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Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

Big Talker

Because it doesn’t need big renovations like the bar next door, after Chu Tian’s arrangements, the milk tea shop was basically sorted out in the same afternoon.

It still had the breakfast shop sign on it at noon, but it was taken off in the afternoon, it was mainly because there were a bunch of construction workers in the bar next door, Li Sisi called some people over and the sign was taken off really quickly.

Also, in the span of an afternoon, the things needed in the shop had also mostly been prepared, the water purifier was sold at the household electrical appliances section of the mall, ranging from a few thousand to ten thousand dollars, tap water can be drunk straight away after filtering.

Ice making machines, water heater, sealing machines etc. could also be bought, of course, there was also a cash register.

Also, Li Niannian went to the furniture market and brought back a set of counters.

Compared to the bar next door, the renovation of the milk tea shop can be said to be super cheap, the whole thing was done quite nicely, and it didn’t even exceed 200 thousand dollars.

If it weren’t for the “Bai Bai Milk Tea” shop sign hanging on the door that needs time to be made, the shop could open in the afternoon.

The following noon, after Chu Tian finished class, he went to the milk tea shop again.

But at that moment, Li Sisi and Li Niannian were talking and laughing in the shop.

Seeing this, Chu Tian smiled and said, “Two sisters, what are you talking about, you’re so happy.”

“We’re talking about what happened with us two last time.” Li Sisi smiled and said, “I was saying how last time I took a nap at your place and the bedroom door was wide open, it was several hours and you didn’t even touch me, Niannian was saying that you’re very innocent-minded.”

“Tsk.” Chu Tian huffed, laughed and said, “We weren’t that familiar with each other last time, try it again now, I’m not bluffing, Sister Sisi if you try again, it won’t even work if you close the door.”


Seeing Chu Tian’s serious attitude, Li Sisi and Li Niannian started giggling.

Li Sisi looked at Li Niannian and smiled, “See, Niannian, young master here is a big talker.”

Li Niannian smiled and nodded, saying, “Oh yeah, young master, the materials you wanted are all ready, hurry and go do your thing, we’re waiting to drink your secret milk tea.”

“Okay.” Chu Tian said, “You guys wait a bit, it’ll be ready in a bit.”

While speaking, Chu Tian turned and went to the kitchen, locking the door behind him.

And Li Sisi and Li Niannian knew that they shouldn’t follow.

Both of them understand that secret recipes are the core secret of a milk tea brand, unless Chu Tian was willing to say, they absolutely cannot ask about stuff like this.

After entering the kitchen, Chu Tian first washed his hands, then looked at one of the big refrigerators.

In the big refrigerator there were a total of 6 buckets, but the ones needed were only 4 of them, the other 2 buckets were useless and were only for confusion.

Because the formula for this milk tea powder isn’t complicated, if he didn’t do this, it is quite possible that the real formula and ratio will be uncovered.

Opening the refrigerator, Chu Tian first opened the 2 useless buckets, digging out half a bowl from each bucket, poured them down the drain and washed it down with water.

After doing all of this, Chu Tian opened the other 4 buckets and used an electronic scale to weigh them out, sticking strictly to the ratio and mixing well, then put it in the wok to stir fry using slow fire.

After 4 or 5 minutes, Chu Tian turned off the fire and poured the ready made milk tea into an empty one foot tall plastic bucket, then cleaned the wok and walked out holding the bucket.

The whole process was less than 10 minutes.

Seeing Chu Tian coming so quickly, Li Sisi and Li Niannian went up to him.

“Young master, is this your secret milk tea powder?” Li Sisi said.

“Yeah.” Chu tian said, “Here, let’s make three cups first to have a taste, I’ll teach you guys, this big 650mL cup matches with the 10g measuring spoon, so just use a 10g measuring spoon to dig out a spoonful then put it in the cup, if you want to drink something hot then put hot water, if you want to drink something cold then put some ice, what do you guys want to drink?”

Li Sisi thought a little and said, “I want room temperature.”

“Then I’ll take it hot.” Li Niannian said.

“Ok, I’ll make two cups for you first.”

Because the cups and stuff were all ready, Chu Tian took two cups and put a spoon of milk tea powder in each.

For the hot one, Chu Tian put in hot water until it was full, then put it under the sealing machine and took a straw, gave it to Li Niannian and said, “Nian sis, have a taste.”

Seeing Chu Tian’s serious appearance, Li Niannian smiled and said, “I won’t get diarrhoea right?”

“Uh… no.” Chu Tian said, “Don’t worry, it’s safe.”

“I’m kidding.”

Li Niannian put the straw in, then took a small sip.

After a sip, suddenly, Li Niannian’s original smiling expression froze, eyes wide and stunned.

Seeing this, Li Sisi frowned and said, “Niannian, is it too hot?”

Li Niannian came to her senses and looked at Li Sisi in surprise, “God, sister, it’s so good, have a taste, it’s really good.”

Seeing Li Niannian poke the straw next to her mouth excitedly, Li Sisi hesitated first but also took a sip.

After a sip, Li Sisi had almost the same reaction as Li Niannian, her beautiful eyes widened and was also stunned.

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