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Novel Name : Feng Mang

special 2

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Special Chapter Xīa Yu Article

After Xia Yang Zhuo went abroad, Yu Ming took over part of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s work and became part time Han Dong&#apos;s broker . He accompanied him while he was running around and took care of the company&#apos;s daily management. Yu Ming didn&#apos;t have a free day to night.

This made Xia Hong Wēi very dissatisfied.

In the past, the two had not lived together, and occasionally they spent a night at the hotel. Now that two people are living together, Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s eyes don&#apos;t leave Yu Ming for twenty-four hours. The problems that he has not been encountered before have now come out in full swing.

The most prominent contradiction lies in the way of life.

Xia Hong Wēi was born into a noble family. Although family members are mixed up in daily activities, life is still very particular. There are many daily work, rest, entertainment and fitness. Yu Ming life is not, his lifestyle is extremely chaotic, eating is not kept on schedule, sleep is not punctual, and no matter how busy it is, he insist on practicing dancing. Now he is back home like a pile of mud.

When Xia Hong Wēi saw Yu Ming in his dance he was hooked, now that Yu Ming is so "degenerate" in it.... how can Xia Hong Wēi not worry?

Therefore, in order to mobilize Yu Ming&#apos;s enthusiasm, Xia Hong Wēi will pull him up with him everywhere every day.

At the beginning, it was still in the fitness room. Later, the gym was too far away and they changed to the bedroom. Later, it became Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s fitness show, and Yu Ming lazily looked at him in bed.

"Get up, do push-ups with me." Xia Hong Wēi ordered Yu Ming.

Yu Ming said with a blank expression: "It is time to sleep."

"It&#apos;s eight o&#apos;clock, what do you sleep early for?" Xia Hong Wēi screamed.

Yu Ming has no response.

Xia Hong Wēi said: "If you are like this again, this bed will be replaced."

Hearing this, Yu Ming&#apos;s eyes changed a little. He walked to Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s side and watched him for a while, then slowly...he got to on top of him.

When Xia Hong Wēi felt his back was heavy, and he almost turned up and jumped up, and Yu Ming pressed his body the ground unshaken

"I want you to do push-ups with me!"

"Is this here not with you?"

"What is the difference between you and your bed? Isn&#apos;t it still a move?"

Yeah, isn&#apos;t it just a move? But Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s two sentences are not spoken When Yu Ming continues to do it, he is responsible for training.

In the end, Xia Hong Wēi felt that he could not support the weight on his back quickly he said to Yu Ming: "Get down now."

There was no movement on his back.

Xia Hong Wēi turned his head and the eyes behind him were closed.

"Fuck me .....am I the one who served you."

Xia Hong Wēi first slowly laid to the ground, then hugged Yu Ming&#apos;s waist with his arms and slowly turned over. Seeing that he didn&#apos;t wake him up, he knelt and lifted him up and walked toward the bathroom.

As a result, Xia Hong Wēi just filled the water in the bath tub and planned to comfortably soak for a while, then he was pressed down the neck and drank a few mouthfuls of water.

There was a rare laughter his ear.

This is not the first time that Yu Ming has broken down and faked his sleepness. Xia Hong Wēi found that Yu Ming once that he is getting along with him for a long time. The more he finds all kinds of little strange and naught trickster behavior.

Therefore, Xia Hong Wēi did not move under the water, and remained still for a long time.

Yu Ming&#apos;s face changed and looked at Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s situation. As a result, Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s handsome face suddenly jumped out of the water, scared Yu Ming back and then pushed him into the water.

Just when Yu Ming was undecided, Xia Hong Wēi quickly counterattacked, pressing Yu Ming under his body, while smacking his ass and reprimanding: " Little boy, you dare to attack your husband? This is reversed for you!"

Yu Ming struggled for a long time.

Xia Hong Wēi finally stopped, and the action of the beating was changed to massaging, and the sharp eyes were also warm.

"I like you to be close to me for long time."

Although Yu Ming&#apos;s expression has returned to its inherent indifferent, it can be seen from the light in his eyes that he enjoys the process.

"Is there such a thing as you finding with someone else?" Xia Hong Wēi bite Yu Ming&#apos;s ear and ask.

Yu Ming faintly said: "No."

