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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 58: Buying Another Restaurant free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 58: Buying Another Restaurant

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Chapter 58: Buying Another Restaurant


Before a coffee shop in Haicheng’s downtown district. After parking her car, Li Sisi walked into the coffee shop with Chu Tian.

The gracefully decorated coffee shop was playing relaxing music. Once Chu Tian entered the coffee shop, his eyes immediately landed on a woman by herself.

She must be Li Niannian!

The reason why he thought that was because she had a 60-70% resemblance to Li Sisi. Oval face, sharp eyebrows, fine nose and a cherry lips. Like Li Sisi, she was also a goddess-level beauty.

But, different from Li Sisi, she does not give off that languish charm. Rather, she gave off the feeling of an experienced business woman. Furthermore, she looked somewhat young and innocent.

That was understandable. After all, she’s only 25. At the very most, she had just graduated with her master’s for a year or so.

“What’d you think?”

Li Sisi suddenly bumped into Chu Tian with her shoulder. She winked, “My sister’s not inferior to your darling, no? Are you considering taking another girlfriend?”


Black lines rolled down Chu Tian’s head, “Big sis Sisi, how could you sell your sister like so?”

Li Sisi chuckled. Then, together with Chu Tian, she walked over.


Messing with her phone, Li Niannian raised her head. Then, she immediately stood up, “Big sis, you’re here.”

“Mn,” Li Sisi said, “Allow me to make introductions. Chu Tian, my boss. My younger sister, Li Niannian.”

Li Niannian immediately smiled and extended her hand, “My pleasure to meet Boss Chu.”

Chu Tian also smiled and extended his hand to shake hers, “You don’t have to call me boss. It’s kinda awkward.”


“You can call him young master,” Li Sisi interrupted, “That’s how I like to call him. You can do the same.”

Li Niannian was surprised. ‘Pfff,’ she immediately covered her mouth, “Big sis, how could you be this mischievous?”


Chu Tian asked in confusion, “What’s going on?”

“Generally, my big sis would only address that kinda men in nightclubs as young masters.”


Hearing what Li Niannian said, Chu Tian came to a sudden realization.

Even though Chu Tian has never been to those nightclubs, he had heard about them.

‘Young masters’ and ‘young ladies’ are professions in nightclubs.

[1. Aka. Host and hostesses. This is basically the Chinese equivalent of Japanese host and hostess clubs.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Host_and_hostess_clubs ]

So, Li Sisi has been calling him that ‘young master’ all these days!

Seeing Chu Tian turning his head around to look at her, Li Sisi tried her hardest to contain her laughter, “Don’t listen to my sister’s nonsense. That’s not what I meant. I am addressing you as young master with sincerity.”


Your expression had already betrayed you!

“Whatever,” Chu Tian said in frustration, “I’ll pretend that you’re really addressing me as young master.”

Li Sisi chuckled. Then, she sat down, “Have you ordered anything?”

“Yeah,” Li Niannian said, “Three cups of cappucinos.”

Right after Li Niannian said that, a server came up to the table with three cups of coffee.

Li Sisi took a small sip before saying, “I’ve already explained things to you on the phone. Niannian, our young master is planning to open a milk tea shop. Right now, he’s lacking a manager for the shop. Didn’t you just resign from your job? Do you want to come over?”

“There’s no need to worry about pay. Your previous job pays you 7,500 a month. As for our young master, he’ll pay for 20,000 a month. In short, you don’t have to worry about anything. Young master will definitely treat you right.”

“Twenty thousand?” Li Niannian’s eyes grew wide open. She looked to Chu Tian, “Young master, what sort of milk tea shop is that? You’re paying me that much?”

“The shop’s still not open yet,” said Chu Tian, “I need to go to classes. Thus, I’m lacking a manager. Right now, I need to find a person in charge first. I’ve learned that you have a master’s in management. Perhaps I’ll be under-utilizing your talent. But, I am unable to find any other suitable candidate for the time being.”

“I’m willing to do it. I am willing to take on the job,” said Li Niannian in a hurry, “That’s twenty thousand we’re talking about here. How could I not be willing to take on a job with a salary like that?”

Li Sisi laughed. She looked to Chu Tian, “So, young master, what’d you think? Didn’t I tell you that she wouldn’t possibly refuse an offer of twenty thousand a month? If she refused an offer like that, it’ll mean that she had studied so hard that she fried her brains.”

As she spoke, Li Sisi turned to Li Niannian, “That said, Niannian, don’t fix your focus onto the salary. Since you’ll be accepting young master’s pay, you must make sure to work properly.”

“I know,” smiled Li Niannian, “I will definitely do my best. Oh, that’s right. Young master, where’s our milk tea shop at?”

“Eh… I’ve yet to choose a location. I’m planning to find a place near the University of Medicine.”

“In that case, how about the shop next to the club?” suggested Li Sisi, “I’ve been wanting to take down the breakfast shop by the club. Since the two shops will be right next to each other, we’d have a vast empty space in front to park cars once we take down that breakfast shop. Once the club opens, we will most definitely have issues with parking. At that time, we can park our cars in front of the breakfast shop.”

The breakfast shop beside the club?

Chu Tian pondered for a bit before nodding.

He knew about that place. It was a single-floor shop. It had a decent sized shop front. If converted to a milk tea shop, that place would have enough room to spare. But, he seemed to remember that the breakfast shop was not up for sale.

“While your suggestion is good and all,” Chu Tian said, “but, I seem to recall that breakfast shop is not up for sale?”

Li Sisi was dumbfounded, “Young master, what are you saying? Have you forgotten about your true merit? Is there anything in this world money can’t solve?”

Seeing Li Sisi’s meaningful expression, Chu Tian laughed, “Now that you mention it. Then, big sis Sisi, can you take care of it for me?”

“No problem,” Li Sisi smiled, “How could I dare to disobey my young master’s instructions. But, even if you are to sell me, I wouldn’t be able to produce that much money.”

Chu Tian smiled and nodded. Then, he took out his phone and transferred 10 million RMB to Li Sisi’s account.

[2. 10million rmb = 1.465m usd.]

“Ten million,” said Chu Tian, “You can return anything that’s too much and if it’s not enough just tell me. Once we get back, I’ll give you my ID card and whatnot. We’re taking down that shop.”

Seeing the bank’s text message about the 10 million deposit, Li Sisi smiled brilliantly. She looked at Li Niannian across from her and said, “Niannian, don’t say that big sister don’t love you. You’ve just seen how capable our young master is. Ten million with a touch of his finger. Right now, our young master only has a single girlfriend. You work hard and strive to become young master’s second girlfriend. At that time, big sister will be able to receive the light from your halo too.”

Hearing what Li Sisi said, Li Niannian’s face turned red immediately, “Big sis, you’ve drank too much. What nonsense are you talking about?”

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