Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

Sudden Increase In Production

Another day passed in the blink of an eye.

Zhu Yitong had kept his promise.

On Friday, at nine in the morning, Chu Tian was still in class when he received his message. The equipment he had ordered for his milk tea powder production had arrived.

However, since Chu Tian had to attend class and had no time to stop by the shop, he sent a message to Li Niannian instead, asking her to tell the workers to install the equipment in the back kitchen of the milk tea shop.

When Chu Tian arrived at the milk tea shop after he was done with his afternoon classes, the workers had already finished with the installation and left. It was so recent that when Chu Tian arrived at the back kitchen, he could still smell a faint smell from welding that had yet to disperse.

“Young Master, is this the equipment you have asked for, for the production of milk powder?” In the kitchen, Li Sisi could not help looking back at Chu Tian ash she sized it up. After all, she only had to walk a few steps to come here from the bar right next door.

However, Li Sisi never thought that the production equipment that Chu Tian asked for would look this familiar.

From the physical appearance, it looks exactly like the blender used for cement at the construction sites. It was the type of equipment where a certain ratio of sand and cement was mixed with water, and the machine would stir the mixture evenly.

Although it looks like a cement blender, there were some obvious differences when looked closely.

Seeing the curious expressions on both Li Sisi’s and Li Niannian’s faces, Chu Tian laughed, gave the equipment a pat and said, “That’s right, this is the equipment specially made to produce our Baibai milk tea powder.”

“Young Master, are you sure this equipment functions well?” Li Niannian asked doubtfully.

“Of course.” Chu Tian answered, “This is specially designed by me, it’ll definitely work well.”

“If so, let us begin quickly.” Li Niannian said, “We only have enough milk tea powder for about 2000 cups left. If we don’t produce more now, we’ll definitely not be able to meet the demands.”

“Don’t worry.” Chu Tian said, “Since we have this, we’ll have no problem. Let me make the first batch.”

Hearing that, Li Sisi and Li Niannian did not say anything and turned to leave the kitchen before closing the door behind them.

After waiting for the two to leave the kitchen, Chu Tian then plugged the equipment and turned it on to let it run for a while. He needed to observe how it ran and confirm that the installation was all in order.

After confirming that the equipment was in working order, Chu Tian opened the fridge and took out the buckets of raw ingredients for the milk tea powder.

This equipment can produce up to 150kg at one go. However, Chu Tian did not produce the full amount at one go but started from 50kg. 15kg of this, 21kg of that…

Soon, after mixing in the four raw ingredients while following the ratios strictly, Chu Tian poured everything into the blender and closed the window before pressing the button on the side.


With the press of the button, the roller in the case started to rotate.

The first 2 minutes should be non-heated. After making sure that those four ingredients are properly mixed, Chu Tian then pressed another button. The inside of the case started to heat up. It stopped increasing in temperature after reaching 213 degrees since that was pre-determined by the equipment controls.

Too convenient!

In comparison to the pot Chu Tian had been using previously where he had to judge the temperature change via the change in colours, this was much more convenient.

After 5 minutes, Chu Tian pressed the button again to stop it from heating up any further. He then opened the opening at the back of the equipment, putting a big bucket below it to collect the powder.

As the roller continued to rotate, milk powder of pure colour began flowing out non-stop.

Once all the powder had flowed out, Chu Tian finally turned off the equipment and opened the window.

A wave of heat rushed out of the case. Chu Tian put the equipment aside to let it cool down and carried the big bucket filled with 50kg of milk tea powder and left it at the corner of the kitchen, letting it cool down to room temperature naturally.

The 100g experiment was very successful, it was time he tried to produce 100kg.

After ten minutes, after the 100kg boxes of milk tea powder were successfully produced too, Chu Tian started with his 150kg experiment again.

There were no problems at all, the 150kg experiment went smoothly and the quality of the milk tea powder was top-notch.

It only took him half an hour to produce 300kg of milk tea powder. Chu Tian grinned and continued to produce more.

This efficiency is too good!

Mainly, he did not have to feel so exhausted anymore, it was only a matter of pressing a button.

Before this, Chu Tian had to keep his eyes on the pot and stir-fry the ingredients constantly. Not only was the production rate low, it was also troublesome and the process could not be stopped.

And now, it was so easy. All he had to do was press a button and wait by the side.

–One hour later!

Seeing the 15 buckets placed in the kitchen, where each bucket is filled with 50kg of milk tea powder, Chu Tian finally stopped.

He needed about 2 hours previously to make only 100kg, but now, he could easily produce 750kg in one hour.

And this was only his first time, Chu Tian did not choose to add speed to the production. If he chose to do it, producing 1000kg in an hour would not be a problem either, it would be effortless.

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