Xia Hong Wēi was quite satisfied with Yu Ming&#apos;s answer, but still asked badly: "Aren&#apos;t you thinking about letting others do you?"

Yu Ming didn&#apos;t want to answer this question, but Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s fingers on his hips were always pinching inward, forcing Yu Ming to hold Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s wrist and returning unsteadily: "I haven&#apos;t think about it."

"Don&#apos;t you still think about Han Dong?" Xia Hong Wēi fingers chased after him.

Yu Ming was all embarrassed. It is true that he likes Han Dong, but if you ask him to fantasize about the physical relationship with Han Dong. He still accepts incompetence and thinks no.

"No." It is affirmative answer.

Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s blood gradually warmed up. He hugged Yu Ming&#apos;s whole person into his arms, and his legs were divided into two sides of his body. The stiff penis squeezed into the asshole and punctured inside.

"You will only let me fuck you....me alone?" Yu Ming doesn&#apos;t know if he should answer it or was it a rhetorical question.

Xia Hong Wēi was unyielding: "Speak it out."

"What is there to say?" Yu Ming deliberately stupid.

"Say you are and will only let me fuck you....me alone."

Yu Ming turned his eyes and replied faintly: "Is it meaningful to say that?"

Xia Hong Wēi poked Yu Ming&#apos;s sensitive G spot with a soft penetrating head. Yu Ming itched hard to resist mewling but Xia Hong Wēi grabbed his hands and continued to do him slowly.

"Don&#apos;t you want to say? You can&#apos;t say?"

Yu Ming finally surrendered with whimper: "Only let you ..... You alone."

Xia Hong Wēi instantly smashed his lips into Yu Ming&#apos;s face like a chicken blood: "Husband will do this... This will fuck you..."

Please try to imagine Yu Ming&#apos;s little cute face.


After a period of "clouds and rains", Yu Ming&#apos;s eyes have been stained with a layer of fatigue.

Xia Hong Wēi said while smoking a cigarette: "I want Wang to give you a few days off, let&#apos;s go home."

"Go back home?"

"Go back to your home, in Shanghai." Xia Hong Wēi said.

Yu Ming was silent, and there was a clear concern in his eyes.

"If you can&#apos;t go home, we can get your parents to come to Beijing." Xia Hong Wēi said.

"No." Yu Ming directly refused. "My parents are not used to life here, and I don&#apos;t want them to see my life environment."

"Then you still don&#apos;t come back to Shanghai with me?"

Yu Ming was still hesitant: "Are you sure you can say that if you are Wang? Now that Han Dong&#apos;s career is in full swing, there can be no one around to supervise him."

"Why cant he do it himself? Besides, why do you think he wants you to accompany Han Dong all day?"

Ok... Yu Ming was silent for a moment, still asked: "Then... you are really going back with me?"

"Otherwise? What do you think I am doing this for you?"

Yu Ming did not speak.

Xia Hong Wēi saw that Yu Ming&#apos;s face was sorrowful and deliberately shouted: "Why? Now I know that Auntie is awkward? I thought that when my mother was in the hospital, wouldn&#apos;t you have to be hard ?"

"Not..." Yu Ming said for a long time, "I am afraid that they will give you a shamed face."

Yu Ming, who is hated by his parents, is still deeply impressed by his trauma. He does not want Xia Hong Wēi to try being shamed again. Moreover, he did not want to see Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s arrogant manner being lowered in order to please his parents

Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s big hand clearly changed and hugged Yu Ming back to his chest, and his voice was softer.

"Do you think your parents are stupid, and the words have been passed on for so many years, are they not aware of this thing at all?"

Yu Ming sighed: "You don&#apos;t know my parents. Even if I am clear with them, they won&#apos;t listen to me any more, but they will create a particularly depressing family atmosphere. The opposite of doing things this way is the hardest way to settle. ."

"I am not leveling you up yet?" Xia Hong Wēi laughed.

Yu Ming silently cursed two sentences, but in the end it was not the persistence of Xia Hong Wēi, nodded and promised.

Three days later, the two men embarked on the road of "going back to their home."

It was Yu Ming&#apos;s friends who came to pick him up from the plane.

These friends seem to be Yu Ming&#apos;s colleagues. There are men and women. Although they all have a good relationship with Yu Ming, they rarely inquire about Yu Ming&#apos;s work in the entertainment circle, so they know nothing about Xia Hong Wēi. This time they heard that Yu Ming wants to bring "that person". These friends are also unable to withstand the excitement and privately gossip.

