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Wang Zhong Ding made a perfunctory remark, "You have a very keen sense of">

Wang Zhong Ding made a perfunctory remark, "You have a very keen sense of">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 59

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Proofreader: VitaSchaus

Editor: Mosstree

As soon as he came into the office, