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I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 4: Business Opportunities Everywhere free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 4: Business Opportunities Everywhere

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Chapter 4: Business Opportunities Everywhere

Inside the rental apartment. After finishing the dialogue with Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian closed the Hacker’s Forum webpage. He began to ponder.

There was simply no need for him to be on guard!

Chu Tian admits that Wang Xiaofeng was a pro hacker. His ability could be seen from his homemade firewall. But, even though that might be the case, the difference in their skills was not small in the slightest.

In fact, Chu Tian was so confident that he believed that all the pro hackers of the Hacker’s Forum would not be able to track him even if they were to all work together.

Compared to Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian was more concerned about how he suddenly obtained such exceptional computer skills.

After deeply pondering for some time, Chu Tian’s thoughts couldn’t help but land on a single person.

His deskmate, Yang Rong!

Chu Tian carefully recalled everything that happened to him in the evening. He didn’t encounter anything special. The only thing he did was helping Yang Rong eliminate a computer virus.

Furthermore, Chu Tian remembered very well that his computer abilities only came to him after Yang Rong praised him to be an expert hacker.

Could the cause of this be Yang Rong?

When his thoughts reached this point, Chu Tian felt a burst of cold air behind his back. He couldn’t help but recall the ReadNovelFulls he wrote as a ghostwriter.

Could it be that Yang Rong was someone like a main character in the ReadNovelFulls he ghost-wrote for others?

And, her main character’s extraordinary ability was… word-realization?

That is to say, whatever she said would come true?

But, that shouldn’t be the case!

Since the beginning of the semester, Chu Tian had been deskmates with Yang Rong for half a month now. As such, he knew Yang Rong comparatively well. While her appearance and figure could only be said to be so-so, she possessed a very good temperament and a simple nature.

Moreover, Chu Tian had asked her about it on the spot. According to her reaction at the time, Chu Tian was certain that she had no idea of the change that occurred to him.

Could it be… Yang Rong doesn’t know she possessed the extraordinary ability of word-realization?

Or could it be that her simple nature was merely a pretense and she was actually very shrewd?

But, that shouldn’t be the case either!

If that was the case, why would she help him of all people?

While the two of them were deskmates, there shouldn’t be a reason for her to gift him such a great ability regardless of how good their relationship might be.

It would not be an exaggeration at all to say that this hacking ability Chu Tian received would be enough to provide him with all the basic necessities for the rest of his life.

As such, it was more than just a gift. It was something that changed his destiny.

But, was there really a need for her to help him like so when they’re only deskmates for half a month?

Could it be that she fell for him?

No, that wouldn’t make sense!

Yang Rong was someone with a boyfriend!

While the Nursing Department was overwhelmingly female, Yang Rong already had a boyfriend from highschool.

While the two of them were not studying in the same university, their relationship remained very close. They would always send voice messages and call one another daily. That was something Chu Tian witnessed.

Could it be that Yang Rong saw how difficult his livelihood was and decided to purely help him out?

A series of questions appeared in Chu Tian’s head. Every one of them concerned Yang Rong.

He had thought about calling Yang Rong to ask her about it. But, upon seeing that it was already past midnight, Chu Tian gave up on that thought.

Yang Rong must be asleep by now.

Forget about it!

Deal with this tomorrow. Chu Tian decided to find an opportunity to indirectly ask Yang Rong about what happened tomorrow in school.

If she really possessed a word-realization extraordinary ability, it would be truly terrifying.

After thinking of this, Chu Tian turned off his computer, got into his bed and went to sleep.


Early next morning. Six-thirty.

After Chu Tian got up from bed and did his morning routine, he sat down before his computer and turned it on.


It has been used 82,118 times already?

Seeing his hotel registry checking software having been used 82,118 times, Chu Tian was immediately stunned.

This increase was simply too fast!

While the Hacker’s Forum possessed fifty thousand daily active users, it has only been less than eight hours since the program was uploaded there. In such a short period of time, it has been used eighty-two thousand plus times already.

This number was clearly abnormal. The daily users on the Hacker’s Forum was only fifty-thousand. How could the usage frequency surpass the daily active users?

This shouldn’t be the case!

With his thoughts reaching this point, Chu Tian creased his brows. Then, he started to hurriedly type on his keyboard.

Ten minutes later.

Chu Tian looked at the computer screen speechlessly. He was at a loss for words.

Earlier, Chu Tian thought his program had been breached by Wang Xiaofeng. He thought that it was Wang Xiaofeng who tampered with the numbers.

But, he discovered that Wang Xiaofeng was still tracking him. Furthermore, he did not stop tracking him the entire night. But, Wang Xiaofeng never managed to breach into his hotel registry program.

Turned out, the main reason for the numbers was people using his program to make a profit for themselves.

Through his earlier inspection, Chu Tian discovered that there were multiple identical ips that had used the program on more than one occasion. The ip that used the program the most had used it 170 times.

Chu Tian tracked that ip and discovered the fellow who used his program 170 times was a highschooler called Li Xuan. The reason for his numerous usage was because he was using the program to check hotel registry records for other people.

Like a dealer, Li Xuan was in a lot of different groups. He would charge his buddies in those groups 80RMB per search. Of those 80RMB, 50RMB would be paid to Chu Tian and he himself would keep 30RMB.

Li Xuan was not the only person doing this. There were many other people that used Chu Tian’s programs in the dozens and even over a hundred times.


After staring at his screen speechlessly for a while, Chu Tian couldn’t help but rub his chin, “Never would I imagine for the forum to be a place with this many talented individuals in hiding. There’s actually such a way to make money. This truly broadened my horizons.”

While the program was written by Chu Tian, he never imagined for people to utilize his program to make money by acting as go-between.

It was no wonder his program has been used over eighty-two thousand times in a short eight hour period.

It would appear that business opportunities were truly everywhere.

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