"The big gold master finally has to show up. We haven&#apos;t asked how easy it has been for him hide him for so many years?"

"What do you think that person looks like?"

"What can a big gold master look like? Don&#apos;t you all look like one?"

"Yes, if he looks particularly ugly, you can&#apos;t show that in front of Yu Ming."


Chatting, suddenly a familiar sound and shadow flashed into the sight of several people.

"Oh... don&#apos;t say it, come here."

Yu Ming also saw these few friends, while walking and greeting, Xia Hong Wēi followed him.

"By gods... who is this handsome guy?"

"Is it his new artist?"

"No? What if he is fired?"

"How can Yu Ming find such a living Baobei?"


Yu Ming was already adapted to Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s eye-catching attention, and he is not surprised by the eyes of his friends gathering a sneaky looks in the back. Xia Hong Wēi is more accustomed to it, standing alone not far away, no expression on his face.

"Oh, you are fat." Yu Ming said to a girl.

The girl was angry at Yu Ming and went to Yu&#apos;s chest and slammed his fist: "I hate you... you ... hate..."

When she was just finished, she felt that she had two unfriendly eyes on the side.

The girl&#apos;s hair was numb, and she finally asked after a long time: "Who is that?"

Yu Ming said for a long time: "That is... the person I mentioned to you."

A few friends were all petrified for a moment, and their eyes were rigidly anchored on Xia Hong Wēi for a long time before they moved slowly to Yu Ming&#apos;s face.

"Is...he your one?"

Although he has accepted this relationship, Yu Ming admits that he is still not comfortable with it out in.

But these few of his friends don&#apos;t think so, what is the fucking uncomfortable coming from? If we had such an object, it is good to show him around regardless if he is a man or a woman.

"By the way, have you eaten yet?" A friend broke the embarrassment.

Yu Ming nodded and asked Xia Hong Wēi: "Are you hungry?"

"I am fine." Xia Hong Wēi said.

A few friends listened and whispered.

"The sound and his face are actually so good."

"Yeah, he looks very cold, and Yu Ming talks very warmly."

"Fuck me...... I have all the goose bumps coming up."


Later, a group of people gathered around a table and had very little exchanges, but no one felt that times have been hard. Because everyone is stealing a sneak looks at Xia Hong Wēi, while still busy watching the interaction between Xia Hong Wēi and Yu Ming.

Xia Hong Wēi also rarely talks, and does not ask or talk. And when others talk, he rarely participates in interaction. Only when the topic involves Yu Ming, his gaze will focus on that person&#apos;s face. Over time, everyone has touched on Xia Hong Wēi temper , and the chat content was all about Yu Ming.

"Yu Ming always secretly sleeps in class, and our classmates call him he doesn&#apos;t wake up."

"It&#apos;s more natural for him than listening to music. Yu Ming can&#apos;t sit still while listening to music, so every time we want to finish him... I will play music while he is sleeping."

"Yu Ming did not mention the friends he has in Beijing with us, but only mentioned you. Say that your craftsmanship is terrible, and you also handed him a piece of wood to send him."


Xia Hong Wēi was a little bit of a fire and alittle bit anger, and it was extinguished by the last sentence.

The air quickly freezes into ice.

The person who is flattering seems to realize that he has not observed the right place to speak about that, he hurriedly shut his mouth and swung his head.

Xia Hong Wēi got up: "You eat first, I have to go to smoke." Then he turned and went into the bathroom.

After a while, Yu Ming also followed.

"The food is not appetizing?"

Xia Hong Wēi smoked while looking against Yu Ming. When he heard this, he immediately wiped out the cigarette butt and turned and pushed Yu Ming to the corner. His eyebrows were fierce.

"You didn&#apos;t mention him(Han Dong)? Well?"

Yu Ming faintly replied: "Do you want to eat this little vinegar?"

When Xia Hong Wēi heard this he became more mad, and straightened his hand into Yu Ming&#apos;s trousers, pinching a piece of meat on his softest buttocks.

"If you remember him later, I will chew you."

Yu Ming suffered from pain and angrily hit a punch on Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s stomach.

Xia Hong Wēi grabbed the hand he wanted to evacuate and joked: "The little fist of yours is quite hard."

