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Everyone thinks that Yu Ming is joking, and that since he has a good relationship with Hàn Dōng, will he dare to go back to the back door?

However, Wang Zhong Ding made a scene">

Everyone thinks that Yu Ming is joking, and that since he has a good relationship with Hàn Dōng, will he dare to go back to the back door?

However, Wang Zhong Ding made a scene">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 299

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Chapter 299 Does Not Have Any "PROBLEM"

Everyone thinks that Yu Ming is joking, and that since he has a good relationship with Hàn Dōng, will he dare to go back to the back door?

However, Wang Zhong Ding made a scene in public.

"You are the one....."

On the day of the meeting, everyone talked about it.

"If i knew it was that easy. I would have just asked myself."

"I really didn&#apos;t think that kid would dare to take the lead."

"You don&#apos;t look at him usually whispering. He has an eye."


In all doubts and jokes, Yu Ming took office.

However, after he took office, he did not act like the other people who would pull the knot and stabilize their position first. Instead, he ran around all day. He did not see the end of the dragon, and even Hàn Dōng could not get in touch with him.

"I say, what are you doing this time?"

Yu Ming said: "Busy working !"

"I&#apos;ve been to your old office for more than 200 times and I haven&#apos;t seen you inside yet."

"Why ?.....does this work,means I have to be in the office all day long?" said Yu Ming.

Hàn Dōng chimed in. "You can&#apos;t be in the office, but you have to deal with the miscellaneous things? Everyone fucking finds my head!"

"Then you will do something for me, OK. If that&#apos;s it. I still have things. I will go first."

"You go……"

Hàn Dōng bared his fangs, suddenly he saw a group of familiar faces, all of the "Feng Mang" crew, there are Deputy production director and a number of actors, they all came to this side.

"Why are you here?" Hàn Dōng took the initiative to say hello.

As soon as these people saw Hàn Dōng, they rushed toward him as if they had hit chicken blood.

"God, Great God, give me a sign."

"Join Zhang Ying, Zhang Ying, hurry up."

Hàn Dōng was ridiculed by their enthusiasm. "What is this?"


Hàn Dōng still looks confused, "appreciation?"

"We went to see the movie trailer today. After seeing them, we all agree that your worth will be beyond anyone&#apos;s life."

Hàn Dōng was surprised. "What&#apos;s your point?"

"I ....you don&#apos;t know we went to the movie trailer showing today?"

Hàn Dōng really forgot about this because he thought that the film of positive energy was 100% tried, so he did not keep this matter in mind.

"How is the reaction?" Hàn Dōng asked.

One can laugh.

Another person patted Hàn Dōng&#apos;s shoulder and left.

The third person wanted to say something.

Afterwards, Hàn Dōng hurried. "You say it, what are you not telling?"

Finally, an individual told Hàn Dōng mysteriously: "There is a leader of the film bureau, seeing you seduce that enemy boss&#apos;s part, seeing it he became ... hard..."

"Stop talking bullshit on it, is not it?" Hàn Dōng looked blankly, "The kind of &#apos;legs scene&#apos; can make someone hard?"

"What would we lie to you? What a lot of people have sen."

Hàn Dōng asked again: "Wang Zhong Ding knows this?"

"Wang Zhong Ding didn&#apos;t go and he still didn&#apos;t know."

Hàn Dōng suddenly excitedly rushed toward Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office. It was so good that he finally found an opportunity to give him a glimpse of good news. Let him grin and smile all day on this day

With all kinds of abused ideas, Hàn Dōng pushed the door of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office.

Wang Zhong Ding was staring at the computer screen with intent gaze and when he saw Hàn Dōng come he was forced to move his gaze away.

"Today&#apos;s "Feng Mang" was sent for trial." Hàn Dōng raised his voice.

Wang Zhong Ding nodded. "I know."

Hàn Dōng&#apos;s instant smile showed, "It is said that the leaders of the film bureau was hard on the spot."

"I know." reply was with a bland tone.

Hàn Dōng was not calm. "You knew?"

Wang Zhong Ding nodded. "Someone told me the first time."

"Then you ... have no idea?"

Wang Zhong Ding spread his hand. "Any man will be hard after looking at that leg scene unless he has &#apos;PROBLEMS&#apos; in his lower part."

Hàn Dōng was deeply impressed by Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s shocking words.

"So?" he asked Wang Zhong Ding: What do you want to express?

Wang Zhong Ding refers to the computer screen. "I&#apos;m looking at it, too."

Hàn Dōng&#apos;s sights consciously moved to the desk below looking between Wang Zhong Ding legs.

What happened next, is needless to say.

