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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 61: Insane Recovery Power free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 61: Insane Recovery Power

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Chapter 61: Insane Recovery Power



Chu Tian was completely shocked when he suddenly felt the electric current running through his body in an instant.

If it was an average person, they would start checking if they’ve touched some sort of electric socket or power cord.

But, Chu Tian was extremely familiar with this feeling. After all, his body had experienced this sort of transformation multiple times already.

Even though the electric feeling would always be different, he knew what they represented.

Good gracious!

You must be kidding!

Could it be that I’ve received Deadpool’s ability from a simple conversation like this?

Seeing Chu Tian acting all stunned, Bai Xiaochun laughed, “Hey. Chu Tian. What’s wrong? Are you angry?”

“Ah?” Chu Tian regained his awareness. He immediately smiled, “How could I? I was just thinking that babe, you’re looking down upon your boyfriend too much. If I received Deadpool’s powers, is there a need for me to donate my dna?”

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“Naturally, I’ll become a guy who lives off women,” Chu Tian spoke in a serious manner, “If I obtained Deadpool’s ability, it would mean that the word ‘exhaustion’ will no longer exist in my world. I alone will be able to satisfy an entire group of wealthy women.”

[1. Oh, I guess donating dna does mean donating sperm. But, would they pay several thousand rmb, the equivalent of hundreds of even a thousand usd, for a sperm sample? Sperms aren’t worth that much…]

“I don’t need a lot. As long as I can work those women for an entire year, I wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life.”

Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong were shocked by Chu Tian’s seriousness. But, they soon burst out laughing.

Chu Tian also started l;aughing. Then, he picked up a paring knife beneath the table, “The two of you are laughing too much. Let me go wash this knife so that I can pare some apples for you two.”

Chgu Tian took the paring knife and entered the washroom.

He opened the faucet and first cleaned the paring knife. Then, he looked at his finger.


It was truly difficult to cut yourself.

But, in order to confirm the electric current he felt earlier to be Deadpool’s recovery ability, Chu Tian had no other choice but to cut himself.

With this in thought, he steeled himself and used the sharp tip of the knife to poke at his left index finger.


Chu Tian took a deep breath. Bright red blood began to flow out from his left index finger.

But, the pain soon disappeared. Only two drops of blood came out from his wound.

Chu Tian placed his finger under the tap water. After seeing that it was completely fine, that there wasn’t even any stain of blood on his finger, a smile appeared on his face.


As expected!

Sure enough, the electric current he felt earlier was from him receiving Deadpool’s recovery ability.

Fucking A!

This is too fucking amazing!

Chu Tian knew much more about Deadpool than Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun. The reason for that was because the Deadpool he knew was not limited to the one in the movies.

Deadpool’s recovery ability came from Wolverine. But, compared to Wolverine, Deadpool’s recovery ability was even crazier.

Even if his head was shot, even if his chest was pierced, no matter how mortal of a wound it might be, Deadpool would ignore them completely. Even if his body was hacked into two, he would still be able to regrow himself.

In short, as long as a cell survives, Deadpool will never die.

Since he obtained Deadpool’s ability, it meant that…

While Chu Tian was thinking of that, Bai Xiaochun walked into the washroom with a beaming smile on her face and two apples in her hands.

Chu Tian immediately used the water to rinse out the blood on the sink.

“Babe, are you hot?”

“Mmm, I was hot earlier but I’m not hot anymore. It’s extremely hot outside today.”

“Right, it’s quite hot today,” said Chu Tian, “The highest temperature will be approaching 40 degrees Celsius. I see that your clothes are completely drenched. Go take a shower here and wash your clothes using the washing machine. With the temperature, your clothes will be able to air dry quickly.”

[2. 40C is 104F]

Bai Xiaochun smiled and curled her lips, “Then what am I supposed to wear while waiting for my clothes to dry?”

“My clothes, obviously,” With how petite you are, a single short sleeve t-shirt of mine will be a dress for you. There’s no need to fear about having no clothes to wear.”

“Okay then,” bai Xiaochun’s face reddened slightly as she smiled, “But, I’ll take a shower after we eat. Yang Rong and I will be showering together. She got much sweatier than me.”

“Oh,” Chu Tian laughed, “This scenery is quite exciting.”

“You damn hoodlum!” Bai Xiaochun laughed as she smashed her head into Chu Tian, “Don’t mess around. While I’m your girlfriend, Rongrong is not. If you mess around, Rongrong will get angry. She’s someone with a boyfriend. Don’t you act too excessive with her.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m not a hoodlum like that. Come, babe, give me a kiss here since my deskmate wouldn’t be able to see us.”

“Filthy. Bop, there.”

“A blow kiss?”

“A blow kiss is still a kiss. What, you don’t want it?”

“I do, I want it.”




After eating lunch and chatting for a long while, Chu Tian took out two white t-shirts from his wardrobe and handed them to Yang Rong and Bai Xiaochun.

No erotic scene occurred. It was as Chu Tian said, the two girls looked like they were wearing two loose-fitting dresses wearing his t-shirts.

Nothing can be done about that. Chu Tian’s clothes were all meant for guys 185 or 190cm. His t-shirts were indeed large enough to be turned into dresses for the girls.

[3. Basically a 6ft to 6ft1 tall dude.]

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