"Loosen you hand" Yu Ming said.

Xia Hong Wēi was biased.

"I have to go back to dinner."

"I also will go back to dinner, isn&#apos;t it just right to take you there?"

Yu Mingyi accepted the expression of incompetence: "with so many people ?"

"What happened after watching? Didn&#apos;t you pick it up?"


Xia Hong Wēi waited for Yu Ming to finish, and directly forced him to go out.

There was a sigh of silence in the box, and then a buzzing sound was heard.

Xia Hong Wēi finally showed his first smile in public.

However, the situation after returning home is not so optimistic.

Yu Ming has not yet introduced to his parents, and the face of his old man is dignified. The result is as Xia Hong Wēi said, in fact, the two old hearts knew everything, just kept quiet.

All afternoon, Yu Ming&#apos;s father kept himself in the room, as if he had not seen the joy of seeing his son. Yu Ming&#apos;s mother has been sighing and the atmosphere in the whole family is frustrating.

In the evening, Yu Ming went to his Yu father&#apos;s door.

"Dad, it&#apos;s time to eat."

Yu&#apos;s father low voice came from inside: "You eat, I am not hungry."

Yu Ming did not force him.

Yu mother just took a meal and sighed, and went to the living room with her chopsticks.

Yu Ming and Xia Hong Wēi are left in the entire table, and there is a full table of unmoved dishes. These are all made by Yu mother. Even if the son brought a fatal blow to her, she did not forget to cook some of his favorite dishes.

Yu Ming&#apos;s heart couldn&#apos;t tell the taste. He would rather have his parents beat him and swear at him, and he wouldn&#apos;t want to look at the old people silent silence.

At this moment, he finally knows what Xia Hong Wēi was all about when he show a cold violent face.

Before going to sleep, Yu Mother spoke to Xia Hong Wēi and said the first sentence.

"Your room, I have already booked it for you."

Yu Ming tried to explore the place with Yu mother: "Mom, if you have so many rooms at home, do you still want to let him live in the hotel?"

Yu Mother did not say anything.

Half an hour later, Yu Ming saw her mother dressed neatly out of the bedroom, like a stance to go out.

"Mom, where are you going so late?"

Yu mother did not speak.

Yu Ming seems to have pre-feeled, looking at Yu mother with an incredible expression.

"Mom, are you going out this late?"

Although the mother did not answer, the expression on her face clearly stated the default.

Yu Ming&#apos;s heart was like a knife.

"Mom, can you not tolerate him at all?"

Yu Mother has not yet opened, and Yu&#apos;s father pushed the door out of the room and returned this sentence for her.

"It&#apos;s not just tolerated, it&#apos;s impossible to even look at him or you."

Yu Ming was stabbed in the heart right there and couldn&#apos;t say a word.

Xia Hong Wēi lived in the favor and pursuit of others. He was so humiliated and immediately lifted his legs to leave.

"You can&#apos;t go!" Yu Ming suddenly stopped him.

Yu Ming&#apos;s parents never thought that their son would do this. What they thought was the worst result is that Yu Ming and Xia Hong Wēi will go out to stay together. They didn&#apos;t expect Yu Ming to disobey this.

"You must stay here tonight, this here is your home. I am your man, you must stay here!" Yu Ming yelled in tears.

Don&#apos;t say Yu Ming&#apos;s parents, even Xia Hong Wēi did not expect Yu Ming to say such words.

Yu Father did not say a word more, just looked at Yu Ming. However, the lethality of this eye was enough to make Yu Ming cherish his heart for a lifetime.

Knowing that Yu father and Yu mother walked out of the house side by side, Yu Ming&#apos;s feet did not move.

But the home without sighs still has a sad taste everywhere.

Yu Ming was lying on the bed, eyes staring straight at the ceiling, muttering to himself: "My parents won&#apos;t have a good night outside its windy..."

Xia Hong Wēi felt a big fire: "The attitude was so hard now. Now you said this kind of thing, was it deliberately let me listen to it and feel this? Is it strange that I made their son life difficultand disobedient? Or did you have to go home to see your parents&#apos; faces? If you didn&#apos;t want to, don&#apos;t do it, no one will force you, I don&#apos;t need you to prove anything..."

