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During this period, many people waited to see the jokes of Hengyu Media and thought that since they had lost">

During this period, many people waited to see the jokes of Hengyu Media and thought that since they had lost">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 The Ultimate BOSS

The end of great broker Feng Mu&#apos;s downfall, was considered by the industry as the "great reshuffle."

During this period, many people waited to see the jokes of Hengyu Media and thought that since they had lost Feng Mu&#apos;s "Taiwan Pillar". The glory of Hengyu Media would be like a flash in the pan, and it would soon be abandoned by the Zhong Ding Group.

But the opposite is true.

The Hengyu media not only failed to break down, but also broke through, reformed and reorganized, and supported various newcomers in the position. It broke the unbalanced development of Feng Mu and formed a flourishing situation.

Especially in terms of female artists, Hengyu Media is a capital. They got a version of hot news, a variety of high-end show frequency appeared, the Chinese Ding Group female artist development has formed a strong impact.

Of course, male artists are not far behind.

Li Shang once again took the ride of reforms and took for granted the top spot of the Mainland actor.

It&#apos;s not too much to say that the top spot is right for him, because Xià Yang Zhuo has been busy with going abroad in recent days. Hàn Dōng&#apos;s "illegitimate child" scandal has not dispersed, and the entire entertainment scene in the Mainland has almost become the scene of Li Shang&#apos;s background.

No one can think of Li Shang, who was still a bit rustic two years ago. Now he is able to win the top spot of "Asian Top Ten" by virtue of his face value.

Of course, this is a benefit from Feng Mu&#apos;s inspiration.

The plan that she had originally given to Li Shang was for three years. Through a fine-tuning step by step, he completed the face transformation silently.

However, various variables in recent times have made Li Shang feel everything was unpredictable in the entertainment industry. The next second or the next person may become a prisoner on the next second. Fame cannot be determined decisively.

So he asked the plastic surgeon to adjust the plan, three years into one year, and the remaining two years to condensed to fifteen days. He undertook high-intensity surgery with unrelenting perseverance and completed God&#apos;s transformation.

Hàn Dōng was dumbfounded when he saw Li Shang&#apos;s first photo session after his face-lift.

Is this fucking too much is this not a combination of Xià Yang Zhuo and Yuan Ze faces?

Even Yu Ming&#apos;s picky face, can see Li Shang face is aphasia.

"This ... ... this is him? Are you sure he was not assassinated by Cai Peng?" said Yu Ming poked Hàn Dōng.

Hàn Dōng replied: " You still don&#apos;t know if he is in shape?"

The more Yu Ming saw it the more difficult it was to digest. This man has Hàn Dōng&#apos;s body plus Xià Yang Zhuo and Yuan Zong&#apos;s face.

"Fortunately, Xià Yang Zhuo withdrew early, otherwise he will certainly fight with Li Shang......only for him to die." Hàn Dōng said.

Yu Ming nodded: "Feng Mu means to do this. Li Shang has better performances than Xià Yang Zhuo. His emotional intelligence is high. If there is another face like this, surely he will burst Xià Yang Zhuo."

"Yes, especially now that Xià Yang Zhuo retires, Li Shang just fills the void in his fans&#apos; hearts and he conquers two birds with one stone. This man ambition is not small!"

"It is a pity that Feng Mu has not yet tasted the fruit of this victory and she got hung up." Yu Ming sighed.

Hàn Dōng said: "Li Shang is impossible for her to taste. You have to remember about Fang Yi, Liang Jing, Yi Hao, Zhou Li... Feng Mu&#apos;s case has Li Shang&#apos;s hands in it. Li Shang wants to rebirth from her...so he could only kill her image."

Yu Ming smiled and said nothing.


At the end of the year, Lunar New Year&#apos;s videos were released, and the "Feng Mang" which was widely watched also ushered in the countdown to the premiere.

The company&#apos;s capital has publicized its cutting edge promotion film and has full of surprises.

However, Zhong Ding Company sold a lie and did not disclose who the "beauty" agent was in the film, so that fans thought that it was Cain&#apos;s beauty from Hollywood.

However, the limelight did not last for two days. There was another new work by Li Shang. There was a gay-themed movie. The protagonist was he and the rumored boyfriend and he was also seen with in the Lunar New Year.

When the beautiful posters came out, the majority of corrupt female fujoshi also exploded.

The favorable comments, bad reviews, naval forces, and sunspots rushed out all the time. Whether it was righteousness or mischief, in short Li Shang recaptured the spotlight and grabbed the edge of "Feng Mang".

At the same time, Li Shang also became an object that advertisers competed to chase, and various endorsements rushed in, giving him a gold status of nearly 100 million in less than a month.

At the end of the year, nothing was more enjoyable than the sight of Li Shang.

At the same event venue, Li Shang&#apos;s personal fan meeting was on one side, and the publicity of the entire "Feng Mang" crew was on the other. As a result, Li Shang&#apos;s voice actually overshadowed a crew.

