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Wang Zhongding motioned him to speak freely.

"First, replace my furniture with a new set; Second, find me a matching beautiful">

Wang Zhongding motioned him to speak freely.

"First, replace my furniture with a new set; Second, find me a matching beautiful">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 67

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Proofreader: VitaSchaus

Editor: Mosstree

"I can sign on with your company, but there are two conditions," Han Dong said to Wang Zhongding.

Wang Zhongding motioned him to speak freely.

"First, replace my furniture with a new set; Second, find me a matching beautiful female assistant." When he uttered "beautiful female", Han Dong placed special emphasis on these two words, it was like he wanted Wang Zhongding to better hear them.

In the end, Wang Zhongding’s response was: "The second one can be considered, the first one is out of the question."

Han Dong never would have thought, even the second could be considered, but the first was actually rejected!

"Why can&#apos;t the furniture be changed? Is the company so resource-constrained?

"It&#apos;s not about financial resources, it’s about your personal habits."

Han Dong exploded, "I was not using inflatable furniture out of habit, rather because I didn&#apos;t have money! Currently, your company is not short of money, why can’t you replace my furniture with a new one?"

Wang Zhongding looked closely at Han Dong and asked, "Why are you so set on changing it?"

Han Dong felt insecure, "……Broken."

"How exactly did you break them?"

Han Dong shifted his eyes elsewhere and said, in a careless tone, "How do you think they were broken? Inflatables are originally not sturdy enough, it only takes a scratch to make them burst."

"These are part of the company&#apos;s property, you should pay for the damages."

If you don&#apos;t want to change the furniture for me, well, you don’t have to, yet you still want me to fucking pay for the damages!! Han Dong&#apos;s face turned gloomy at that moment, it was you who insisted that your grandpa signed on with your company, your grandpa didn&#apos;t take

the initiative to be hired by you, I’m the one who should be angry here, not you.

"Then can I not sign? Can I leave?”

Wang Zhongding agreed quite readily, "You may leave at any time, provided that you pay for the damages."

Han Dong immediately slammed the table: "How much? Give me a number."

Wang Zhongding pulled out an invoice from the drawer and handed it to Han Dong. Han Dong only had to look at it to be dumbstruck, the bed alone was worth more than 20,000 yuan, wasn&#apos;t this a rip-off?

"Your mattress was not a normal air mattress but was custom-made to fit your height, weight and body type. It was a perfect match to your body curves, and it performed a certain protective function for all parts of your body."

Han Dong just wanted to explode with curses, are you stupid? With that money, you could buy a set of real solid wood furniture!

"You must be kidding with me! Let me tell you, in Xiao Wu Ji wholesale market, it can cost less than 200 yuan."

( 小武基 is a toponym in Beijing: Xiao Wu Ji\Xiaowuji. Plus, there is another market, 大武基 Da Wu Ji/Dawuji, situated southeast of Xiao Wu Ji\Xiaowuji. 武基 is a homonym of 五集, it has the same spelling. 集: 1. "To gather"; 2. "Market". On the 5th day of each lunar month (五) people gathered (集) there to sell/buy goods.)

"I’m not as clever as you." Wang Zhongding pointed at the invoice with his finger, "The total is 71225 yuan, the period of service was less than one month, minus the depreciation fee comes out to 56980 yuan, do you want to pay by credit card or in cash?"

Han Dong glanced at his pocket, the amount of money didn&#apos;t even reach 50 yuan, he couldn&#apos;t even buy it all in one go.

Wang Zhongding added, "If you really don’t have it, you can use goods to repay the debt in kind."

“What kind of goods?"

"Your butt."

Finally forced you, this rascal, to blatantly confess your secret desires! Han Dong directly felt a mouthful of blood rushing to his throat, he fiercely slapped his own butt, "You, the guy with the surnamed Wang, let me tell you: Don&#apos;t even dream about this grandpa! Even if I owe you a few hundred million yuan, I also won’t let you touch a finger of mine! ”

“Then how come at that time you calculated so clearly with me?”

Han Dong was immediately taken aback, at that time? What do you mean by “that time”?

Wang Zhongding reminded: “You&#apos;re the one who set the price, 44 yuan a kick, 56980 yuan will be 1295 kicks, as to when to finish kicking you, it will depend on when I have time.”

Han Dong&#apos;s face instantly turned dark-purple, he remained in a daze for a long time, only then dryly laughed and said, “Um, if there is nothing else I&#apos;ll leave first, you’re busy ah……”

"Hold on!" Wang Zhong Ding suddenly stopped Han Dong.

All the muscles in Han Dong&#apos;s back tightened up at that moment, could it be that he……noticed something?

“Didn’t you say you wanted an assistant?” Asked Wang Zhongding.

Is that what you mean…… Han Dong heaved a sigh of relief, turned around and acted like nothing happened.

"Do you have any special request?" Wang Zhongding also asked.

Han Dong vaguely stated: “Just a simple request – that person&#apos;s image must be up to standard. At least must be worthy of me, the two of us should look harmoniously when walking side by side.”

"Okay, I understand."

Han Dong nodded and darted out of the office.

Wang Zhong Ding sneered, "Foolish thing."

The next day, the assistant appointed by Wang Zhongding came to introduce herself.

“Hello, my name is Shen Chu Hua, Chief Wang has told me to come to find you.”

Han Dong at once became speechless in astonishment, this appearance……How to describe it? It was a kind of "awestruck" feeling, so Han Dong would rather sell his butt than "dishonor" her. As for the figure……Han Dong had to admit, Wang Zhongding sure knew how to pick people. The lower half of this woman&#apos;s body was the same length as the upper half of Han Dong&#apos;s body, so that if Han Dong sits on the ground, knees pulled to his chest, his knees would be above his shoulders, and if this woman bends down and makes a profound bow, her head would touch the ground. Very fucking matching!

"You won’t shun me, will you?" Shen Chu Hua asked tentatively.

Han Dong assumed an air of impartiality, "Do I seem likes that kind of guy to you?"

Shen Chu Hua was moved, "You were the first one who saw me and nodded. To tell you the truth, I am not very confident about my appearance. Big celebrities simply will not pay attention to me, and small celebrities also can be choosy, I will always be the one left. It was you who let me regain confidence, I&#apos;m really touched, thank you for affirming me, thank you……"

“Are you done?" Asked Han Dong.

Shen Chu Hua nodded sheepishly, "I&#apos;m done."

“You’re fired."


“I can only help you this far."


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