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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Let Me Be Your Sugar Mummy

At the very same time!

In the back office of the milk tea shop, the pair of sisters, Li Sisi and Li Niannian, were leaning close together to look at the photos on Li Sisi’s phone.

Li Niannian shook her head, “This isn’t good, Xiao-Bai with such a youthful maiden image looks a bit… she’s not suited to wear this. Rather, I think it’ll suit you more, sis. You’ll be able to bring out its personality. I don’t think it suits Xiao-Bai’s current image.”

“Right?” Li Sisi responded, “To be honest, I think it’s a bit too early for Xiao-Bai to wear such things, it doesn’t suit her liveliness and cuteness. Look, how about this one?

Li Niannian stared at it for a while before she shook her head, “That doesn’t match her either. Big sis, are there any pure diamonds? I think jades, rubies, and sapphires aren’t suitable for Xiao-Bai’s current image. Pure diamonds fit her the best, bright and sparkly, which will make her look pure and clean too.”

Li Sisi took a deep breath and said, “That was what I was thinking too, to be honest. I want to find a necklace that has pure diamonds. One that has a platinum chain embedded with pure diamonds. When the light shines on it, it’ll look sparkly. I’m sure it’s especially suited for young, energetic girls like Xiao-Bai. Besides, she has such a pure and fresh image. But I went to two jewellery shops yesterday and couldn’t find anything similar to what I wanted.”

Just as the two were chatting along, the office door opened suddenly and Chu Tian entered.

Seeing the two of them leaning in so close to each other, Chu Tian could not help but laugh, “What’s going on? What are the two of you looking at?”

“What do you think? We’re trying to help in choosing a present for your darling.” Li Sisi said dejectedly, “It’s too difficult to choose.”

“Really?” Chu Tian closes in as he said, “Let me see. What do they have?”

“Have a look.” Li Sisi said, “One bracelet, two necklaces, all of them are above ten million but none of them seems to suit your darling.”

Chu Tian spoke as he looked at the pictures, “A jade bracelet, a jade necklace and a sapphire necklace. All of them look pretty good.”

“Yes, pretty.” Li Niannian responded, “But they’re not really suitable for Xiao-Bai’s current image. Xiao-Bai represents youthful energy. She is very pure too, she’s the epitome of a young maiden. But these three pieces of jewellery only suit a person with a certain image. Big sis is pretty suitable for that image, but Xiao-Bai is not really suited for this image.”

“I see!”

Chu Tian pondered as he looked at those three pictures, “Then what looks good on Xiao-Bai?”

“Pure diamonds.” Li Sisi replied, “Given her current age and how pure she is internally and externally, diamonds suit her the best. It also gives out a refreshing and pure feeling so they match Xiao-Bai exceptionally well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any yesterday. How about this, I’ll have another look these few days, see if I can find any.”

“That works.” Chu Tian smiled, “I’ll have to trouble you then, Sisi-Jie.”

“No problem, Young Master.” Li Sisi said, “You’re here pretty early today. How was it, is the equipment working fine?”

Chu Tian smiled mysteriously and replied, “You’ll know once you have a look in the kitchen.”

“Oh?” Curious, Li Sisi and Li Niannian got up straight away to go take a look at the kitchen next door. 

What the heck?!

When the two arrived at the kitchen and had a look inside, they could see 15 big buckets placed neatly in the kitchen. Both Li Sisi and Li Niannian were stunned. A single bucket can carry about 60kg of powder!

Did Chu Tian just produce 900kg of powder in a short, one hour?

900kg is equivalent to about 75000 cups of milk tea!

Looking at Li Sisi’s and Li Niannian’s shocked expressions, Chu Tian laughed, “How is this? We can now keep up with demand, right?”

Seeing as Chu Tian was grinning from ear to ear, Li Sisi suddenly pinched him and said, “Just get buried in money already. You can at least earn 1.5 million, right?”

“Too little.” Chu Tian laughed, “At least 1.7 million.”

At least 1.7 million?

Li Sisi rolled her eyes, feeling speechless. “Oh my god, at least 1.7 million? Sigh, I finally know how rich people become rich people. I guess it’ll only make me more dejected the more I think about it.”

Chu Tian chuckled, “That’s too exaggerated, it’s only small money. Alright, let’s eat. I’m finally less busy today, I can take my time for lunch now.”

“I have a little donkey, I’ll never…”

Past midnight at night!

At the little boulevard behind the Haicheng Medical University, Bai Xiaochun was skipping along and singing a Donkey song happily while holding Chu Tian’s hand, as if she was a happy little donkey herself.

As for Chu Tian, he seemed like a rope that was tied to her. She was unable to leave his side no matter what she did.

After a series of joyful hops, Bai Xiaochun suddenly hugged Chu Tian’s arm, lifted her head and asked with a big smile on her face, “Do you love me, my dearest boyfriend?”

Chu Tian smiled and pinched her cheeks while he looked at Bai Xiaochun’s cheerful expression, “Why don’t you take a guess?”

“I’m guessing that you love me. Not only that, but you also love me very very very very much.”

“Oh? Are you that confident?” Chu Tian continued, “Don’t you know that I’m fickle?”

“I know.” Bai Xiaochun said, “But you love me even though you’re fickle. You’ll always love me, won’t you?”

“Well, that much is true.” Chu Tian laughed, “No matter how fickle I am, I’ll love you my whole life for sure.”

“If you love me that much, can you first tell me what the surprise is?” Bai Xiaochun blinked her eyes mischievously. 

Oh! So she had been waiting!

Chu Tian laughed and shook his head, “No can do. It won’t be considered a surprise then.”

“Just tell me first.” Bai Xiaochun acted coquettishly as she swung Chu Tian’s arm, “Aren’t there two surprises? C’mon, just tell me one. Pretty please?”

“No, I won’t tell you no matter what you say.” Chu Tian shook his head and continued, “Just wait patiently, it’ll be here soon.”


Chu Tian took a deep breath and asked, “Darling, let me ask you a question.”

“Hm, what question?”

“Say, if I’m rich, will you be happy?”

“Of course I’ll be happy.” Bai Xiaochun answered, “You silly, if I’m not happy if you’re rich then who would be?”

“What if I’m especially rich?”

“Then I’ll be especially happy.”

“Aren’t you worried?”

“Not at all.” Bai Xiaochun said, “You’re my boyfriend even if you don’t have money. If you have no money, I’ll be your sugar mummy. If you’re rich, you can be my sugar daddy. Hey, why not let me be your sugar mummy?”

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