Xia Hong Wēi was shocked for a long time, Yu Ming did not respond, and then turned his head one by one, and instantly stagnated in place.

Yu Ming&#apos;s face was full of tears.

This is his first time Yu Ming was crying in the face of Xia Hong Wēi.

Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s heart was torn apart, and Yu Ming was pulled into his arms.

"Ming Er, don&#apos;t cry, I was talking about everything, I just feel bad for you, I am afraid that you are feeling uncomfortable... Don&#apos;t cry, hear mw? I will go to your parents tomorrow, no matter what method, we must take them back here..."

Gradually, Yu Ming stopped crying.

Xia Hong Wēi saw that his mood was a little better, and he began to tease him: "You usually have to yell and you want to cry to me today?"

Yu Ming ignored his face.

Xia Hong Wēi was dumbfounded, and the soothing faction Yu Ming&#apos;s back he said, "Look at me."

No one knows if the rhythm of Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s tapping just coincided with Yu Ming&#apos;s intention, or he was too tired along the way, Yu Ming did fall asleep quickly.

Xia Hong Wēi got out of bed after Yu Ming fell asleep and quietly left the room.

Unsurprisingly, Yu Ming&#apos;s parents did not go out very far but sat on the bench downstairs and drank the night wind.

Sure enough, what kinds of mothers have raised their sons, this kind of enthusiasm is really thanks to the old man.

Xia Hong Wēi walked over to them and stood still.

The Old man did not look at him.

Xia Hong Wēi did not talk he knew that it would be useless to deal with such people. So bowed straight down took the mother on his back and walked.

"Hey? What are you doing?"

Xia Hong Wēi did not say anything he directly brought Yu mother back, and then went downstairs, and used the same hegemony method to "carry" Yu&#apos;s father back home.

Then, what Yu mother couldn&#apos;t think of was that Xia Hong Wēi had a hot pot of water ready and she couldn&#apos;t help but take off the socks and press her foot into it.

Although the way is rough and abrupt, it is very comfortable for the old cold leg that was blown by the cold wind.

Xia Hong Wēi also picked her leg up himself.

Yu mother rushed to stop: "I will do it by myself."

However, Xia Hong Wēi smacked her hand back and helped her to get up.

Yu mother legs were not red-hot, and even her face was red. Although she is an elder, but also different from men and women, and she is still a person who does not know Xiao Hong Wēi.... So her awakwardness at this person is still growing... so handsome, can he be comfortable doing this?

In fact, for many years, Yu Mother has known about Xia Hong Wēi. She knew that he was born in a famous family, his family was rich, but she did not expect that Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s external conditions were so outstanding.

Before seeing him, Yu Mother&#apos;s definition of this relationship was that it was a power transaction. He felt that Xia Hong Wēi was nothing more than a fancy of his son&#apos;s face for a short time..

However, after seeing him, this idea was completely subverted.

Before she couldn&#apos;t figure out why her son would succumb to power and money and choose this person ? What she does not understand now is why Xia Hong Wēi still choose his son?

However, Xia Hong Wēi did not give Yu mother the opportunity to ask, and then turned away from their room.

The next day, Yu Ming woke up to see the two old people in the living room, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

"How come my parents are back?"

Xia Hong Wēi just sat up from the bed, and the clothes were lazy and ruffled and he said: "Who knows? It is estimated that they have figured out that they can&#apos;t let an outsider occupy the house."

Although Xia Hong Wēi explained this, Yu Ming saw that it was still difficult to hide the touch of color. He feel that his parents were somehow moved by him, and he have made a tough apology for the last night.

There was a feeling of calmness in one night, coupled with the care of Xia Hong Wēi and the apology of his son, the emotional determination of the old man indifference was stronger than the previous day.

In the following days, Xia Hong Wēi has been using this way to kidnap Yu Ming&#apos;s parents and let the two old people forced to enjoy the warm foot bath at the end of windy days.

Xia Hong Wei father and his mother did not enjoy these treatments. And Yu Ming parents are all carried out in the back, never let Yu Ming know. Yu Ming always thought that the gradual change of his parents&#apos; attitude was to understand his son&#apos;s performance and his filial piety towards his parents. Yu Ming&#apos;s parents were so anxious that they couldn&#apos;t help but end Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s showdown.

