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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

The Final Price

Oh my god!

How can it taste this good?

When Li Niannian made the surprised expression before, Li Sisi thought that she was just pretending, but when it was her turn to have a drink, Li Sisi realised that Li Niannian wasn’t pretending at all.

When it enters your mouth, it’s as if the taste buds on your tongue have all been stimulated at once, forming a strong biological electrical current, going straight~ to the brain.

It felt like the whole soul was flying.

This feeling was almost too wonderful and enjoyable.

Brain churning slowly, Li Sisi looked towards Chu Tian in disbelief, saying, “Gosh, young master, what, what is this magical formula, how can it taste this good?”

“Yeah.” Li Niannian quickly agreed, “This formula is too magical, like, like… like the feeling of the soul enjoying it, this experience is too wonderful for words.”

Seeing Li Sisi and Li Niannian’s reactions, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Otherwise how can it be called a secret recipe, wait a bit, I’ll go make a room temperature one for you two.”

While speaking, Chu Tian made another cup that was room temperature and handed it to Li Sisi.

“God, it’s as yummy as the other one.” Li Sisi had a sip and said with an enchanted expression, “This is so enjoyable, it’s even better than the milk tea from coffee shops that cost a few hundred dollars a cup.”

“Let me have a taste.” Li Niannian craned her neck hurriedly and took a sip of the room temperature one.

“Mm, she’s right, it really is as yummy as the other one.”

“They’re actually really similar.” Chu Tian said, “It’s mainly the difference of the temperature, they don’t have much differences in taste, I’ll make you another one with ice, have a taste.”

While speaking, Chu Tian made another cup with ice and gave it to the two.

“Mm, it’s good with ice too, it’s refreshing, refreshing for the heart.”

“Let me try, let me have a taste, mm, the iced one is so refreshing.”

After making a cup for each temperature, Chu Tian smiled and looked at Li Sisi and Li Niannian and said, “How is it, do you guys think this Baibai milk tea will sell well?”

“Not just selling well.” Li Niannian said, “It will definitely be crushing, I’ve never drank milk tea as yummy as this before, but, young master, it’s this yummy, how much would one cup be?”

“I think it’d definitely be $20 per cup.” Chu Tian said.

Although the milk tea was yummy, the ingredients were very common and not expensive at all.

Chu Tian has already overestimated the price, 10g of milk tea powder costs less than $1.60, with this plastic cup, sealing and water, the cost for one cup is less than $2. So, the net profit of one cup is already $18. Earning a net profit of $18 with one cup of milk tea, it was already pretty evil.

“Huh? Only $20 a cup, that’s too cheap,” Li Sisi opened her eyes widely and said, “That Xiangpiao milk tea is $45 a cup, and yours is only $20?”

“Yeah.” Li Niannian said, “Young master, don’t joke around, $20 for a cup is the price for a normal cup of milk tea, that’s too cheap, this is way better than that Xiangpiao milk tea, and the cup is also big.”

… Chu Tian murmured, “This has a cheap production cost.”

“Still.” Li Sisi said, it tastes this good, even if the production cost is cheap, it can’t be $20 a cup, this price is too cheap.”

“Mm… I see, then, how much do you guys think one cup should be?” Chu Tian frowned and said.

“$80.” Li Sisi said, it’s so yummy, even $80 isn’t too much.

“No no.” Li Niannian said, “Sister, this price is high, $80 a cup, however yummy it is, there will definitely be a lot of people who won’t buy it, did you think that everyone is like you, not caring that a drink costs more than $100.”

While speaking, Li Niannian looked towards Chu Tian and said, “Young master, how about this, considering the target customers, I suggest that it shouldn’t be more than $27, because I did a survey in my old company, people nowadays can tolerate things under $27, but once it’s over $27, there’s a watershed.”

“Fine, let’s not make it $20, let’s make it $25 per cup, this price is reasonable.”

$25 a cup?

Then each cup he could earn a net profit of $23.

Chu Tian nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s make it $25 per cup, by the way, when can we open?”

“Tomorrow.” Li Niannian said, “The people who’re making the advertisement sign for us can come over tonight and install it, so we can open early next morning, also, I have already found two shop assistants, if that’s not enough, I’ll hire more. But young master, I’m mainly worried about the milk tea powder supply on your side, with a flavour like this, I can almost foresee how popular it will be, the demand will be big.”

“Don’t worry about this.” Chu Tian said, “I will try my best, if it doesn’t work, I’ll think of another way, how about I go to the kitchen to keep preparing now to stock more products.”

After finishing talking, Chu Tian turned around and returned to the kitchen, locking the door.

“Time passed in the blink of an eye, when it was 20 minutes until the afternoon classes, Chu Tian finally came out from the kitchen.

Using the noon time, Chu Tian stir fried a total of 100kg of milk tea powder, putting it all in the other refrigerator.

1 kilogram is 1000g, that can make 100 cups.

And 100kg times by 100 equals 10000 cups.

10000 cups a day should be able to meet the demands.

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