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Novel Name : Feng Mang

special 3

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Special Chapter His Sexual Fantasy Article

Since Han Dong acted in "Feng Mang" and caught the stardom fire, Wang Zhong Ding has been cautious about his outing activities, basically he was following him inseparablely. But there will be special circumstances, such as today&#apos;s mother-in-law sudden illness, Wang Zhong Ding rushed to the hospital urgently, and can only refer to the care of Han Dong before leaving.

"Be sure to add a few powerful bodyguards to his side. I am afraid that someone will take the opportunity to make a fuss."

Yu Ming said: "The problem is that they can&#apos;t be found so readily. The temporary hires are all of parallel imports. The support scene is okay. This can&#apos;t be dealt with in an emergency."

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s eyebrows were wrinkled.

"Would you do it like this? I will talk with Xia Hong Wēi, tell him to find Xia Yao and the one who came with him even if there are no bodyguards. He alone is enough."

Wang Zhong Ding remembered the "worship" of Han Dong to Big Great Brother Yuan Zong , and suddenly said out the blunt words - no need.

Yu Ming does not give up his heartfelt advice: "Wang, you have to think about Han Dong&#apos;s safety! Besides, he should have someone who still retain their heads and face when they meet him and not turn into mumbling fans. If you want to ask, please don&#apos;t ask for it......"

Wang Zhong Ding thought about it again, letting Han Dong move his eyes, it is better than letting him fall into Cai Peng, or the hands of Yuan Ze&#apos;s , so he slammed his head.

The head of the first bodyguard in Beijing was really not covered. Yuan Zong went to stand ned Han Dong&#apos;s side, and no one dared to be close within five meters.

In order to break the atmosphere of this chill, Han Dong decided to take the initiative to talk with Yuan Zong. As a result, his mind was pumping, and the opening was: "Police Officer Xia is really white all over".

The next second he was raised by Yuan Zong, and the tiger eyes radiated a blazing light: "What did you say?"

Han Dong suddenly remembered that he went to the ward to visit Xia Yao and Xia Yao was naked. He hurriedly shouted for mercy: "Don&#apos;t ....stop, you misunderstood, I mean he is white, didn&#apos;t say anything else..."

Yuan Zong just put him down.

Han Dong was calm for a while, and screamed and screamed: "You said Xia police officer, looking like a decent person, what did you think of naked chat?······"

He was raised by Yuan Zong.

Han Dong once again pleaded for mercy: "It&#apos;s just a joke, just a joke. Besides, I am asking you to be a bodyguard. Are you still trying to pull me?"

Yuan Zong took Han Dong to his original place and said: "I will finish my hand and save others to remember."

Han Dong laughed: "Are you not very humorous?"

Yuan Zong did not say anything.

Han Dong could not help but sigh: "You can really protect your rival and you can&#apos;t even say a word. If you change someone else to squeeze yourself in front of Wang Zhong Ding for me, he won&#apos;t talk about it. It&#apos;s not good to swear with others. "

Yuan Zong straightforward said: "That is his sincerity."

Han Dong&#apos;s instant black face: "Fuck, what do you mean?"

Yuan Zong took him up again.

"I asked you, you mentioned me?" Han Dong.

Yuan Zong underestimated the two words: "I mentioned."

Han Dong gritted his teeth, Mom, mentioning me like a bird, such a strong military value, Xia police officer&#apos;s bed must be much more energetic?

Too damn invigorating! Just thinking about it, he was suddenly sweeping and eye from top to bottom ..... and into the snacks from Yuan&#apos;s pockets, the dog&#apos;s paws slammed into it and threw it out with lightning speed, and accompanied him with a big laugh.

"Ha ha ha ha... just hungry, what is this?"

Yuan Long said: "The bull whip snack."

Han Dong suddenly showed an evil smile: " It seems you don&#apos;t want to be a good man, you don&#apos;t forget the aphrodisiac snack when you go out, but..." He sneaked a sneak peek at Yuan Zong, "Is it like you to take this.... you shouldn&#apos;t need it right?"

Shen Hua saw Xiao Liang secretly taking a small book to write something, he could not help but ask: "What are you doing?"

"Wang explained it to me in advance, whenever Han Dong takes a look at Yuan Zong pants. I have to record it once. It includes the squint angle and the length of looking."

Shen Hua: "..."

Han Dongput the cow&#apos;s whip in his mouth, and it was just like a poisonous face suddenly changing, holding Yuan Zong&#apos;s collar roaring and roaring: "This is..... is fucking delicious, where did you buy it? Where can I buy it?"

Yuan faintly replied: "Made it myself."

After Han Dong finished eating, he was still intoxicated and unable to extricate himself. The tone of talking was like a evolutionary change.