"Since my son entered the circle, we have not asked him to follow a path of discipline. But he must have at least a smooth relationship and a comforting life. In the future, when we are old, we can be practical about it."

Xia Hong Wēi said: "He can only be with me, and only with me can he have a stable life."

"How can you guarantee this?" Yu&#apos;s father voice is not at all welcoming.

Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s tone is even worse: "Because if he is with any other person, he can&#apos;t be comforted."

Yu father was too angry to say a word.

Yu Mother is still calm, and said to Xia Hong Wēi: "You dare to say this because you are young, you have impulsive capital. After the relationship is weak and longer, you have no guarantee, you have to bear each other kind of pressure, can you still promise to stick with him like this time?"

Xia Hong Wēi said: "On that day, it will be your son who leave me first, instead me leaving him first."

"Why this litt~……"

Xia Hong Wēi said bluntly: "Your son will choose me if he opens a little, but if he still have a little retreat, I will still choose him."

Although this statement is arrogant, it makes Yu Ming&#apos;s parents have no rebuttal power. Indeed, with the conditions of Xia Hong Wēi, the woman who has reached the height of the official has no choice but to be unhappy. The difficulty is that he chose Yu Ming in any event....that was much more difficult than Yu Ming choosing him.

If this is not true love, he will not condescend to be so arrogant about them being together for many years.

"So, if you let him go, there is still a chance to leave him, it is impossible to predict the future."

"It&#apos;s impossible for me to leave him."

When Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s words were just halfway, Yu Ming came in and said next sentence.

Yu&#apos;s father almost vomited blood: "I see that you are here to save our old couple&#apos;s like life."

Yu Ming said with a sly voice: "Dad, you know me the most, you know that I am the kind of person who will take the hard road and die with my choice. My struggles and hesitation, from the moment I choose him it was and still over."

Yu father wants to say something and did not say it.

"Then your parents? Have you ever thought about your parents?" Yu Mother asked Xia Hong Wēi. "Even if we take nothing, how can your parents compromise on this?"

"They have compromised." Xia Hong Wēi said.

Yu Mother and Yu Father looked at each other with an unbelievable expression. Because in their eyes, the Xia family is the famous noble family this should be more unacceptable to them.

"So, I even put them all together, and it&#apos;s natural for you to settle down. Its compromise that will come sooner or later, why not accept it now?" Xia Hong Wēi said.

"Why you litt~……"

Yu Ming said: "Dad, Mom, I know what you are worried about. I have been in this circle for so many years, I have long been ignorant of what dignity is. When I follow the rules, there is no rumor? I have a score. When have they ever bot look at me with strange eyes? Why should I live for others and not for myself?"

Yu Father Yu Mother were all silent.

How many grievances the son has suffered in the circle for so many years, and how many grievances they have suffered, this is no longer clear.

I don&#apos;t know how long it took, Xia Hong Wēi suddenly spoke.

"I can accompany him to live with you here."

When this statement comes out, don&#apos;t say Yu Ming&#apos;s parents, even Yu Ming himself was stunned.

Come live in Shanghai? Is this a marriage proposal or a marriage ceremony?

No matter what, children are often accompanied by their side is a great temptation for the elderly, especially for Yu parents, a mother who has seen her son a few times since he entered the circle.

"Hey, what do you mean I have to leave the company? What should I do if I come here?" Yu Ming whispered to Xia Hong Wēi.

Xia Hong Wēi didn&#apos;t want to go back and said: "Resigned."

"Resigned? It&#apos;s easy for you to say, my current career is just flourishing now."

"How can I not know if you are flourishing?"

Yu Ming said: "I have been..."

"You are reluctant to leave Han Dong?" Xia Hong Wēi interrupted him.

Yu Ming&#apos;s face was black: "When are you all the time, are you still talking about this thing?"


"Okay." Yu Mother also interrupted them. "We haven&#apos;t agreed yet."

Despite this, they can see that Yu&#apos;s mother face has been shaken a bit. After all, the days when her son went home were the most satisfying days for Yu&#apos;s mother Yu. Moreover, when there are more sons around, they will have fewer concerns about this relationship, and they will be feeling settled about their son life than all kinds of suspicions and fears that comes every day.

To put it bluntly, Yu father did not agree with it several times and forced them to breaking up.... Going back to Beijing in the future and hooking up together is also something that can&#apos;t be done.