Li Shang also learned to play big cards, allowing fans to wait anxiously outside, he alone went through the backcourt, slipped to the "Feng Mang Showing" event venue.

Hàn Dōng chatted with a staff member. When he saw Li Shang, his face changed instantly.

"What are you doing here?"

Li Shang caught Hàn Dōng&#apos;s shoulder and smiled: "Came to support you!"

"You&#apos;re going too far." Hàn Dōng thrown away.

Li Shang has now become a big name in the big name. How many celebrities go hand-to-hand with him. He doesn&#apos;t feel much excited. However, when Hàn Dōng dismissied him this time, he really felt refreshed.

"Say, I remember when I was at the entrance of the North Shadow Factory, you said that you would send me a Bentley when you were a super star ....I was so angry that you wouldn&#apos;t be able to wait. I bought two cars myself and I sent you one by the way."

Hàn Dōng squinted at Li Shang&#apos;s "pseudo-face" and ridiculed: "Ah, but also learned to understand the news"?

Li Shanghe chuckled: "I really realize that I&#apos;ve discovered that I&#apos;m using my body better now. The key is to look at my face. I knew I won&#apos;t use the knife anymore. It seems that Wang&#apos;s ability to foresee is also generally...Well."

Hàn Dōng wants to speak, and Yu Ming calls out: "Hàn Dōng, come here."

Lastly, Li Shang said, "I&#apos;ll park yours outside. The car key I will give to your driver. When do you want to drive it?"

"Get lost!" Hàn Dōng scolded.

Li Shang cheerfully walked back.

Hàn Dōng, the entire publicity and press conference, has always been indifferent. Li Shang&#apos;s Bentley is repeatedly in his mind, not because of an unbalanced mind, but a vague bad premonition.

"What happened to you?" Yu Ming asked next.

Hàn Dōng whispered to him: "I expected Li Shang is going to have an accident."

"That is not exactly righteous?" Yu Ming said lightly.

"No, it&#apos;s going to be a big event. It may be life-threatening."

Yu Ming face is still expressionless: "That&#apos;s what he deserves, so publicity will surely be watched."

Hàn Dōng could not sit still and said, "I&#apos;ll go to the bathroom."

Yu Ming grabbed him and made an extraordinary effort.

"Listen to me, he will not be a problem."

Hàn Dōng lived in: "What do you say?"

"Calm yourself here!" Yu Ming suddenly made trouble.

Hàn Dōng stared at him with wonder, and when he was hesitating, the host&#apos;s microphone was handed over. Hàn Dōng quickly turned his thoughts and did not repeat the matter.


As a result, Li Shang attended the fan meeting and went down the road.

Five cars chased and intercepted in the back, and a battle of life and death was staged on the highway.

Li Shang experienced this kind of thing for the first time. His blood pressure instantly reached more than two hundred, and his heart growled wildly: There must be nothing to do. When I got all this today, I must retain my life to enjoy it...

"Follow them." Li Shang said.

Nobody knows when the driver was forced to a sudden outbreak of super power, or Li Shang&#apos;s determination touched God, in short, the car broke out of the hunting circle, a thrilling escape.

When he got off the car, Li Shang still looked pale and his legs shook


The next morning, the news "When Li Ting Bang was chased" made headlines and instantly sparked heated debates. Some people think that Li Shang is overrated by others, and some people think that Li Shang&#apos;s team has another hype...

However, the subsequent development is beyond everyone&#apos;s expectation.

Less than two days after the "Chase" incident, Li Shang was again exposed by the "body-shaping surgery" scandal and shocked the entire entertainment industry.

Then, Li Shang misappropriated Hàn Dōng&#apos;s runway circle.

Li Shang stole Fang Hao&#apos;s sleeping pill.

Li Shang copied Hàn Dōng&#apos;s script.

Li Shang was in desperate need to save himself.

Li Shang borrowed a prescription from the detox clinic.

With hype, Li Shang and Zhou Li co-operate to explore the privacy of other artists... and so on.

All of the ugly exposures were not fully disclosed. All the evidence was presented and they were all unambiguous.

No one would have thought that some people would use a lot of energy, financial resources, or even abandoned the management of the company, forcing the audience to cynical cult, just to collect these files, killing Li Shang peace in filming industry.

Even Hàn the Great, who is a god-like person, learned the truth afterwards.

"That chase was also your doing?" Hàn Dōng asked.

Yu Ming is not arrogant. "The exposing of his actions requires an introduction, so he only looks for people to show off. As for his life, I am not unfamiliar."

Hàn Dōng looked at Yu Ming&#apos;s eyes and turned from pity to worship.

Yu Ming also said: "I think it was not a day or two, but we only let him climb to the top and so he can fall hard it would feels more &#apos;ecstasy&#apos;."

Hàn Dōng did not speak, then he looked at Yu Ming.

Yu Ming is slightly uncomfortable. "Why are you looking at me?"

"I found that you are the ultimate BOSS!"

Yu Ming is still that faint expression: "I don&#apos;t know what you are talking about."


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