Hàn Dōng, while raising his beautiful buttocks to welcome Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s painful smacking, reached into the back and pulled Wang Ding&#apos;s hair.

"You&#apos;re such a man, I&#apos;ll fall into a frame, ah ah ah..."

Wang Zhong Ding moved more fiercely: I have long since fallen into depression. I was waiting for you to accompany and cheer me!


The first two days of Yuan Ze&#apos;s detention he was in an iceberg state.

None of the three people who watched him dared to approach, fearing to accidentally freeze theyself.

On the third day, Yuan Ze did not know if he wanted to open or something. Suddenly he began to move in the room and picked up a small squid carved from horns.

"Where did you buy this from?" He said it without warning.

All three people are guilty. There is obviously a row of large characters written on the face.

"That was not bought. It was Hàn Dōng who carved it himself."

Yuan Ze questioned, "He can do this."

"All the crafts in this room were his own making. Even the bed in the bedroom was his own."

The accident in Yuan Ze&#apos;s eyes flashed and he quickly returned to the sofa.

"help me turn the TV on."

One person stepped forward and opened the TV. The first program to enter the eye was an interview with Hàn Dōng.

"Change it to Taiwan broadcast." Ze said.

The second station broadcasts clips of Foreign Devil afflicting the Chinese in The Red God of War.

"Change it to another one" Yuan Zong said.

The third stage is Hàn Dōng&#apos;s documentary film "Seven Days."


Yuan Zong grabbed the remote control and changed it directly. The result was it was inseparable from Hàn Dōng. After a closer look, he discovered that this was not an ordinary satellite channel, but was an internal platform for high-tech counterfeiting and for the room own entertainment. .

"Yes, and looking back and forth, I often laughed myself."

Yuan Ze&#apos;s face was a annoyed. Is he more narcissistic to reach this realm?

But there is no way to escape it. The only way to pass the time is by watching this one. He can only look hard at the scalp. The results did not expect that this did not stop.

For two days, Yuan Ze&#apos;s routine was to admire the decoration of the room in addition to watching Hàn Dōng&#apos;s program, or to study the fresh stuff from Hàn Dōng&#apos;s carving .....that Wang Zhong Ding spent more than half a year working on Hàn Dōng&#apos;s career excavation. Where Yuan spent two days to complete falling in the end.

"There is nothing else?" asked again.

"What else?"

Yuan Ze said: "He shot a movie."

"There is also a "Feng Mang"

"What did you say?"

"The only one when he talks about his undercover dress."

Anyone who dreams of Hàn Dōng&#apos;s face wearing women&#apos;s clothing is miserable, and Yuan Ze is no exception.

So he said: "Exactly, let me take a look."

Looking at the things Hàn Dōng had photographed in the past few days, he was actually not a bit disgusted by Hàn Dōng....he could just take this movie to wash his eyes and get back the initial disgust setting.

Unfortunately, the person next to him said: "Its not yet released."

"Is it not inside?"

"I&#apos;m not sure about this. I&#apos;m just a errand man."

Yuan Ze shook his hand. "That&#apos;s it."

In the middle of the night, he couldn&#apos;t sleep and he was bored. Yuan Ze opened TV again.

This thought that he would should look at duplicates again and unexpectedly discovered two new interviews.

Yuan Zong&#apos;s mind was puzzled. How can this TV be connected to the Internet?

Is it not possible to pass information outside?

However, after thinking about it, Yuan Ze knew it was certainly not that simple.

He studied it again and found that this computer could not be connected to the Internet and could only enter internal transmission. That is, the contents that Yuan Ze now sees are all automatically transmitted by Hàn Dōng&#apos;s computer.

Really high-tech ah!

Then, he clicked up the device behind the TV, and managed to find out what he had touched. A lot of folders suddenly popped up on the TV screen. Whatever handsome photos, nude photos, selfies, PG-18 bans...

Is this the rhythm of accidentally sharing all internal data?

For ordinary people, this has long since opened.

But who is Yuan Ze? The universe first straight man! People disdain and look at these things. He only looked for "Feng Mang" and only seek disgust himself.

So Yuan Ze opened the movie.

Then he went on to sit back on the couch and adjust a pose.

The result did not expect this position to stay for more than a hundred minutes, from the appearance of Hàn Dōng to the end of motion picture.....he was frozen.

The man staring at him yawned and came out to see Yuan Ze in front of him.

The next ashtray was thrown on the room wall.

"For fuck sake!"

Facts have proved that Yuan Ze lower parts does not have any "PROBLEMS".

1]......Haha Yuan Ze got hard looking at Han Dōng legs


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