He is always honest, and Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s sincerity to Yu Ming is what the old man is watching out for.

Before going to bed at night, Yu Ming asked Xia Hong Wēi: "Do you say that my parents will agree?"

"Surely they will agree."


Xia Hong Wēi screwed on Yu Ming&#apos;s cheek: "With this big baby around, who is not happy to agree?"

Yu Ming was cold-eyed and said, "I don&#apos;t know what this person meant when he said that it is much harder to leaveme than I to leave him. What do you mean? Are you looking down on me?"

Xia Hong Wēi laughed and laughed, and put the small noodle into his arms: "Is it too good to see you like this?"

Yu Ming snorted, although his face was not satisfied, but his heart was still very satisfied. In particular, Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s sentence that he is willing to come to Shanghai for Yu Ming, so that made Yu Ming very touched.

"Hey, we have slept together(sex) for a few days right?" Yu Ming asked.

Xia Hong Wēi deliberately pretended to be stupid: "Isn&#apos;t this sleeping together every day?"

Soon, Yu Ming&#apos;s tongue slid to the depths of X zone, approaching the forbidden land.

This event Yu Ming has done countless times for Xia Hong Wēi, but it is the first time with his own initiative and willingness.

Yu Ming picked up the cock and glanced at Xia Hong Wēi before kissing it, confirming that his eye mask was still there, and then he put out his tongue with confidence and straightened licked the cock from the roots.

Xia Hong Wēi instantly made out an unbearable breath.

Yu Ming seems to be encouraged, his tongue stays at the top of the red cock, sweeping a circle in the central flushed cock, so that Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s words came out inflated.

"Baobei, swallow more." Xia Hong Wēi said.

Yu Ming swallowed the huge hard object many times and used to think that this process did not have any enjoyment. But now he was feeling that it kept slowly expanding and becoming stiff in his mouth, and when he imagine that he had a feeling of blood and arrogance overwhelming.

At this time, Xia Hong Wēi has opened his eye mask and indulged in Yu Ming&#apos;s willingness to please himself.

Yu Ming did not notice how much the expression on his own face was so special to Xiao Hong Wēi. When he realized it, it was already included in the mobile phone gallery by Xia Hong Wēi.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Yu Ming rushed to grab the phone.

Xia Hong Wēi grabbed Yu Ming from the phone "How can I not treasure this moment so commemoratively?"

"You deleted it for me." Yu Ming said in a hurry.

Xia Hong Wēi turned over and pressed Yu Ming under his body. He lifted his two legs and pressed Yu Ming ass toward his chest. The average person when pressed down on chest and it was almost the same as loosing his breath, but with Yu Ming&#apos;s flexibility, the knees were pressed to the sheets and the buttocks pressed on Xia Hong Wēi face .....without any effort at all.

Therefore, it is really under the eyes of Yu Ming, Xia Hong Wēi sticks out his tongue in the center of the buttcrack


The powerful visual stimuli and the ultimate physical pleasure forced Yu Ming to violently scream enticing Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s hair and struggling for mercy.

"Can&#apos;t stand it?" asked Xia Hong Wēi.

Yu Ming nodded.

Xia Hong Wēi just wanted to spread Yu Ming, Yu Ming pushed him away: "Do not bother you, I will do it by myself."

"Hey, why are you so big hearted today?"

"Fuck off!"

Although Yu Ming&#apos;s words were hard, he still put Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s eye mask on it. Millions of people couldn&#apos;t peek, and as a result, the hand just reached the back, Xia Hong Wēi pulled the blindfold down.

"You put it on me!" Yu Ming rushed to cover Xia Hong Wēi again.

The result was just about to start, Xia Hong Wēi pulled it down again.

Yu Ming did not expand and sat down directly. Although Xia Hong Wēi was more anxious than him, he still stopped.

"Don&#apos;t talk, it hurts."

Finally, Xia Hong Wēi made an automatic hand.

"I remember that you used to do this without stretching your asshole." Yu Ming suddenly mentioned.

Xia Hong Wēi trembled in his heart, but still said hard: " You still want to have it?"

"Mmh······" Yu Ming did not look over his face.

Xia Hong Wēi turned his face and kissed him. He used to shoot the gun before worrying about Yu Ming, and now he is still feeling tenderly: "Do you want me fucking you or you doing yourself?"

