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Prince, Let's Just Walk On the Villain Path Prince, Let{#39}s Just Walk On the Villain Path - Chapter 1 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Prince, Let's Just Walk On the Villain Path

Prince, Let's Just Walk On the Villain Path - Chapter 1

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Volume 1 : Regression and False Prophecy
As Elphi grew up, she came to realize that she had been reincarnated. The world around her was from the novel  which she had read in her previous life.
The novel fell into the genre of romance fantasy that depicted how the duke’s daughter, the heroine, established a new country with the male protagonist who had the power of foresight, as her primary advisor.
At first, it was hard to  believe that she was reincarnated into the world of the novel, but Elphi gradually accepted and adapted to her new reality.
On the other hand, the main characters in this novel were only from the aristocratic class such as royalty and dukes. The story had no correlation with her life, as she was born in the countryside, far away from the politics that riddled the capital.
‘The main characters will follow the dramatic plot and act as they did in the novel. All I have to do is avoid any incidents described in the novel and lived peacefully’
At least, that’s what she thought.
Just like that, she peacefully passed her days until in the summer, at the age of 15, a messenger from the royal family came.
“Elphi, the truth is, I used to be a nanny for the third prince, Tron, for a while. With that, it is said that you, my daughter, were chosen as the maid for the Highness Tron. Let’s pack up quickly.”
As soon as she heard her mother’s words, her body trembled in horror, and a chill ran down to her spine.
The third prince, Tron Threadenium.
She quivered in fear because later, as the novel progressed, he reigned as the villain in .
She quickly set about packing away her meagre belongings, she secretly searched for her notebook, in which she had written the incidents that occurred throughout the novel as best as she remembered.
She used the notebook to write things down, in order to prevent herself from forgetting. She began to journal the plot of the novel once she realized she had travelled into this fictional world. After checking the contents, Elphie was in even greater shock.
In the novel, the nanny’s daughter excitedly goes to the royal palace where the third prince resided. But all of it was a conspiracy, a plot schemed up by the royal named Herald Threadenium, who had a grudge against him.
Herald wanted the throne for himself and to take down his brother, the King. In order to do that, first. he had to deal with his nephew, who posed as a thorn in his path.
Herald sent a messenger to deliver the poison to the nanny’s daughter and threatened to kill her entire family if she did not kill the third prince, Tron.
‘And the nanny’s daughter means me…’
She was dumbfounded.
Even though she knew this was the world of the novel, she didn’t think the character would be herself
Wasn’t  that obvious? It was impossible to remember all the names of the countless extras that appeared for a brief moment.
She resented the reality in her heart, but she was helpless. Even though she already knew how the future would unfold, there was nothing she could do.
As she received a “sudden but honorable” job, she was taken to the royal palace by the messenger.
“Alright, World’s gloomiest girl, let’s get a couple of things straight. Take this in your hands. Unlike the rest of the princes, Prince Tron’s palace will not be thoroughly searched.”
TThe messenger who had treated Elphi gently, with kindness when they had first departed suddenly flipped, changing his attitude and revealing his true colors as he spat the threat out coldly.
“Put it in the prince’s food. If he’s still alive by tomorrow, it’ll be the end for you and your family.”
She wanted to spit on him in disdain, even if only in her mind, as she already knew the truth, having read it from the novel. As soon as she had left for the palace, her whole family had been slaughtered by an unknown group.
Of course, it was clear that it was Herald’s work, trying to get rid of any loose ends that might cause trouble later.
The unfortunate nanny’s daughter in the novel, unaware of the fact, weighed her life between her already dead family and Tron. In the end, she could not overcome her remorse and committed suicide by swallowing the poison.
She couldn’t even cry because it felt so surreal.
Elphi helplessly took the bottle of poison and put it in her arms, thinking about her family, who would have died without knowing anything.
The excitement of her visit to the capital drifted away, leaving her with only grief.
She closed her eyes and the pitch black view behind her eyelids seemed to symbolize her misfortune.
Just as the messenger said, the body-search before entering the residence of the third prince, was merely a formality.
After giving only a few precautions, the unfriendly chief maid ordered the other maid to take Elphi to Prince Tron’s residence, an expression of annoyance etched on her face.
‘Can I do this?’
She began to wonder, confused, as she followed the maid’s steps. It wasn’t the place where the maids usually resided; it was, in fact, the rooms where the prince lived. But never in her imagination would expect the selection and the placement of maids working here would be this lax.
However, as soon as she entered Tron ‘s residence in the far west, Elphi realized the reason for the apathy for security.
The first location she had encountered when she had initially entered the palace was a place characterized by unique splendor and grandeur, the epitome of royalty. It was undoubtedly, the best living quarters in the entire nation.
But as soon as she entered the third prince’s palace in the west, it felt like a whole different world.
It seemed more appropriate to call this place a prison because of the dark, cold, and lack of light in this environment.
As she dutifully passed through the old corridors behind the servant guiding her, she finally arrived at the door where an old servant waited.
“Your Highness Tron, the maid that I told you about has arrived.”
The servant announced that Elphi had arrived in a weak but polite manner.
“Bring her in.”
The young boy’s clear voice rendered her speechless.
It was a face-to-face encounter with the person who would become the most brutal tyrant in the future.
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