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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 11: Super Awesome Hot Male Body free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 11: Super Awesome Hot Male Body

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Chapter 11: Super Awesome Hot Male Body

30 million!

Taking everything into account, the total amount of time spent on completing this task was less than 4 hours.

A profit of 30 million in less than 4 hours. This sort of feeling was simply amazing! It was like chugging a bottle of ice-cold beer on a sunny day!

That said, while that woman said she will not touch the money in that account, Chu Tian still spent a couple minutes to transfer the 30million to his own bank account. He also took the time to eliminate all records of the money transfer.

After he finished doing all that, Chu Tian replied back: “You don’t have to worry about it. I’ve already transferred away all the money. You can keep your account. If you wish to continue to use that account, go ahead and do so. If you’re worried about me, you can make a new account for your personal funds. Apart from that, feel free to contact me if you need my help in the future.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Of course. Thanks again. Truly, thank you. I’m finally able to relax. If I need help again, I will definitely contact you. You’re even more amazing than Bright Moon Illuminating A Big Bed. You’re the real pro. Goodbye.”

Chu Tian: “Goodbye.”

After he finished the conversation with that woman, Chu Tian smiled and did a stretch. Only then did he stand up to move his body around.

Right at this moment, a ringing sound came from his phone.

It was Yang Rong. She was calling him.

Chu Tian accepted the call: “Hey, deskmate, what’s up?”

“Hehe. Deskmate, tell me honestly, are you on a date?”

Once the phone call was connected, Yang Rong’s crafty voice sounded from the phone.

“On a date?” Chu Tian chuckled, “With whom? You know that I don’t have a girlfriend. Who am I going to go on a date with?”

“Really? I thought you’ve gone on a date,” said Yang Rong. “If that’s not the case, why didn’t you come to the evening self-study?”


Evening self-study?

Chu Tian was startled by those words. He suddenly realized that he had neglected today’s evening self-study.

While the evening self-study was not a lesson and doesn’t possess any teacher, the student union does take attendance.

Furthermore, they’re extremely strict toward the college freshmen. If it was discovered that someone decided to cut class, the student union will deduct the class’s overall scores.

Chu Tian rubbed his head speechlessly. Then, he replied, “Shoot! I’ve forgotten about the evening self-study. Deskmate, did the student union take my name down?”

“They were planning to,” laughed Yang Rong. “But, your deskmate is extremely quick-witted. When the people from the student union came to take attendance, I told them you’re having diarrhea and are in the toilet. I told them that if they don’t believe me, they can go find you in the toilet. Hearing that, they ended up trusting my story.”

“Hahaha. Deskmate, that’s quite evil of you.”

Chu Tian burst into laughter hearing what Yang Rong said.


With how intense the gender disbalance was with the Nursing Department’s students, the student union members from the Nursing Department were all female students. There was not one male.

To tell a bunch of women go find him in the male bathroom, that was truly a difficult task to ask.


Hearing Chu Tian laugh, Yang Rong’s laughter also sounded from the other side, “There’s nothing that I can do about it. After all, I couldn’t possibly tell them that you didn’t show up to the evening self-study, no?”

“Beautifully done,” Chu Tian laughed, “As a thanks, I’ll bring you delicious snacks tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Yang Rong asked, “Deskmate, are you stupid? Tomorrow’s Saturday. There’s no class on Saturday and Sunday.”

Tomorrow’s Saturday?

Only after hearing that did Chu Tian realize the day. He facepalmed himself before saying, “This silly head of mine. I thought today is Thursday and tomorrow’s Friday.”

“Today’s Friday,” replied Yang Rong, “Exactly are you busy with all this time to make you forget about what day today is?”

“Sigh, I’m busy making money,” sighed Chu Tian, “You know my situation. I must continue to work for a living.”

“That’s true,” said Yang Rong, “It’s quite difficult for you. Oh, that’s right. Are you free tomorrow noon?”

“Tomorrow noon? Why?”

“Let’s go swim at the beach,” said Yang Rong, “Over a dozen of our classmates are all going. You should join us.”

“Swim at the beach?” Chu Tian pondered for a bit, “Forget about it. I’m not sure if I’ll be free tomorrow.”

“You’re not coming?” said Yang Rong, “Hey! That’s the beach we’re talking about. It’s going to be fun! It’s perfect time for you to show off your super awesome hot male model body!”

Super awesome hot male model body?

Chu Tian laughed, “Just drop it. Since when did I have the build of a male model? You all will only laugh at my figure. Forget about it, you all should…”

Suddenly, before Chu Tian could finish his words, he suddenly stopped talking and looked down to his own body.

His body was suddenly boiling hot. He felt as if he was having a fever.

Under Chu Tian’s gaze, his body was, at a speed visible to the naked eye, rapidly transforming.

In a short few seconds, eight carved abdominal muscles appeared. Not only that, his v-lines and serratus anterior muscles were also completely prominent.

In a short few seconds, Chu Tian had turned a completely new leaf.

“Hello? Deskmate?”

Chu Tian continued to look at his body in shock until Yang Rong’s voice sounded from the phone again. Only then did he rush to respond, “Ah? What’s wrong, deskmate?”

“The signal isn't good. Your voice suddenly cut off earlier. I didn’t hear what you said.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” said Chu Tian. “I said… oh, I said that you all should enjoy yourselves. I wouldn’t be joining you all.”

“Okay then,” said Yang Rong, “It’s about time for me to return to the dorm. Practically all the students in class had left by now.”

“Sure thing. You go ahead and return to your down. Bye,” said Chu Tian.


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