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Feng Mu is still guilty of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s loss">

Feng Mu is still guilty of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s loss">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 303

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Chapter 303 Spin a Cacoon Around Oneself.

"Xià Yang Zhuo retired, and Hàn Dōng&#apos;s signboard has been paralyzed. Zhong Ding Group is in a really a bad time." Feng Mu&#apos;s secretary gloated.

Feng Mu is still guilty of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s loss of Li Shang&#apos;s four words. "Can you please? I can see if you still need it?"

"It is estimated that Wang is too regretful his intestines have turned green now." The secretary grinned.

Feng Mu stood up: "Well, please don&#apos;t overdo it. Let see what Cai thinks it looks like? Go and follow me to the studio to see Li Shang."

Speaking of Li Shang, the secretary said with pride: "He is now getting more and more like a superstar. If Hàn Dōng had a scandal in the past, he wouldn&#apos;t be thrilled. Now it&#apos;s time to make a movie. He&#apos;s like nothing."

Feng Mu smiled. "If you don&#apos;t even have the power to do it now, you&#apos;ll have to work hard for me."

When the two women said they were walking, no one noticed the sharp sight not far away.

Cai Peng entered the office of Feng Mu quietly and opened the computer to check her recent work. Suddenly, he discovered a secret email containing the planning of the "Hàn Dōng incident", including how to formulate the question, how to write it, and how to publicize it... written in great detail.

Cai Peng&#apos;s eyeball was stained with red blood for a moment.

1].... If you want Cai Peng anger on you mess with Han Dōng


A few days later, the storm of "illegitimate child" gradually subsided, and Hàn Dōng could hardly suppress the thought of seeing Xixi. He secretly drove a car and went to the school gate to see him.

Originally thinking that he would just go and left after a glance, but when he got there there an incident.

Xixi just walked out from the front of the school and he didn&#apos;t know where a group of reporters went around him perstering him insanely.

Security guards at the entrance of the school rushed to pick up Xixi, and the bodyguards at home also rushed to protect Xixi.

But this group of reporters were too crazy. The microphone reached directly to Xixi&#apos;s mouth and asked questions that some children could not afford to answer.

Hàn Dōng looked at Xixi&#apos;s small fist and he didn&#apos;t express a word of forgiveness. At that time, his eyes became red.

But he can&#apos;t go there.

He knows clearly that this is a trap. He knows that this group of journalists got in contact with the nany and knows that he will be finished if he goes out..

He can only watch as Xixi is pushed around.

Under the encirclement of reporters, the road from the school gate to the parking lot has become so crowded.

Xixi began to hold his small mouth tightly. Later Hàn Dōng did not know what little Xixi heard. Suddenly his emotions got out of control.

Hàn Dōng saw Xixi crying for the first time.

And it was the public crying.

There wasn&#apos;t a loved one around him, but the driver was only the one who went to protect him.

What happened is that Hàn Dōng&#apos;s heart collapsed.

He pushed the door open with one hand, rushed forward with great strides, and punched the reporter who put the camera on the face of Xixi.

The whole site was fried.

Those reporters felt like they hit a lottery. They shot Hàn Dōng pictures in a crazy way.

Miscellaneous problems were bombarded by Hàn Dōng.

"Are you coming to meet Xixi?"

"Is it true that Xixi is your illegitimate child?"

"You had spoken publicly that Xixi was your relative, but as far as we know, you don&#apos;t have any relatives in Beijing."

"Why hasn&#apos;t it been stated?"


Hàn Dōng suddenly stood still, watching the group of reporters glamorous and tough.

The reporters slammed at one time.

Later, Hàn Dōng said something nobody had thought of.

"This is my own son."


"You fucker are crazy to dare to report that he is not biologically mine ... I was playing with you!"


After finishing, Hàn Dōng took a big step.

Zhao Zhen Bei stood not far away and witnessed the entire process.

"Xixi is too pitiful." the devilish brat then burst into tears.

Zhao Zhen Bei&#apos;s eyes were set in these reporters for a while before pulling his son away.

Feng Mu received the news one evening before. Sh thought that the next morning she would see reports of Hàn Dōng hitting a reporter and acknowledging the facts of illegitimate children. The results are she not only failed to see, but also found news that "a number of media units have their licenses revoked, a group of false reporters were investigated" news on the headlines.

what happened?

Feng Mu did not respond and the phone rang.

"Feng sister, it&#apos;s not good. The group that surrounded the school gate yesterday were all arrested."

Feng Mu&#apos;s heart creaked: "How could this be?"

"I have heard that the leaders of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have personally checked this down."

Feng Mu&#apos;s face suddenly changed: "How could it be spotted by the leaders of radio and television?"

"I don&#apos;t know, Feng sister I&#apos;m afraid now, so I&#apos;m afraid we&#apos;re..."

"What are you scared about?" Feng Mu insisted, "We haven&#apos;t done anything yet."

What the secretary also wanted to say, Feng Mu directly hanged up the phone.

Then she fell to the sofa.

She was terribly upset.

Impossible, it is impossible for them to find my head. All the negotiations were made by a representative. All the information was found on behalf of the people, and they turned several times. There was no evidence to prove that I was involved...

However, the doorbell rang at this time.

Feng Mu was shocked.

She dragged her two stiff legs to the door and saw a few cold faces through the video intercom screen. Her heart was instantly cold.

