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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 68 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Preparation for a Milk Tea Shop

Time passed in the blink of an eye, until class had almost finished at noon, suddenly, Chu Tian’s phone buzzed twice.

It’s a text from Li Sisi.

Li Sisi: “Young master, the Baibai Milk Tea Shop is ours now, let’s have lunch together.”

Li Sisi: “Niannian is also here, tell her I will personally cook, the last meal of this breakfast shop will be done by me.”

Chu Tian smiled and replied: “Sis Sisi, are you sure you know how to cook?”

Li Sisi: “Are you looking down on me? Fine, Sis will show you today, I will definitely make you eat until your soul reaches the heavens, as if you’re in wonderland.”

Chu Tian: “Haha, sis, are you sure that’s cooking, not some kind of poison?”

Li Sisi: “Stop your nonsense, come quickly after class, I’m going to start cooking with Niannian right away, I will win over you for sure today.”

Chu Tian: “Ok, I’ll go right after class.”

After finishing the conversation with Li Sisi, Chu Tian sent a message to Bai Xiaochun.

Chu Tian: “Baby, go have lunch with your friends today, I’m going out to take care of something.”

Soon, Bai Xiaochun replied.

Bai Xiaochun: “Huh? What are you going to do, I’ll go with you.”

Chu Tian: “No need, I’m going to meet a friend.”

Bai Xiaochun: “Is it a girl?”

Chu Tian: “Heh, you guessed it.”

Bai Xiaochun: “Then you better clean yourself up, if you come back with another woman’s scent on you, I’ll bite you til death!”

Chu Tian: “Bite? Where do you want to bite?”

Bai Xiaochun: “Hmph… you’re so indecent, I’m not telling you, you have to eat okay.”

Chu Tian: “Mm, you too, love you, mua.”

Bai Xiaochun: “Mua.”

Soon, when school finished at noon, Chu Tian left school and went to the breakfast shop.

Although it’s a breakfast shop, it still opens during noon, it’s just that there are less people who come here for lunch.

Seeing the breakfast shop that used to open during noon with shutters down and closed door, as well as a not open sign hanging, Chu Tian pushed the door and went in.

“Young master, you’re here?”

Inside the shop, Li Niannian is putting a dish on the table, and seeing Chu Tian walk in, she couldn’t help but smile and greet him.

“I just got out of class.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “Nian sis, where’s Sis Sisi?”

“Sister is in the kitchen.” Li Niannian said, “There’s one more soup, it will be done soon.”

“You made so much.” Chu Tian said as he went to the kitchen, “It’s just us three, there are eight dishes already, we can’t finish that.”

While speaking, Chu Tian went straight to the kitchen at the back.

In the kitchen, Li Sisi was wearing high-heels, a short blue-and-white porcelain patterned cheongsam with an apron over the top, stirring the soup in the pot with a spoon.

You can see the two people’s differences at a glance from this.

Li Niannian likes to wear office-wear and is more formal, but Li Sisi only wears clothes that show off the figure as well as womanliness.

Seeing Chu Tian walk in, Li Sisi smiled and said, “Coming, young master, it’s done soon, come, have a taste first.”

While speaking, Li Sisi used the spoon to ladle out some soup and put it next to Chu Tian’s mouth.

Chu Tian had a sip and smiled, “Mm, yum, the saltiness is just right, Sisi sis, what soup is this?”

Li Sisi smiled and drank the rest in the spoon, saying, “Yam stewed with cow cod, to help you restore some vitality.”


Chu Tian thought a bit and said, “This is cow cod soup? Does it taste this good?”

“I’m kidding.” Li Sisi smiled and said, “yam stewed with squab, alright, you can drink it now.”

While speaking, Li Sisi poured the soup from the pot into a bowl, then held it and walked out of the kitchen with Chu Tian.

“How is it?”

After eating for a bit, Li Sisi couldn’t help but to smile and look at Chu Tian, saying, “Isn’t sis’s cooking skill quite good?”

“Mm, yeah.” Chu Tian smiled and said, “It tastes good.”

“Tastes good huh.” Li Sisi smiled and passed a piece of beef to Chu Tian, saying, “And you said sis doesn’t know how to cook, you really are looking down on me, now, let’s have a talk, the shop has been bought, what are we planning to do?”

“Mm… I feel like we don’t need to do anything.” Chu Tian said, “The situation in the shop right now is fine, there are tables and chairs too, we just need to change the sign and get some milk tea equipment.”

“What equipment then?” Li Niannian said, “Young master, I think your milk tea is an exclusive formula, what equipment would be needed?”

“Let me think.” Chu Tian thought for a little and said, “Sealing machine, water purifier, water heater, ice making machine, refrigerator, I think there were already refrigerators here, two, and they were pretty big, so we won’t need a refrigerator, and then it’d be electronic scale and 10g measuring spoons, the rest we don’t need.”

“Uh…” Li Niannian interrupted, “young master, I’m going to interrupt for a bit, are you planning to sell only ice water and hot water? No tea and coffee machines, no milk shake machines, and no slushie machines, this… what does our milk tea shop make?”

“I have milk tea powder.” Chu Tian said, “I’ll make a list later, you go buy some ingredients, then I will come over tomorrow at noon, leave the kitchen clean for me to use, also, remember to find someone to deliver us some cups, big 650mL cups, the cups for large coke.”

“Milk tea powder huh.” Li Niannian suddenly understood and said, “Then this is easy, just pour in some water and that’s it, there’s no skill required.”

“It’s true that there’s no skill required.” Chu Tian said, “However, you still have to hire people, since I think it will be quite busy.”

“Really?” Li Sisi smiled and said, “Now that I’ve heard the young master talk about it, I’m also quite looking forward to it, then I have to have a taste tomorrow at noon.”

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