Yu Ming said: "I will do it myself."

Xia Hong Wēi lay down and enjoyed the treatment that he could not expect to touch for hundreds of years.

Yu Ming slowly sat up, although after full expansion, it took a lot of effort to fully incorporate this behemoth.


After his asshole swallowed the cock entirely, Yu Ming began to shake his waist.

At the beginning, it was only pain, Yu Ming can barely stabilize his mood. Later on....the itchiness horny pleasure gradually came, and Yu Ming couldn&#apos;t hold it anymore. Finally, he once again rubbed the cock in him into G spot and couldn&#apos;t help but scream.

"What wrong?" asked Xia Hong Wēi.

Since he heard Yu Ming saying "I have never been happy doing it with him" on the phone, Xia Hong Wēi has to ask every time Yu Ming does this.

"So good ······" Yu Ming said.

"If its good, move faster." Xia Hong Wēi said.

.....Yu Ming has been dancing for so many years. Although he is thin, his waist is very strong, and his dance moves are particularly sensational. Especially when theyre face to face, it was revealing the slutty expression that is quite different from the usual day, there is a kind of contrasting cuteness.

"You say... if I exposed your current appearance to the Internet, would anyone ever question your acting skills?" Xia Hong Wēi really played with the mobile phone.

"Don&#apos;t take a picture.·····" Yu Ming pleaded.

Xia Hong Wēi does not listen.

Yu Ming turned to the back and turned his back to Xia Hong Wēi.

As a result, Xia Hong Wēi hooked his neck, pulled him down in his arms, and put Yu Ming back on his chest while his cock was still inside him

.... Two hands divided Yu Ming&#apos;s legs on both sides and smacked into a word. The big bird buried deep in Yu Ming began to riot, and smashed up against the G area.

"Ah, ah..."

After all, Yu Ming&#apos;s self-sufficiency is not as good as that of Xia Hong Wēi. The pleasure is like being swallowed by a chain of guns, which are generally flowing in his body. It&#apos;s so good that he can&#apos;t help but cry out loudly, and he&#apos;s straight and was filmed in the peep of the phone&#apos;s lens.

"Look ... look...." Xia Hong Wēi naturally has to share with Yu Ming.

Yu Ming pushed the phone: "Fuck off."

Xia Hong Wēi pushed deeper at his fragile point: "Are you angry at me?"

Yu Ming snorted and bit his teeth.

"You still can&#apos;t help it? Well? I still can&#apos;t help you..." Xia Hong Wēi asked and his cock made a violently rhythm.

"No.......No....ah .. ah...... Don&#apos;t.....yeah just like....big....

"Why don&#apos;t you let it go? Are you that sensitive? Is it that you&#apos;re most afraid of it?" The more Xia Hong Wēi asked, the more he hit the G point.

Yu Ming&#apos;s will was instantly captured, and while the violent dancing, the small electric buttock smashing mode was opened to cater to Xia Hong Wēi cock. Xia Hong Wēi can&#apos;t stand Yu Ming&#apos;s, erotic waist move and he was like a beast at a moment, and Yu Ming&#apos;s waist was madly penetrated.


The two embracing bodies trembled together, and the sultry and sultry overlapping sexy cum bursted with sweet notes...

Xia Hong Wei did not know how many times they did it this night, and two of them were still invigorated by Yu Ming cries. His body was sensitive to Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s fucking. He was used to sleep like a pig before, and he couldn&#apos;t wake up. Now even when Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s hand is stretched over him, and soon his cock will respond shooting up.

The last time the two finally separated, the sky was bright. After the last cum release, Xia Hong Wēi laid on Yu Ming&#apos;s body, and he still said those rude words and sweet bedside talk

"[Hiss]······" Yu Ming was a face alert. "My parents are already up, I heard footsteps."

As he said that, the footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the final knock on the door actually came.

"Get up for breakfast." Yu&#apos;s father voice came.

This is after Xia Hong Wēi came here, the second time the old man knocked on the door to face their existence.

Yu Ming looked at Xia Hong Wēi with amazement. Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s eyebrows were smiling. Yu Ming looked at him and smiled. He caught Xia Hong Wēi&#apos;s face and pulled him back into the bed.

"You go check I want to take a nap for a while."

Xia Hong Wēi felt that the spring of his life was coming again within this small family.



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