if we are to look at your appearance alone.”

“Besides, you should be four to five years older than your boyfriend, right? It must be a blessing to become your boyfriend, I can tell that you are gentle and wise, and you probably take good care of others.”

Li Sisi chuckled, tip-toed and gave a smooch on Chu Tian’s cheeks, “Hubby, are you feeling blessed?”

What the-!

Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi with a smile, resigned, he said, “Of course. Dear, to be able to get married to you is the happiest thing that has happened in my life.”

“Aren’t you guys sweet?” The sales representative watched on the side and smiled, “Since you are looking for wedding rings, we can’t be sloppy with it because it represents the love between you two. Diamond symbolises pureness and loyalty so I recommend you look at our diamond rings.”

“All the diamond rings in our shop are designed by top-tier designers. Every pair of rings have a unique design so you won’t see a third ring with the same design. This also symbolises that there are only the two of you in your love relationship, that there will never be a third person getting in between the two of you.”

“Does it really work?” Interest filled Li Sisi’s face, “My husband likes to have love affairs, will he stop that if I buy this?”

What the hell!

Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi speechlessly, he was at a complete loss for words.

As expected of Li Sisi, pushing him into the pit just like that!

“Er…” The sales representative was stunned when she heard such words from Li Sisi. However, she recovered very quickly.

She smiled and said, “Yes, all the more you should buy the diamond rings. When your husband does it again next time and sees the ring on his hand, he’ll definitely remember you and the diamond-like love between the two of you. And with that, he’ll probably stop doing it, right?”

Well, there is logic to those words.

Not waiting for Li Sisi to reply, Chu Tian rushed to reply, “I guess we have to buy the diamond rings now. This way, you’ll also remember me when you’re screwing around with other men. That’ll probably help you discover your conscience and cheat on me less.”

Hearing Chu Tian’s words, the sales representative suddenly felt as if she was not normal anymore.

What is going on? What are these two people playing at?

Even then, these two still wanted to get married? How big-hearted must they be?!

Could it be that this was what they call “true love” according to legends?

Li Sisi could not hold in her laughter. She quickly stretched her lips, trying to stop herself from laughing further as she said with a low voice, “That’s a bit harsh. You’re dealing more damage to yourself than you are to me. Also, don’t you have your pride as a man, going around acknowledging how your woman is cheating on you like that?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chu Tian lowered his voice too, “I don’t need my pride as long as I can drag you down as well.”

Li Sisi pinched Chu Tian’s waist with a smile.

The sales representative recovered, a bright smile was once again on her face, “Actually, all of these are not important. Who doesn’t have a love affair or two at this time and age? What is important is that the two of you love each other enough to walk into the wedding hall together. A love like this is as firm as a diamond. That is proof that your love has gone through ups and downs.”

“To be honest, my husband has had an affair before with his ex-girlfriend. I even discovered it myself but we ended up getting married anyway. We’re very happy now. We’ll not hold each other accountable for whatever that had happened before our marriage.”

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