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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 God Turning The Events

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s unyielding stance.... Yuan Ze&#apos;s unexplained disappearance ....all made the Xia&#apos;s parents worry.

Realizing that this would have to happen sooner or later, Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents decided to find relatives and friends to complain, and by the way, asked them for a solution.

As a result, Xià Yao family was found to be home accidentally.

At the time of dinner, Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents had just entered the door and they smelled of a sweet rice flavor.

"Brother, my nephew, how are you ?" Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was overjoyed.

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother smiled. "Nothing, I wanted to find you for a while."

"Come here, come on and sit inside, Xià Yao, and get another pair of table and chopsticks for them."

"No, we will sit and you go on eating." Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother resigned.

Xià Yao mother was not happy . "What is this kindness to you? You are not an outsiders. Come on, the food is good."

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents had to obey and go to the dining room and asked: "Your family has changed cooks? Where did you get this one? We want to change to another one."

Xià Yao&#apos;s mother smiled sheepishly. "This meal was not made by a maid. It was made by a friend of my son."

"A girlfriend?" Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s nerve sensitive mother, immediately asked.

Xià Yao mother said: "Boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother accidentally dropped her chopsticks.

Xià Hòng Wēi Dad immediately took a look at her and the two wondered: Do you think he is like your son?

Xià Yao interrupted the embarrassing atmosphere. "Two young men and two mothers, you sit down."

"This is too full." Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s dad saw the dishes in the table overflowing.

Xià Yao mother&#apos;s tone of pride said: "We are eating so rich every day."

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother sighed and said to her husband next to him: "People don&#apos;t have to worry about this, but of course there is a good taste."

Just finished, Yuan Zong walked out of the kitchen and pulled a stool to sit opposite Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents.

The two oldies faced each other, who is this one? How does he acts like he is at home?

Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was busy explaining to them: "This is my son&#apos;s friend. These dishes are all cooked by him."

The old man&#apos;s face is even more amazed. This body of muscles meat can actually go to the kitchen and cook?

"You taste it." Xià Yao took the initiative to bring food.

After Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother had eaten, she couldn&#apos;t speak a word. Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s dad basically reacted with her.

Since Xià Hòng Wēi came out of the closet , he hasn&#apos;t had a serious meal for a long time. Today, he suddenly has appetite, and his chopsticks never stop.

Waitin until they finished eating, Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother cut into the topic.

"We came here today and we wanted to talk to you about my son. Hey, this time he had broken our hearts. If it wasn&#apos;t for nothing, I really didn&#apos;t want to tell you about such shameful thing"

Xià Yao mother wondered, "What happened to Xià Hong?"

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother said nothing, and Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s dad was even more uncomfortable. At last, she went with her to balcony and spilled the beans..

"What&#apos;s wrong? You say it." Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was anxious.

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother was about to say that she suddenly saw Yuan Zong and Xià Yao entering a room. At that time, Her face changed. She shouted Xià Yao mother&#apos;s hand and said, "I warn you. Don&#apos;t let Xià Yao contact the man. It&#apos;s too dense."

Although Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was uncomfortable, she did not directly replied to her. Instead, she asked, "How can you say this suddenly?"

"Because of my son, he..." Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother hadn&#apos;t finished and tears fell.

Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was not dumb, she would be able to hear it. Not to mention that she is already has those "people."

"You mean that Xià Hong has that aspect for men..." Xià Yao mother asked.

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother was forced to nod and reluctantly, "His dad and I really are broken down, and I didn&#apos;t want to persuade him. Sometimes I wondered if Xià Yao was so good like my son. He was obedient and sensible when he was young. Being grown up is also upright. If he is my son, I can laugh when I dream."

"Not necessarily." Xià Yao mother said.

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother thought that Xià Yao&#apos;s mother was only humble and she continued to cry: "What did you say I should do? How should I persuade my son to let himself be converted to the right path?"

Xià Yao mother in particular, wants to pull Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother&#apos;s hand and says: "We must blame no one for marrying into the wrong person. Our family home is rich in this stuff!"

But she can only sigh, "This kind of thing is nothing."

Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother did not expect Xià Yao&#apos;s mother to be with such a reaction. Generally speaking, if she was a relative, she can&#apos;t help but feel at ease! This attitude is too unavoidable... too negative?

"Is it really impossible to change him?" Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s mother asked again.

Xià Yao mother sighed deeply: If yes, I can tolerate Xīa Hong Wēi mother .

"......! !"


Hàn Dōng vacated the space and intended to make a clear "liquidation" with Yuan Ze. As a result, Yu Ming came to the door.

"You&#apos;re too good! I really admire you for the best."

Hàn Dōng looked blankly. "What did you say?"

"Is he still with you?" Yu Ming Min patted Hàn Dōng&#apos;s shoulders. "We actually won Yuan Ze war and took him down!"

