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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 307

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Chapter 307 Finishing Chapter

After 30th in the New Year&#apos;s Eve, along with the snow flying in the sky, many fans queued up at the entrance to the cinema. The two-year masterpiece "Feng Mang" was finally released worldwide today.

Although he had watched narcissistically for more than a dozen times, Hàn Dōng took Wang Zhong Ding and Xixi to the cinema and joined the crowds in the IMAX hall to relive the visual feast.

When the lights were off, Hàn Dōng put on 3D glasses, and the shocking effects came out.

"Is it suitable for him?" Hàn Dōng asked for Xixi.

Xixi did not say anything, he sat straight and provoked the people watching the video and smiled.

The child is too serious!

The truth is that Hàn Dōng took off his glasses and found that his small eyes had already been closed.

"Really you littl~.... but you are welcome!" Hàn Dōng wanted to yell at him.

He was reminded by someone next to them...

"Don&#apos;t talk, the movie begins. "

Hàn Dōng turned his eyes to the big screen.

At the beginning of the film, it was a fierce shooting game. The bullets flying to the front of the room resounded from the explosives in their ears and crashed into the trucks on the seats. They made the unprepared audience scream and burst into doubt. The climax of the film came early.

"It&#apos;s a special effect team in Hollywood. The level is absolutely extraordinary." The audience sighed from the heart.

This is a battle between a special police officer and a drug dealer. It is also a one-sided battle.

Intensified by bullets and constant explosions, the police officer was forced to retreat behind a huge rock. A sharp bald-head drug dealer shot Zheng Jun (Xià Yang Zhuo) with his hand. He was the only heavy firepower in the police force. His injury meant the failure of the entire arrest operation.

This time, four dead and 11 injured.

And the other side who often complains about evil is the local high-handed man with big hair do.

Gao Jiang, a frustrating underground big name, has produced and sold dozens of tons of drugs over the years, setting a world record. He was extremely intelligent and well-armed. He was extremely good at counter-intelligence and had dealt with the police for a decade.

However, the appearance of this character did not give the audience a strong visual stimuli, and even made people feel he was misnamed.

He does not have a gloomy appearance, no chilly, sly eyes. On the contrary, he was standing tall, with his four limbs folded, standing upright and forthright. Even the hobbies are very elegant. Involving, hunting, golfing, fencing, fishing, reading, and all of them are normal hobbies.

To deal with such a perfect person, the police developed an undercover plan.

A long and gorgeous social dance, beautiful clouds. Especially under Cain&#apos;s lens, in the IMAX special effects, that gorgeous dress and exquisite makeup rushed forward, and people seemed to smell the scent of brilliance.

However, Gao Jiang is always tense with nerves, does not have any subjective feelings about anything, he is as prey alertness, like a hunter, ready isolate any woman&#apos;s provocation and approach.

Until the emergence of HànDamei.

This shot can be called the greatest artistic achievement of Cain&#apos;s lifetime.

Originally the lively hall became explosive because of her arrival it became dead silence.

Exquisitely highlighted silhouette, fiber and degree of posture, frosty temperament, fascinating penetrating eyes, pinnacle of the ultimate sexy ... As a stunning aesthetic weapons, sweeping towards the high river over a trick.

Gao Jiang felt lively.

The audience also felt a "wow" cracker.

And no one laughs after the "wow", because this kind of exclaimation is not uncontrollable by a few people, but it is a large-scale space-time. Even women are irritated by "Han Damei" beauty, especially in the shocking 3D effects, the long legs across the screen are within easy reach!

Wild, fragrant, mellow, temptation...

Parallel legs, alternating legs posing gestures, one hand and one foot, like a water stir in the spring pool...... so that the hearts of men who are strong will swing from layer to layer.

"Dare I ask the miss name?"

"Han Yi."

If a woman is noble and beautiful, skillful and smart, what do you do best?

A: I have to have her.

Gao Jiang and the audience in the film are in the same state of mind.

However, Hàn Damei is a man. He could not have let Gao Jiang discover his male body. He then staged a half-way promotion, refusing to greet him, building his ecstasy, and performed a wonderful tug of war...

The audience did not know that Hàn Damei&#apos;s gender was a male. In their opinion, this was an erotic drama aimed at seduce people. If Hàn Damei&#apos;s appearance is only a visual stimulus, then her "seduction" of this Gao Jiang, it is really called a heart, itching, difficult and resistant.

Even Wang Zhong Ding could not help but ask: "Why didn&#apos;t you do that to me when we met for the first time?"

"Do what?" Hàn Dōng asked him.

Wang Zhong Ding raised his chin and motioned him to look at the screen.

Hàn Dōng said: "You don&#apos;t start about this one again."

Wang Zhong Ding secretly grind the molar after grinding, then I like what you set? Don&#apos;t you just have to make the second set?

The plot was pushed forward and various clues were laid. Every action of Gao Jiang and every reconnaissance of Hàn Yi performed a bloody romance in the sword fight.

Gao Jiang did not blink, but he treats Hàn Yi with courtesy and never offended her.

Gao Jiang&#apos;s female deputy tried to test Hàn Yi&#apos;s skill and released Tibetan mastiffs to attack her. In order to protect Hàn Yi, Gao Jiang fought alone with Tibetan mastiffs and was wounded more than 20 places.


However, this emotional drama has finally stopped due to the exposure of Hàn Yi&#apos;s identity.

When Hàn Yi took off the "equipment" and revealed his true content, all the Chinese and even the world&#apos;s movie cinema halls were boiling.

Fuck this movie, how is this possible?

The screams of the audience awakened Xixi, and the small head slammed into Hàn Dōng&#apos;s arms, appeasing him for a while before falling asleep again.

After Hàn Dōng appeared in his own right, the charm didn&#apos;t fall back.

He not only has super-class reflexes and body functions, but also often uses physics and chemistry and even common sense to find ways to escape from the siege of drug dealers.

During the real shooting of real guns and immersive adventures, the climax of action scenes made people feel bloody hearts.

Especially the scene when Hàn Dōng jumped from the waterfall scene.

There was no gorgeous blasting, no bullets flying, no electro-optic flint, but the huge splash of water, more than 200 meters of the gap became the climax of the film.

Hàn Dōng fell down, the beautiful body parabola, the high-detailed picture is amazing.

When Wang Zhong Ding sees this scene, it shook his heart.

In the end, Gao Jiang was successfully caught.

The overwhelming police car yelled behind and the Gao Jiang&#apos;s footsteps remained undisciplined. His face was placid and his eyes were not squinting, not even looking back. He was far from death...

Hàn Dōng quietly left the crowd and walked in the dark with a big walk.

Someone said that his shoulder are shaking.

Finally, Hàn Dōng&#apos;s salute to the flag caused many viewers to tears.


The ending song sounds and the big screen starts playing the tidbits.

Many people think that this film is a tidbit for the film and found that it is not.

Hàn Dōng also looked at the moment.

What played on the big screen was a fragments of his days as an Extra Actor. There was no single line or even a shot. The footage flashed off but made him proud.

Five years of sadness and persistence.

In the filming of "Theft of Shadows," when they shot the "Seven Days," they shot the "The Red Devil," and during the " Seven Days", the hot summer day while he was struggling with a piece of cotton-padded jacket. When they shot "Feng Mang", when he fell into a fragment of cold water. ...

The persistence and efforts of the scene finally turned into shock and affection today.

At the end of the ending, a big character appears on the screen.

"Happy birthday, cool-east-east, I-will-love-you-forever-Mr-King."


1].....That was the video Wang stole from Han Dōng computer in those early days

The End

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