"Yuan Ge, don&#apos;t you mind if you call you that? To be honest, I heard that you have been troubled and because of me you have no toes, but I don&#apos;t know how to compensate you. Money? You don&#apos;t need it, Do you want to confess your sins? You are not rare. Only one of them you have to let me know, and you don&#apos;t want me. It really makes me..."

"Who said that I don&#apos;t want you?" Yuan Zong was deliberately interrupted.

Han Dong smiled slyly: "Just kidding right?"

"Who is joking with you? With your current style and worth, anyone should want you?"

Han Dong was pretending to be sorrowful and sorrowful: "I can&#apos;t do this kind of thing, so it&#apos;s too unfair to the police officer Xia, he will be sad..."

"It doesn&#apos;t matter, it&#apos;s not good to change it." Yuan Zong said.

Han Dong screamed: "Change?"

"You tell me, will you let the Yao Er do it with your man?"

Han Dong was arrogant and was eaten by the dog. He decided that Yuan Zong would not want him, but he could not tell whether Wang Zhong Ding would want Xia Yao...

"What? ... You are too unfair to the police officer Xia. If Wang Zhong Ding refuses to let me go? In case Wang Zhong Ding also dislikes him, in case..."

Before the Han Dong dialect was finished, Yuan Zong took the phone up.

"What are you doing?" Han Dong rushed to stop.

Yuan Long said: "How would you know if you don&#apos;t ask him?"

"Don&#apos;t--" Han Dong quickly grabbed the phone and saw Yuan Zong&#apos;s gaze looking at him. He hurriedly asked himself to find a step. "This is the case, I suddenly remembered that police officer Xia also had a favor for me to do. I can&#apos;t be envious of the enemy!"

Yuan Zong laughed.

Han Dong breathed a sigh of relief and said: "When you just said something, you can&#apos;t do anything with your body. You can only use your true feelings to return it. I decided to visit the police officer in the future and go to visit his parents. To repent up for the rumors I created. So, I will visit them as soon as the auction ends."

In the evening, when Xia Yao came home, he heard a knock on the door and opened the door to see Han Dong. His face suddenly changed.

"How did you manage to bring him back?"

Yuan Zong did not explain, Xia mother rushed out of the room, excitedly pulled Han Dong&#apos;s hand and said: "You&#apos;re finally here, I thought Yuan Zong was cheating on me... I like your movie too much. ."

It turned out to be for his mother..... Xia Yao nearly cussed the amount: "My mom is really more and more saved! Hey? What strategy did you use to bring him? You know that it is not an easy task to ask him to come here."

Yuan Zong snorted: "I still need to use a trick? At first glance, you can see it is the food."

Wang Zhong Ding came out of the hospital and hurried to the studio. As a result, he saw that the bodyguards were there, but the cool stuff of his heart was gone.

"Where is he?" asked Xiao Liang.

Xiao Liang said: "Went home with his benefactor."

"Went home?" Wang Zhong Ding suddenly changed his face.

Xiao Liang nodded: "Went to repent."

Wang Zhong Ding was feeling very different, even if it is repaying, is it so urgent? He didn&#apos;t even call me saying he was going to go. So I learned about the situation with Xiao Liang, and also checked his record, his face became darker and darker.

"Right, he also ate bull whip snack from Yuan Zhong pocket." Xiao Liang suddenly remembered.

Wang Zhong Ding frowned: "You mean Buffalo whip?"

"Yes. Yuan has a snack of Bull whip in his pocket, and when he picked up Han Dong, he accidentally let Han Dong see it, then..."

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face was iron and blue, and the five big three thick tough guys pack snacks will be counted. Actually, Han Dong is also raised. Isn&#apos;t this a blind person?

"Then why you let him go?" Wang Zhong Ding angered.

Xiao Liang said weakly: "But when he asked us, he shed tears and said that the other party had lost his toes. This time he went to give confession to the other person family. I was afraid that you will feel bad, afraid that you can&#apos;t bear to see him crying. He said we should not tell you..."

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face changed and he did not say anything. He drove to Xia Yao&#apos;s house.

When she heard the doorbell, Xia mother got up: "I am going to open the door."

As soon as Wang Zhong Ding entered the door, he heard the sound of Han Dong&#apos;s bright voice.

"Sweet, too fragrant, it&#apos;s absolutely impossible, can&#apos;t stand it, you are my god... You... Hey, Wang why are you here?" Han Dong was throwing the chopsticks in horror.

Wang Zhong Ding first smiled at the other people, then smirked....then pulled Han Dong from the seat and dragged it toward the door.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"What are you doing, are you not hungry? We are going back and I will feed you."



The End......

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