Hàn Dōng&#apos;s expression stayed even more. "What did you say? Who did I take?"

"Yuan Ze!"

"Yuan Ze?"

"Yeah, Xià Hòng Wēi was released by his parents holds. Isn&#apos;t it by Yuan Ze advisement?"

Hàn Dōng blinked, "Yuan ... Yuan Ze has not been released!"

This time even Yu Ming stilled. "Not yet released?"

"Yeah, I never looked for him."

"How did Xia Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents think to let Hòng Wēi free with me?" Yu Ming could not figure it out.

Hàn Dōng asked: "What did Xià Hòng Wēi specifically say?"

"He said someone had advised his parents."

Hàn Dōng was surprised. "Is it persuasive?"

"But didn&#apos;t you say that you would helped us through the difficulties?" Yu Ming reminded.

Hàn Dōng also remembers the result of his prediction.

"You go see if Yuan Ze was sneaking back?" said Yu Ming.

Hàn Dōng made a phone call to the other side, but the reply was: He was always there.

"Is it evil, is it mis-prediction?" Hàn Dōng could not believe it.

Yu Ming said: "Well, I would like to ask about it again with Xià Hòng Wēi."

After a while, Yu Ming made a phone call to Hàn Dōng and said: "Xià Hòng Wēi&#apos;s parents only visited his uncle recently."

"His uncle..." Hàn Dōng suddenly realized, "Is it police officer Xià family..."

Yu Ming can not figure out, "What does police officer Xià have to do with you? How can you predict his help coming?"

"You think about it, why didn&#apos;t police officer Xià have a trauma on women? How can a man fall in love with a man without a trauma? How could he convince his mother to like the man? How could he convince his mother how to get him free?"

Yu Ming sighed. "You&#apos;re right can&#apos;t"

"When I was finished, my entire judgment was mistaken. Now people have been caught by me. What can this man do?" Hàn Dōng said.

Yu Ming sighed faintly. "I thought you really got Yuan Ze~"

"Do you think that I wanted to get him? If it weren&#apos;t for you, I wouldn&#apos;t get involved with him. Don&#apos;t talk about it anymore. Just go back to him and I&#apos;ll have to let him go. I&#apos;ll lose more for a moment!"

Yu Ming was worried about him. "You said, why did Yuan Ze leave early?"


Both men and women rushed to Hàn Dōng&#apos;s new home. As a result, no one could see him.

"Why? The three people who stared at him for me where is he?" Hàn Dōng wondered.

Yu Ming said: "I hear a sound of water."

Hàn Dōng slowly walked past and knocked on the door and asked, "Who is there?"

As soon as the voice had just fallen, the door was suddenly pulled open. Hàn Dōng had not reacted and he was dragged into it.

"You have finally come." Yuan Ze clutched Hàn Dōng&#apos;s neck.

Hàn Dōng raised his hands conditionedly. "Don&#apos;t be angry, don&#apos;t be excited, put on your clothes first."

Yuan Ze was unmoved.

"If you don&#apos;t wear it, can you let me go first? I&#apos;m not coming to keep you today. I&#apos;ll let you go."

Hearing this, Yuan Ze released Hàn Dōng.

But soon he replied, "I don&#apos;t want to go."

"Ah?" Hàn Dōng&#apos;s face was stupid.

Yuan Ze wrapped his towel in an unhurried manner. "Why should I leave?"

Hàn Dōng suddenly panicked, "How can you not want to leave ?"

"How can I not?" Yuan Ze&#apos;s face was not joking.

In winter, he waved his hand. "Don&#apos;t tell me, buddy, don&#apos;t scare me. I know I locked you in this place. It was me. As long as you&#apos;re willing to leave this, I will apologize to you."

Yuan Ze acted like he did not hear, he continues to blow-dry his own hair.

Hàn Dōng bitterly thought: "Aren&#apos;t I the most nauseating man? I mean, look at me and I&#apos;m your worst kind of nauseating person."

Yuan Ze walked straight into Hàn Dōng&#apos;s bedroom, and laid on the big wooden bed.

Hàn Dōng almost tearful collapsed, big brother, this bed I have not slept on it yet!

"You come down! You can&#apos;t sleep on this. It will tarnish your noble body. Come down..."

The cold winter couldn&#apos;t directly go up, and as a result, the he didn&#apos;t fall down, but his finger plucked Yuan Ze&#apos;s bath towel.

Immediately afterwards, Yuan Ze&#apos;s smooth and sturdy thighs were exposed in Hàn Dōng&#apos;s sight.

Hàn Dōng&#apos;s eyes involuntarily moved toward the pubic organs. He did not know what he found...but he was shocked. The entire man slipped off the bed and climbed out of the room with a speedy run


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