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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 55: Arrival of the Security Breach Money free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 55: Arrival of the Security Breach Money

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Chapter 55: Arrival of the Security Breach Money

Sure enough!

Upon hearing Chu Tian speak of the name ‘Bai Xiaochun,’ Li Sisi was so moved that she grabbed her chest.

“Oh god, must you be this romantic? To name your club after your girlfriend, if someone did that for me, I will give him as many children as he wants. This is simply too moving!”

Seeing Li Sisi’s exaggerated behavior, Chu Tian smiled and shook his head, “Big sis Sisi, it’s enough. Stop teasing me.”

“Who’s teasing you?” said Li Sisi, “I’m telling you, what you’re doing is truly touching, okay? That’s why you men don’t understand women. Let me tell you this, if your darling knew about this, she will definitely cry tears of joy. Heck, it’s not only her, even I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

“Alright, alright. I got it, everything my big sis Sisi said is true. So, when are you going home? It’s already so late, are you still planning to stay here?”

“I was on my way out,” Li Sisi took out her car key, “I’ve made plans with my friends to have some late-night snacks together. You wanna come join big sis? Those friends of mine are all big beauties. They’re also extremely open. So, you coming?”

Li Sisi winked at Chu Tian while saying those words.

Chu Tian chuckled, “Let’s forget about it. I’m afraid that my health and stamina wouldn’t be able to last. You be safe on your way there.”

“Okay then,” Li Sisi smiled, “Since you’re not coming, big sis will be going on her own then. Bye~.”


After seeing Li Sisi leaving in her car, Chu Tian didn’t bother to linger around and began to walk home.



When Chu Tian returned to his rental apartment, he sent a WeChat message to Bai Xiaochun to tell her he got home safely. Then, he sat in front of his computer and turned it on.

Chu Tian has never been interested in the university’s student forum.

But, after what happened today, he was forced to become interested in it.

Why would so many people know that he’s poor? That made no sense!

While he had mentioned his family circumstances, he only mentioned it during his self-introduction at the start of the semester.

Thus, even if someone knew about his circumstances, it should only be the people from the Nursing Department’s Third Class. But, from his experience today, it seemed like the entire university knew about it.

It would appear that he must properly look into this campus forum.

Time passed in a flash. Twenty minutes had passed. As Chu Tian read the forum discussions on his monitor, he couldn’t help but rub his chin.

After spending twenty minutes on the forum, he realized what had happened.

It was because of that basketball match!

Last Sunday, because of how marvelous the basketball match between Chu Tian, Xiao Gang and others were, many people ended up recording their match and uploaded the videos and pictures onto the forum.

There were particularly many recordings and pictures of him as he had taken off his clothes and revealed his muscular build that all men would envy. Because of that, many people began to inquire who he is in the original post.

From their inquiries, someone who knew him actually appeared on the forum.

Luo Yiyi!

Luo Yiyi was also a student in the Nursing Department’s Third Class. She was seated two rows from Chu Tian and would greet him whenever she saw him. In short, their relationship isn't bad.

It was Luo Yiyi who mentioned Chu Tian’s circumstances on the forum.

But, her original intention wasn’t bad.

Her original post was praising Chu Tian. She was essentially saying that he was a very good fellow, that even though his family had encountered such a misfortune and his life turned that difficult, he never once gave in to fate and has continued to work hard.

But, all the praises Luo Yiyi had for Chu Tian were ignored by the people on the forum.

People ignored how she mentioned he was strong, never gave up and always worked hard and fixed themselves on only one aspect about him — being poor!

Even though Luo Yiyi later realized her post had incurred bad influences on Chu Tian and deleted that post, it was already too late. The news of Chu Tian being poor was already widespread.

After finding out exactly what happened, Chu Tian smiled and shook his head. Then, he closed the tab to the campus forum.

Forget about it!

Luo Yiyi’s original intention wasn’t bad. He can only say that there were simply too many materialistic people in this world.

Should a person be poor, then, regardless of what sort of merits they might have, they would all be ignored and replaced by the word ‘poor.’

That said, the speed at which things spread through the campus forum was truly quite something.

For example, him kissing Bai Xiaochun at the entrance of the girl’s dorm was already posted to the forum.

While no one managed to take a picture or recording of their kiss, the news of Bai Xiaochun being in a relationship with him was now widespread.

But, that was precisely what Chu Tian wanted. After all, his kiss was his announcement of ownership.

After closing the tab to the campus forum, Chu Tian opened another tab for the Hacker’s Forum.

An entire day and night had passed. Chu Tian was wondering if the money for the 36 loopholes he found were here yet.

Once Chu Tian signed into the Hacker’s Forum, a series of private messages arrived.

Wang Xiaofeng: “?????”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, are you messing around? 36 breaches? Are you sure there are that many breaches in those five systems?”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Damn! Shadow bro, you’re a god. They’ve verified it, all 36 breaches are real.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The government gave the price. They said you’ve found 4 breaches that are worth 1.8million each, 2 breaches worth 1.2million each, 12 breaches worth 800thousand each, 10 breaches worth 500thousand each and 8 breaches worth 300thousand each.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “The total value for those 36 breaches comes out to 26.6million.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Shadow bro, you go ahead and take the money yourself again. Oh, you don’t have to pay me any toll fee either. It’s weird and makes me feel like you’re considering me to be an outsider. So, just go ahead and take all 26.6million. Really, don’t be courteous with me. We’re buddies.”

[1. 26.6million rmb is 3.93m usd.]

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