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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Sales Boomed

The message was indeed from Zhu Yitong! 

Seeing that it was a message from Zhu Yitong, Chu Tian opened the message without much hesitation.

Zhu Yitong: Hello, are you still there?

Chu Tian replied straight away: Yeah, I’m here. Manager Zhu, has the estimated price calculated?

Zhu Yitong: Yes, it is. Our technicians have done the calculations, your set of equipment will cost 150,000. Its  mainly because of the electrical machinery and timed heating device. Even if we are to purchase those two parts now, it will cost at least 100,000 more, so we can’t push the price any lower than this.

Chu Tian: I understand, when can it be done?

Zhu Yitong: Pretty quickly. There aren’t many parts nor are they complicated. Our machine tools and facilities are all ready, so if you need it done urgently, we can rush it out in probably a day and a night at most. If you need us to deliver it over and install it for you, we’ll charge a delivery and installation fee.

Chu Tian replied: That’s settled then. We don’t need any contract, I’ll be paying you the full price. I need someone to come over to install it for me, the address isn’t that far away, it’s at Haicheng as well, a milk tea shop called Bai Bai Milk Tea near the entrance of Haicheng Medical University. Can you recalculate and tell me the final price?

Zhu Yitong: That’s straightforward, boss. Then I’ll be straightforward too, let’s overlook the installation and delivery fee, I’ll just take your 150,000.

Chu Tian: Cool, I’ll transfer the amount over to you right away, give me your account number.

Zhu Yitong: Industrial and Commercial Bank, Name, Zhu Yitong, account *********.

Receiving the information, Chu Tian opened up his mobile bank app straight away and transferred over 150,000 to Zhu Yitong.

After taking a screenshot of his transfer and sending it to Zhu Yitong, Chu Tian continued to reply to his message: Manager Zhu, I have transferred over 150,000, so please check it. I’ll have to trouble you to get it done as quickly as possible since I’m actually pretty rushed here.

Zhu Yitong: No problem at all, we will get it delivered over to you latest by the morning of the day after tomorrow. We’ll have people come with the delivery and help with the installation.

Chu Tian: Then, I’ll wait until the day after tomorrow. Manager Zhu, please go ahead, I won’t disturb you further.

Zhu Yitong: Alright, goodbye.

When his conversation with Zhu Yitong ended, Chu Tian looked over at the milk tea shop and saw Bai Xiaochun already entering the shop as she followed the queue. Seeing that, Chu Tian walked over to join her.

There were only two employees in the shop earlier in the afternoon, but now there were four of them. One was a cashier while the other three were busy making milk tea at the back. Besides, the equipment in the shop had also increased. There was only one machine to seal up the milk tea cups initially, but now they have three.

Not only that, but they also have an extra water heater. The shop now had three production lines rather than having only one.

Seems like Li Niannian has been pretty busy this afternoon.

Only, he had no idea what she was doing now since she was not in the shop at the moment. She might have gone next door to look for Li Sisi. At this time of the day, Li Sisi was probably supervising the renovation of the bar next door.

Seeing Chu Tian walk over, Bai Xiaochun smiled happily and hugged his elbow and said, “Look how busy they are? Those cups of milk tea are being brought out like a stream of water, they’re all money!”

“You’re right.” Chu Tian grinned, “They are all money, each cup is worth about twenty yuan.”

Pr Note: About 3 Us dollars, which I had those near me….

“Oh, right.” As if Bai Xiaochun had recalled something, she laughed mischievously, “You changed the topic just now, but what kind of surprise are you planning to give me?”

“I’m not telling you.” Chu Tian laughed mysteriously and said, “You’ll know in a few days. There is one more surprise that isn’t ready yet.”

“There are two?” Bai Xiaochun asked happily.

“Yeah, I guess you can say that.”

When Chu Tian arrived at the milk tea shop the next day in the afternoon, the situation was completely different from the day before.

When Chu Tian came yesterday afternoon, there were no customers. Now, there were about six to seven customers in line, waiting.

Furthermore, judging from their clothes and age, these customers are not students from the university.

Like yesterday, Li Niannian brought Chu Tian to the small office when she saw him.

Li Niannian happily grabbed a cup of water for Chu Tian, “Young Master, do you want to know the results now?”

Chu Tian responded with a smile and said, “Just tell me how much is left.”

“We only have enough for 8000 more cups left.” Li Niannian smiled as she continued, “See, I was right. It’s not enough now, is it?”

8000 cups left… Chu Tian could not help but smile bitterly.

They had only sold 300 cups when he was here yesterday afternoon. In merely 24 hours, they actually sold 11,700 cups.

It really was not enough if they were stilling 10,000 cups per day.

Besides, this was only the beginning. Li Niannian continued, “We haven’t done marketing, everything is based on word-of-mouth. So I predict that in another two more days, we’ll sell at least 30,000 cups.”

30,000 cups a day? Chu Tian grinned as he nodded and said, “No problem, there’s no need to worry. I requested someone to make a piece of equipment, it should be arriving tomorrow morning. With that, we should be able to keep up with the demands. Go ahead and prepare the materials, we will not run out of stock.”

Li Niannian was surprised. She grinned, “Really? Young Master, you have already ordered the equipment?”

“I don’t have a choice.” Chu Tian replied, “With the rate we’re selling now, I can only make 10,000 cups after working my ass off for two hours, there’s no way I can keep up. Since I’ve already opened this shop, I can’t just let it go out of stock every day and sell a limited number, can I? Besides, this is all money too, why would I say no to money?”

With that, Chu Tian took a mouthful of water and stood up, “Alright, I’ll go prepare for the stock in the kitchen. With only 8000 cups left, I expect it’ll go out of stock if I don’t prepare more.”

“Then, what do you want to eat?” Li Niannian smiled, “I’ll order delivery.”

“Anything, I can eat anything.”

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