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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 7: The Skill Gap Between Hackers free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 7: The Skill Gap Between Hackers

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Chapter 7: The Skill Gap Between Hackers

Before encountering those two women early morning, Chu Tian had thought it was Yang Rong who possessed some sort of special ability. It was only after encountering them that he realized the issue lies not with Yang Rong but rather himself.

But… exactly what sort of ability was this?

How does he trigger this ability?

The hacking ability was something he received after Yang Rong praised him as an expert hacker after he helped her clear the virus from her computer.

Could it be that he would be able to receive corresponding abilities or transformations after being praised by others?

No, that wasn’t the case!

Earlier, he deliberately had Yang Rong praise him. Yet, nothing happened.

Furthermore, the situation he encountered at the breakfast shop was different.

He doesn’t know those two women in the breakfast shop at all. He only heard their gossip unintentionally.

It could be said that what they were talking about had absolutely no relation with him.

But, from such an encounter, he actually managed to receive an astonishing transformation the length of a chopstick.

Comparing the two situations that triggered his ability would show no common ground at all.


Things are confusing!

Exactly what was going on with his ability? How was he supposed to trigger it?


Time passed in a flash. In a blink of an eye, it was already 4:30PM.

After blindlessly trying to analyze his ability, Chu Tian was unable to determine exactly how to trigger his ability.

Hearing the class dismissal bell, Chu Tian bid Yang Rong farewell and left the classroom.

The evening self study begins at 7:30PM and ends at 9:30PM.

There was still two and a half hours to rest and eat. Generally, the students would return to their dorms. But, as Chu Tian does not live in the dorms, he would have to return to his rental apartment.


After returning to his rental apartment, Chu Tian first took a shower before turning on his computer and sat down before it.


It has been used 335,624 times?!

Seeing his hotel registry software having been used over 250 thousand times more than this morning in only half a day, Chu Tian was shocked completely speechless.

When he was writing that program last night, that number was simply something Chu Tian never dared to imagine.

At that time, he thought that things would be going pretty well if there were dozens or hundreds of people using his software.

The current numbers far surpassed his expectations.

When he opened his e-wallet, he saw his balance having reached 16.78 million RMB. So excited upon seeing that number, Chu Tian couldn’t help but rub his eyes.

[1. Roughly 2.41million USD]

He never imagined for a program that charges 50RMB per inquiry to bring him 16.78million RMB in less than 24 hours.

This was truly the embodiment of strength in numbers!

Of course, the main reason still lied in the fact that there’s a market for his program.

Normally, only the government’s law enforcement agencies had the authority to make inquiries to one’s hotel registry. For ordinary citizens, they would not be able to make hotel registry inquiries, even if it was their own.

Yet now, the opportunity presented itself to them. Furthermore, the price was not high either. As such, it was inevitable for a lot of people to become interested in it.

That said, Chu Tian must also thank those middle-men who decided to use his program to make money for themselves.

Without even having to check the numbers, Chu Tian knew that the overwhelming majority of those 330 plus thousands of searches were produced by those middle-men.

This could be considered to be a win-win situation!

While he enjoyed the meat, they were able to drink some soup too.

“Mn? Fuck, this Wang Xiaofeng is still tracking me?”

Chu Tian suddenly noticed the Hacker’s Forum’s administrator Wang Xiaofeng was still tracking him. A frown appeared on his face.

To be this clingy, was he trying to die?

From last night till now, that Wang Xiaofeng has been up the entire time. Was he trying to die before his computer?

Chu Tian began to type on his keyboard. A black dialog box appeared. Then, he sent out a message.

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “Bro, are you trying to die? Look at the time. Go and take a rest. Careful now, you might die before your computer.”

At the same time!

Inside the computer room. Wang Xiaofeng was staring at the three computers before him with bloodshot eyes as he violently scratched his shaggy hair.

“Damn it! How exactly was this fucking program written?! Fuck! Why are all the addresses it leads me to fake?! What the fuck is this defense?! Why are there no loopholes at all?!”

Having made no progress after tracking Chu Tian for an entire night and day, Wang Xiaofeng felt like collapsing in despair. But, at that time, a black dialog box popped up on his computer screen.

Seeing the message sent over by Chu Tian, Wang Xiaofeng grew silent for a moment before helplessly returning a message.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Amazing. I admit defeat. Too ruthless. I’ve spent an entire fucking night and day and had went around the entire globe. From North America to South Africa, I’ve been to every place on earth. Yet, all those ips are fake. Brother, exactly how did you manage to accomplish that?”

A Handsome Guy Who’s Unwilling To Reveal His Identity: “That’s simple. Using the principle of QR code, I’ve randomly generated ip addresses. I’ve already told you that you wouldn’t be able to track me. Between you and I, there’s a small gap in skills.”

Principle of QR code?

A small gap in skills?

Seeing the message sent over by Chu Tian, Wang Xiaofeng laughed wryly.

This is a small gap in skills?

This is a fucking huge gap in skills!

Moreover, he also understood the principle of how QR codes are randomly generated. But, to be able to apply that to randomly generate ip addresses was simply something he had never heard of before.

This difference in skill was akin to that of an elephant and an ant. They’re not even beings of the same species. How exactly was an ant supposed to take on an elephant?

It would appear that this fellow’s understanding of computer science completely crushes his own. It had reached a completely different realm.

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