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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 18: Basketball God free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 18: Basketball God

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Chapter 18: Basketball God

Five minutes later!

First floor. At the dorm’s administrator’s office. Chu Tian and the receptionist aunty were staring at each other. The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

The female dorm would allow males to enter till 10PM? Bullshit!

Seeing how confident Yang Rong was when she mentioned that earlier, Chu Tian thought it to be true. But, it turned out that the female dorm do not allow for males to enter, period!

When Yang Rong mentioned how the dorm will only kick people out after 10PM, the receptionist aunty was completely baffled. The female dorm never had a rule of kicking out visitors after 10PM.

For males, the female dorm possess only a single rule – No Men Allowed!

“You must be a freshman, right?”

The receptionist aunty was snacking on seeds as she stared at Chu Tian.

“Mhmm, I’m a freshman,” Chu Tian nodded his head in embarrassment.

“Don’t try this trick again,” said the receptionist aunty, “How could you possibly be allowed to enter the female dorm so late at night?”

“Do you know who might be naked inside this building? While it might not bother you, those girls wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if you saw them naked.”

“If you’re trying to spend time with your girlfriend, do it elsewhere. There’s the library, study hall, sports field and grove path. You can have you date in countless other places. If you two are truly insistent on doing intimate stuff, you can go get a hotel room off campus to do that. Did you really think it’s suitable for you to come to the female dorm?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Chu Tian smiled awkwardly, “Actually, I really did come here to help my classmate fix her computer.”

“Even if that is true, you still can’t go inside,” said the receptionist aunty, “Regardless of what your reason might be, no men are allowed in the female dorm.”

While Chu Tian was being ‘educated’ by the receptionist aunty, the door to the administrative office suddenly opened up. Yang Rong entered the room with two laptops and an expression of someone holding back laughter.

Another female student was standing behind Yang Rong. It was Bai Xiaochun!

A clean ponytail, an exquisite oval face and, most importantly of all, a pair of long legs. Even though she was clearly only two or three centimeters taller than Yang Rong, her legs reached Yang Rong’s waist. Her leg to torso proportion was simply that of an enchantress.

Like Yang Rong, Bai Xiaochun was also carrying two laptops. It seemed like she was holding back laughter.

Seeing Yang Rong rushing over to him, Chu Tian couldn’t help but glare at her.

Holding back her laughter, Yang Rong bit her lips and sneaked a glance at the receptionist aunty before placing the two laptops on the table, “For some unknown reason, all four laptops suddenly started showing blue screens. We’ve tried restraining them but the blue screens are still there.”

Bai Xiaochun also followed over and placed her two laptops on the table.

“Let me have a look.”

Chu Tian turned on one of the laptops. Seeing that the laptop immediately entered a blue screen after it was turned on, a frown appeared on Chu Tian’s face.

A computer virus again!

But, the computer virus this time around was different from last time. It was much stronger than the last one. It had defeated even the antivirus program.

Seeing this, Chu Tian turned on the other three laptops. All four of them were showing the same symptoms.

Chu Tian pressed a couple keys and waited for a reaction from one of the laptops. Meanwhile, he turned to ask, “What happened to the four laptops? Why would they be affected with the same virus? What were you all doing with them?”

“We’re not doing anything,” Yang Rong began to recall what happened, “We were merely playing a browser game. We were competing to see who will get the highest score. But, as we continued to play that game, all our laptops suddenly started showing blue screens.”

Chu Tian nodded his head. Seeing no response from the laptop, he pressed a couple other keys. Only then did a black dialog box appear.

Seeing the black dialog box filled with garbled characters, Chu Tian began to type on the keyboard. Finally, he pressed the return key and managed to enter the computer’s login screen.

Yang Rong was overjoyed, “Hey! It’s fixed!”

“Not yet,” Chu Tian shook his head, “I managed to get in using the back-eng. The virus is still here. Wait a bit longer. This virus is quite difficult to deal with. The antivirus program is useless. I’ll have to set up a sequence to kill the virus.”

After saying those words, Chu Tian began to pound away at the keyboard.

Seeing Chu Tian’s fingers rapidly pressing on the keys and how focused he looked, Bai Xiaochun smiled as she looked at Yang Rong. Quietly, she said, “Rongrong, your deskmate is amazing.”

“Of course he is,” said Yang Rong proudly, “My deskmate is a computer expert. There’s no computer he can’t fix. He’s extremely amazing.”

Bai Xiaochun smiled and nodded her head.

After three minutes, Bai Xiaochun looked to Yang Rong and asked quietly, “Your deskmate is quite tall. He should be pretty good with basketball, right?”


Yang Rong pondered for a bit before shaking her head, “I have no idea. Let me ask him.”

Even though their conversation was very quiet, Chu Tian, being right beside them, still managed to hear the conversation.

Because of that, as he was typing away on the keyboard, he suddenly felt a boundless amount of basketball knowledge and skills entering his head. It was like the door to a whole new world had opened again.

This was a truly profound sensation!

While Chu Tian had only touched a basketball several times, he suddenly felt as if he was someone who had played on the court for tens of years.

In a flash of an eye, he was transformed from a novice who can’t even shoot a basketball properly into a basketball god!


Another harvest! It would appear this trip was not made in vain.

A shallow curve appeared on Chu Tian’s lips. He pretended that nothing happened and continued to type away at the keyboard.

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