"Are you Feng Mu?"

"I am."

"Can we trouble you come with us."

Feng Mu&#apos;s efforts to maintain calm, asked: "Why?"

"You are suspected of colluding with the media and fabricating false news."

"Impossible." Feng Mu immediately denied, "Do you have evidence?"

"There must be evidence that you will be shown if you follow us."

After the confession, Feng Mu was escorted to the detention center. During this period, she always believed that her arrest was only used by some people to use their privilege against her. She was still actively involved with the lawyer and hoped to "rehabilitate" herself until Cai Peng&#apos;s visit.

"I blame you. I blame you. If I weren&#apos;t you, I wouldn&#apos;t lose my mind and risk it all. If I weren&#apos;t you, I wouldn&#apos;t come to this at all." Feng Mu&#apos;s face resented him.

Cai Peng smiled and admitted: "Yes, if not for me, you could have gone out."

Feng Mu has a lingering look.

Cai Peng still smiled, but that smile could not cover the hidden haze.

What Feng Mu understood in an instant, ran out to the wall with emotions ranging uncontrollably. "I did so much for you. Why would you dare to do this to me?"

Cai Peng replied coldly: "Because you have no value."

Feng Mu&#apos;s hand froze: "no value?"

"Otherwise? If not for the use of the resources in your hand and the artists in your hands, how can I be interested in a semi-premier wasted broker?

Feng Mu was furious: "Do you think I&#apos;ve been mixed for so many years? You think those people are going to be yours? Do you think that with a few meals, a few words, they will come sign to you?"

"What did you say to me" Cai Peng asked.

Feng Mu could not speak words thoroughly.

Cai Peng laughed and said: "In the place where you live, I&#apos;m also able to fuck a world."

Feng Mu dazedly fell back to her chair.

Cai Peng also said: "I would have liked to stay with you for a while. After all, my foundation is still unstable. But no way, you touched my bottom line"

Feng Mu contemptuously despised Cai Peng: "The bottom line? What is your bottom line? Hàn Dōng?"

Although Cai Peng did not answer, but the expression is very clear.

Feng Mu&#apos;s suddenly laughed, laughing very bleak. Until now, everything is so unbelievable. She has been teaching people for so many years. In the end, she actually made a mistake that only an idiot woman would commit...

Before leaving, Cai Peng also "humored" a handful of words.

"If you want to blame someone, let&#apos;s blame Li Shang. I reminded you that he is a broomstick star. Whoever get stained with him will be unlucky."

Feng Mu&#apos;s stare didn&#apos;t seem to hear it.

"That&#apos;s right, he has also made a contributing evidence to extending your sentence - organizing artist to commit prostitution."

After Cai Peng left, nobody knows how long it has passed. The meeting room suddenly burst into a frantic cry.


The "Illegal Son" controversy finally came to an end.

However, the sequelae of the incident still existed. Every time Hàn Dōng made a public appearance, he would attract criticism from some people.

But fortunately, Xixi has come out of the trauma, which is enough for Hàn Dōng.

After dinner in the evening, Hàn Dōng sat on the sofa and gave Xixi toys. The doorbell suddenly rang.

He just got up and Wang Zhong Ding opened the door.

"Director Zhao, please come forward."

Hàn Dōng saw Zhao Zhen&#apos;s face and his legs went soft, motherfucker, ah, this is not the Director of the SARFT ...but where have I seen him before?

Wang Zhong Ding quickly introduced: "Dong Zi, this is Director Zhao. He did not help you any less in that news."

Hàn Dōng was shocked and this man actually helped. This will not be a disservice?

"Why, don&#apos;t you know to speak this soon?" Zhao Zhen Bei quipped.

"No, no, Director Zhao I hope you&#apos;re good" Hàn Dōng smiled.

Wang Zhong Ding was surprised: "You have met before."

"At the parent-child games," Zhao Zhen Bei explained.

Wang Zhong Ding immediately thought: "You sit first, I go up and get something, Hàn Dōng, help entertain the guest."

Hàn Dōng mind was fried at the dare to "entertain"?

The standing is not good also, sitting is not good, Hàn Dōng does not know what to say, finally go to that all sorts of embarrassment.

"How can you not say anything? Weren&#apos;t you very aggressive on that day?" Zhao Zhen Bei ridicule him.

Hàn Dōng waved his hand: "No, that day was a joke, a joke..."

Zhao Zhen Bei smiled and said nothing.

Hàn Dōng stared at him for a moment and finally he spoke up courageously: "Director Zhao... Why did you want to help me?"

"It&#apos;s not for you. It&#apos;s for internal affairs. Now the media environment really needs to be rectified."

"Right, right..." Hàn Dōng hurriedly agreed. "Some reporters are too deficient, and don&#apos;t have a lesson or know how to limit themselves."

Zhao Zhen Bei hummed.

After a while, Hàn Dōng spoke again: "That, Director Zhao, you have no birthmark on your legs?"

"No, why should you ask this?" Zhao Zhen Bei looked baffled.

Hàn Dōng was relieved: "Nothing, no birthmarks, no birthmarks look pleasing to the eye, hee hee..."

Zhao Zhen Bei: "... what is your logic?"

Hàn Dōng darkly wiped his sweat: I say there is no problem with the logic, I was only forced out of the after effects.


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