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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

Double Agent

The three stayed at the school entrance, waiting until Sun Nana walked far before Bai Xiaochun smiled, looked at Chu Tian and smiled, “Nana’s boyfriend really does love her. But my boyfriend loves me more.”

“Oh?” Chu Tian smiled as he replied, “How so?”

“Because my boyfriend would never allow me to wear such clothes.”

“That’s true.” Chu Tian continued, “You can only wear that at home for me to see, there’s no way I want other men to see my girlfriend’s underwear. What else?”

“Hehe, my boyfriend loves me too dearly to force me.” Bai Xiaochun giggled.

“That’s not correct.” Chu Tian shook his head, “Your boyfriend wanted to force you since a long time ago, but the problem lies with your boyfriend’s tablemate, who is being too much of a nuisance.”

“What?” Bai Xiaochun was stunned momentarily before she laughed out loud. 

Seeing that, Yang Rong punched Chu Tian with a smile and said, “You’re complaining about me being a light bulb now, are you? Have you guys even considered my feelings as a single? Fine, I’ll move out.”

“No no no, Tablemate, my bad…”

Not long after returning to Class 3, Yang Rong couldn’t stop her laughter, “How’s it, Tablemate? Did you have a good taste of how interesting a relationship between women is?”

Chu Tian nodded with a smile, “Like hiding a needle in cotton and hiding their malicious intent behind their smiles. To be honest, I already learned my lesson last week, but this Sun Nana is doing pretty well now. Look at her having a rich boyfriend who’s willing to spend money for her. A Ferrari, a villa, tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes… She’s having a good life now, so why is she still trying to have beef with my Xiao-Bai?”

“That’s a woman for you.” Yang Rong replied, “Why do you think so many people enjoy watching those traditional dramas with women in the harems? Of course, it’s to watch them backstab and scheme against each other. Although she’s doing well now, she will forever be third in front of your Xiao-Bai. She probably couldn’t accept it so she’ll definitely try to annoy your Xiao-Bai at any chance she gets.”

“But you don’t have to worry about Xiao-Bai, Xiao-Bai doesn’t even care about her. Rather, you shouldn’t get provoked by her which may affect your relationship with Xiao-Bai.”

“What is there to provoke me?” Chu Tian smiled, “Child’s play, I have no intention of playing along with them.”

“As long as it doesn’t affect you.” Yang Rong said, “Xiao-Bai is only worried about you getting provoked. But, I still have to ask you this, Tablemate. What happened to these couple of days? Why didn’t you have lunch with your Xiao-Bai?”

“Why? Was Xiao-Bai unhappy?” Chu Tian creased his brows slightly.

“Of course she was!” Yang Rong said, “She even began overthinking things. She suspected maybe you have another woman outside somewhere, or that you might have gotten back with your ex-lover, and that you might be making use of lunchtime to hook up with them or something.”

“Of course not.” Chu Tian laughed bitterly, “I was pretty busy in the afternoon these past couple of days. I was working outside.”

“Working?” Yang Rong was surprised, “How come? Did you lose your job as a writer?”

“No.” Chu Tian replied, “I’m trying to earn more money and give Xiao-Bai a surprise.”

“Oh, I see how it is.” Yang Rong laughed, “Then, I’ll send her a message and tell her rather than having her overthinking things. Ah, right, just pretend you don’t know anything about this.”

Just as she was saying that, Yang Rong took out her phone and sent Bai Xiaochun a message.

Yang Rong: Hey, Xiao-Chun, I wormed some truths out of my tablemate, he was busy working outside these few afternoons trying to earn more money to give you a surprise. Remember, pretend not to know anything, or he’ll know I betrayed him.

“How’s this?” Yang Rong showed her message to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian smiled, “So, I can’t tell her anything, right?”

“Of course not.” Yang Rong said, “I have to tell her so that Xiao-Bai will trust me and think of me as her ally. Only then will she tell me about herself next time. Naturally, if I don’t know anything, I can’t tell you anything either.”

“That’s true.” Chu Tian nodded as he smiled.

Bai Xiaochun’s reply came very quickly.

Bai Xiaochun: “Huh? So, is he working outside? Is… is it tiring? What does he eat for lunch? Is he not going to take a break in the afternoon?”

Yang Rong: Alright, alright. You don’t have to worry. Your boyfriend has lived alone for so long, he is more resilient then you think.

Bai Xiaochun: Easy for you to say that since he’s not your boyfriend. He’s my boyfriend, it hurts me.

Yang Rong: Then, what do you want to do? He is a man, he has his own pride. He has been living well for so many years. You should be happy that he is willing to work hard for you.”

Bai Xiaochun: I’m happy, but it pains me to see him overworking too.

Yang Rong: Okay, okay, I know you care for him dearly. I reckon he’ll only be doing this for a while, he won’t be doing this for the long-term.

Bai Xiaochun: Alight, then. I’ll pretend I don’t know. Don’t tell him that I know about it.

Yang Rong: Understood, I will not tell him.

Reading through the conversation between Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun, Chu Tian could not help but laugh and shook his head, “Trust really doesn’t exist between women. Are you trying to be a double agent, trying to get information from both sides?”

“Hey, I’m your ally, alright?” Yang Rong glared at him, “You better be appreciative, or I’ll stop telling you anything.

“No no no.” Chu Tian laughed as he replied, “Tablemate, the country and its men need you, you can’t just leave the team stubbornly.”

“Hmph, that’s more like it.”

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