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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

Li Niannian’s Surprise

As expected!

A sign was already hung at the entrance when Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun passed by the milk tea shop early the next day.

There were four big words stamped on it, Baibai Milk Tea!

Furthermore, it was already open for business.

“Hey, Chu Tian, look! Wasn’t this a breakfast shop previously? Since when did it become a milk tea shop?”

Bai Xiaochun, who was clinging onto Chu Tian’s arm while bantering with Yang Rong, only just realised that the breakfast shop had been changed to a milk tea shop. 

She quickly informed Chu Tian.

“It really did change,” Chu Tian glanced over and said, “From what I remember, business was going pretty well for the breakfast shop, I wonder why they changed it?”

“They probably didn’t earn enough.” Bai Xiaochun said, “But this shop looks pretty interesting. Baibai Milk Tea. Say, do you think their milk teas are exceptionally white?”

“Who knows.” Chu Tian shakes his head and said, “How about this, I’ll buy 3 cups and we can have a taste.”

“No need.” Bai Xiaochun hugged Chu Tian’s arm and smiled, “I was only saying. I just had breakfast, there’s no way I can finish. Let’s go, it’s time for class.”

Just as the three wanted to walk past the milk tea shop, the shop entrance door opened suddenly and Li Niannian walked out.

Their eyes met, but Li Niannian acted as if she did not know Chu Tian. She smiled, “Hi, what a coincidence, the three of you. Are you guys interested in having a taste of our shop’s Baibai milk tea for free?”

Having a taste for free?

Li Niannian’s offer instantly captured Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong’s interests.

“For free?” Yang Rong repeated.

“Yes.” Li Niannian replied with a smile, “We are a newly opened shop. Since we’ve only just opened, we want to give away three cups of Baibai milk tea for free and maybe get some good luck from it. Are the three of you interested in becoming our lucky customers?”

“Of course!” Bai Xiaochun looked at Chu Tian excitedly and said quietly, “Whoa, we’re so lucky today! It’s free!”

Chu Tian smiled too and said, “Yeah, aren’t we lucky.”

As they were chatting, Chu Tian glanced over at Li Niannian indifferently.

This Li Niannian, what a trouble maker!

She probably waited for him to pass by. Either way, he didn’t arrange for this.

Li Niannian smiled, “Perfect. Then, please follow me.”

Looking at Li Niannian’s back view while she turned towards the shop, Bai Xiaochun laughed mischievously and said, “Ai, this big sister looks so pretty! Her butt is so plump, kind of like that lady we met last time in the Korean restaurant. But they seem to have different temperaments.

Big truths.

The two of them are siblings. The one they saw last time was the elder sister, while it was the younger sister this time. Of course, they look similar.

It was unexpected that Bai Xiaochun remembered Li Sisi.

“Now that you mentioned it, I recall now.” Chu Tian said, “She does look like that woman from the Korean restaurant last time.”

“I agree. Let’s go and choose our milk teas.”

While they were chatting, Bai Xianchun clung onto Chu Tian’s arm and pulled him into the shop directly.

Once all of them entered the shop, Li Niannian continued to smile and asked, “What temperature do you want your milk teas? Our shop offers three options: hot, room temperature, and iced.

“Are there any bubble milk teas?” Yang Rong asked, “I want to drink bubble milk tea.”

“I want to drink bubble milk tea, too.” Bai Xianchun said.

“I apologise.” Li Niannian smiled apologetically, “Our shop only sells one type of milk tea, the Baibai milk tea, with three different choices for its temperature. We don’t have any tapioca pearls.”

“Aw, so there’s only one type of milk tea!” Bai Xiaochun continued, “Then I’ll have one at room temperature.”

“I want it iced.” Yang Rong said.

“Handsome, how about you?” Li Niannian smiled and looked towards Chu Tian.

Chu Tian smiled in response and answered, “Then, I’ll have an iced milk tea too.”

“Please wait for a moment.” Li Niannian turned towards the other two female shop assistants and said, “Two cups with ice, one at room temperature.”

In the time it took to make the milk teas, Bai Xiaochun hugged Chu Tian’s arm and asked curiously, “Ai, big sister, why is this shop called Baibai Milk Tea? It sounds so cute.”

“Ah, that’s because of our boss.” Li Niannian replied with a smile, “Our boss’s girlfriend has the word ‘Bai’ in her name, so our boss decided to name this shop ‘Baibai Milk Tea’…”

“Whoa, that’s touching!” Yang Rong laughed. She looked towards Chu Tian and said, “Hey, my deskmate, your girlfriend’s name has a ‘Bai’ in it too, so what kind of ‘Baibai’ shop are you planning to open in the future?”

“What a coincidence!” Before Chu Tian could say anything, Li Niannian looked at Bai Xiaochun in surprise and said, “Do you have the word ‘Bai’ in your name as well?”

“Yeah, my last name is Bai.” Bai Xiaochun replied.

“Please wait a moment.” Li Niannian quickly took out her phone as she spoke. She then went to the side and acted as if she was on a call for a while.

“Beautiful.” Li Niannian smiled brightly, “You’re very lucky today. Who would have thought that you’d have the word ‘Bai’ in your name too? Our boss said that this is fate, so from now on, for the next one month, the three of you can come to our shop to receive a free cup of Baibai milk tea every day.”

“Huh?” Hearing Li Niannian’s words, Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong nearly screamed in joy.

One month, a free cup every day?

Oh my god.

We’re too lucky today!

Bai Xiaochun could not believe her ears, “One month? The three of us can get a free cup each, every day?”

“Yes.” Li Niannian replied with a smile, “A free cup each every day, for a month. Our boss thinks that this is fate. How about this, let me note down your names so that you can collect your free cup just by mentioning your names.”

“I’m Bai Xiaochun, my boyfriend is Chu Tian.”

“May name is Yang Rong.”

“Bai Xiaochun, Chu Tian, Yang Rong.” Li Niannian took out a pen and a small notepad from her pocket and noted down their names seriously. With a smile still plastered on her face, she continued, “Please remember that you can collect one each every day, for a whole month.”

“Yes, yes, we’ll definitely remember.” Bai Xiaochun replied contentedly.

“That’s good, then. Your milk teas are ready.” Li Niannian handed all three cups of milk tea to Chu Tian and said, “Please take care.”

“Thank you!” Bai Xiaochun was so delighted that she was smiling with her eyes, her eyes bent into two small crescent moons. She then clung onto Chu Tian’s arm and walked out of the milk tea shop.

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