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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 42: Danger Assessment free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 42: Danger Assessment

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Chapter 42: Danger Assessment

Who would’ve expected that the country was actually secretly investigating his identity. But, Chu Tian was not worried at all.

He was certain that, unless he exposes himself, no one will be able to determine his identity.

After exiting the Hacker’s Forum, Chu Tian was planning to play some game when his phone started ringing.

It was a call from Yang Rong.

Chu Tian smiled upon seeing it. He picked up the call, “Hey, deskmate. Did you two manage to return to the dorm safely?”

“Mn, we’re back in the dorm,” Yang Rong’s laughing voice sounded from the phone, “So, how was it? Deskmate, did you enjoy playing Fight the Landlord with us tonight?”


Chu Tian chuckled, “Deskmate, I couldn’t tell that you’re so capable of causing troubles.”

“Hahaha…” Yang Rong started laughing, “Let’s not talk about that. Let me just ask you this, is this worth an entire week of milk tea? Let me tell you this, Xiaochun punched me on the way back. Seriously. Your deskmate has truly sacrificed herself tonight all for your sake. I’ve been practically stripped naked by the two of you. All my secrets are now known to you two. It’s been truly difficult for me.”

Chu Tian laughed, “Deskmate, what are you talking about? How could a week worth of milk tea be enough? I’d have to at least buy you an entire month worth of milk tea. How about this, I’ll pay for all your milk tea purchases next month.”

“It’s settled. Your words are enough for me,” Yang Rong was still laughing, “Well then, I’ll be hanging up now. Xiaochun is going to enter the room soon. We’re not done yet. She’s most definitely going to teach me a lesson again.”

“Okay. You take care of yourself.”

After hanging up the call, Chu Tian chuckled again. Only then did he open the League of Legend app and began playing it.


Yunnan. Inside the villa. Wang Xiaofeng, the man and the woman were all waiting for the spectacled middle-aged man to talk.

“Hiss…” The middle-aged man revealed a frown, “This situation is quite different from my earlier prediction.”

“Oh?” The woman narrowed her eyes, “There's a problem?”

The middle-aged man shook his head, “From the previous chat records, I’ve analyzed this Shadow to be a man under 30. Of course, the reality will deviate from my analysis. But, I never expected for the deviation to be this vast. He’s actually in his fifties.”

“Judging from the situation now, his true age should be between 55 and 60. It is taught through our mathematical education that we should round to the nearest integer. That is something that has taken root in our mind, something that we began to use in all aspects of our daily lives.”

[1. Basically, if it’s less than 5, round to 0. More than 5, round to 10. We were all taught that in math class, even with USA education here.]

“If a person is over 50 but under 55, they will generally say they’re in their fifties and not say that they’re closer to 60. It is because of the rounding to the nearest integer. That concept will subconsciously tell that person to round their age to 50 and not 60.”

“Only those older than 55 would answer by rounding their age to 60.”

“Because of that, it is practically determined that Shadow’s age is between 55 and 60.”

“If I have to be more detailed, then he should be between 55 and 57.”

Hearing the middle-aged man’s analysis, Wang Xiaofeng voiced his confusion, “Eh… officer, why 57?”

The middle-aged man took a glance at Wang Xiaofeng before smiling, “That’s because he said that. Look here, he said that he’s going to be 60 in a couple years.”

“‘Couple’ is a very interesting word. If he’s going to be 60 in a single year, he wouldn’t use ‘couple.’ That is also true for two years. When using ‘couple,’ one will generally only use it when it’s 3 or more. That is our cultural habit.”

“Because of that, it meant that it will take him at least 3 more years to become 60.”

“With that, we’ll be able to reduce the age range again. That is why his age would be between 55 and 57.”


So that’s the case!

Wang Xiaofeng nodded in understanding.

Afterwards, the middle-aged man continued, “Furthermore, look at these. The information is revealed very clearly. ‘Army.’ ‘Injured.’ ‘If legs still work like they did before.’”

“Those phrases meant that he was in the army. Furthermore, he was injured in the army. As for the place of injury, it should be his leg. We will be able to further profiler him with these. There shouldn’t be any issue with his ideology and values. After all, he’s an older generation soldier. Those older generation soldiers are all very altruistic. They all possess great self-sacrificial spirits.”

“That sort of self-sacrificial spirit has been branded into their cores. It will follow them throughout their life. Thus, we can practically be certain that he will not do anything that would endanger the country or others. After all, doing so would go against the values, honor, devotion to the country and all the other things he held all his life.”

The female agent pondered for a bit before saying, “Sir, you mean to say that he’s not dangerous?”

“Correct, he’s not dangerous,” said the middle-aged man, “Linking the two prior incidents, we can determine that he is not dangerous. After all, he is fully capable of stealing money from the banks. Yet, he only sought for his rewards after completing the tasks. This meant that he was someone who abided by rules.”

“Moreover, didn’t he leave 100 thousand as a toll fee? From that behavior of his, we are able to determine that he’s someone who pays close attention to details.”

“Thus, my overall analysis is that he is not a dangerous individual.”

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