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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 50: Knew How To Have Fun free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 50: Knew How To Have Fun

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Chapter 50: Knew How To Have Fun


Pinch me till I cry?

Hearing those words, Bai Xiaochun nearly burst out laughing.

She looked to Chu Tian’s eyes and tried her best to restrain her laughter, “How could there be someone like you, someone who forces a girl to become his girlfriend? Didn’t you know that if you force a melon off its vine, it wouldn’t be sweet?”

[1. This means that if something isn’t meant to be, you shouldn’t force it because the result wouldn’t satisfy you.]

“All that matters is that I can eat the melon to quench my thirst. I don’t care,” said Chu Tian. “We’ve already kissed. Even if you want to say that you don’t want to be my girlfriend, it’s already too late. So, are you going to be my girlfriend or not?”

Seeing how overbearing Chu Tian was acting, Bai Xiaochun suddenly laughed. Then, she threw her head into his chest.



When Chu Tian and Bai Xiaochun returned to the university holding hands, Yang Rong was waiting for them by the entrance.

Seeing them walking toward the entrance, Yang Rong smiled and ran over to them.

“Quite capable, aren’t you, deskmate,” Yang Rong joked as she looked at the couple, “I only decided to give the two of you a chance to enjoy a date alone. Who would’ve expected that you’ll manage to capture our Xiaochun in one go. It would appear that I’ve underestimated your ability.”

“That’s of course,” Chu Tian smiled, “You should’ve checked out who your deskmate is.”

“Mn, you’re right.”

As she said those words, Yang Rong looked at Bai Xiaochun with a beaming smile on her face, Lazily, she said, “Xiaochun, why couldn’t you hold steady for a bit longer? You’ve only spent a single day alone with him. You’ve allowed my deskmate to hook you away in a single day, you’re simply making things too easy for him.”

“That’s because he’s a total scoundrel,” said Bai Xiaochun with embarrassment, “He said he’ll pinch me if I refuse him.”

“Ah?” Yang Rong looked to Chu Tian speechlessly. She laughed, “Deskmate, I’m not trying to criticize you here. But, that’s a bit despicable, no?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Chu Tian waved his hand, “Despicable or not, what matters is its effectiveness. See.”

As he spoke, Chu Tian lifted his hand holding onto Bai Xiaochun’s hand, “She’s mine now.”

Bai Xiaochun laughed. Then, she pinched Chu Tian’s arm with her other hand.

“Well then,” Chu Tian laughed, “Deskmate, don’t be courteous with me tonight. What do you want to eat? I’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied.”

“You should’ve told me that sooner. If you did, I wouldn’t have eaten half a bun,” Yang Rong started thinking, “I don’t know what’s going on with the Yang Family Restaurant. It’s actually undergoing construction. Else, I’d say we should go there since their food is pretty good.”

“Now that you mention it,” Bai Xiaochun let go of Chu Tian’s hand and, in a natural manner, hugged his arm, “I remembered that the Yang Family Restaurant was still open several days ago. Hey, Chu Tian, you’ve passed by that place today. Do you know what’s going on?”


You don’t say!

How could he not know what’s going on?

He was the one who purchased the Yang Family Restaurant. It was not being remodeled into a club.


Chu Tian shrugged his shoulders, “No idea. I also remember that it was still open last week. Perhaps it’s being transformed into something else?”

“Then… let’s go to that Korean restaurant,” said Yang Rong, “It’s not far and I’ve heard the food’s pretty good.”

“Sure, let’s do that,” said Chu Tian, “Korean restaurant it is.”

Ten minutes later!

Chu Tian, Bai Xiaochun and Yang Rong entered a Korean restaurant near the university.

But, the moment he entered the Korean restaurant, Chu Tian discovered a situation. Li Sisi was actually also in the restaurant.

She was not alone. There was another woman sitting across from her. That woman seemed to be roughly thirty or so too. She was wearing glasses.

Li Sisi was surprised to see Chu Tian walk in. But soon, a crafty smile appeared on her face. She continued with her discussion with the woman across from her.

“Hey, hey, hey!”

Suddenly, Bai Xiaochun pulled at Chu Tian’s arm. Quietly, she said, “Look! You see that woman? She’s the one I mentioned to you about this morning. What’d you think? Isn’t she very womanly?”


Chu Tian wouldn’t be able to pretend to not see Li Sisi this time around.

He looked over and said, “Damn! You’re right! That woman possess… an enticing charm.”

“See, I told you so,” Bai Xiaochun smiled, “I told you she gives off that sort of charming and womanly air from a single glance.”

Meanwhile, a server came up to Chu Tian’s group, “Hello. Three people?”

Chu Tian nodded, “Right, three.”

“Please follow me to be seated.”

They were seated next to Li Sisi.

Right after the three of them sat down, the server handed them a menu, “Please have a look. We have special meal packages here too. They range from 108, 128, 188 and 218 RMB. Which option would suit the three of you?”

Chu Tian smiled as he handed the menu to Yang Rong, “Deskmate, you can do the ordering.”

Yang Rong smiled, “You want me to order? Well, I wouldn’t hesitate then.”

“Hey hey!” Bai Xiaochun pouted, “You better not order something too expensive. My boyfriend’s no cash cow. For the three of us, the 128 meal package should be enough.”


Hearing Bai Xiaochun’s comment, Li Sisi, seated next to them, couldn’t help but spray out her water onto the ground.

Seeing that, the woman across from her was completely confused.

That woman asked, “What’s wrong? You think these two designs are very funny?”

“No, no,” Li Sisi began wiping her mouth while still smiling, “I suddenly thought of something funny and didn’t manage to control myself. It has nothing to do with your plans.”

Yang Rong took a glance at Li Sisi before turning around and smiling, “Xiaochun, I truly can’t with you. You’ve only just started dating him but you wanted to help your boyfriend save money already? He had obtained you that easily, shouldn’t you take this opportunity to bleed him a bit?”

“Nonsense,” said Bai Xiaochun, “My boyfriend works real hard to earn money, okay?”

“It’s alright,” said Chu Tian with a smile, “Let’s let my deskmate enjoy herself. Let’s go with the 218 meal package.”

“Heh. Look, see how open-handed my deskmate is?” Yang Rong laughed, “Okay, we’ll order the 218 meal package.”

Li Sisi was watching the three university students’ every action. Hearing their conversation, she nearly burst out laughing again.

Truly interesting!

218 RMB was an act of bleeding?

[2. Bleeding, in this context, means to lavish with money.]

If they knew that Chu Tian spent 39 million not long ago and did not blink an eye while doing so, what sort of expression would they have?

Her boss really knew how to have fun.

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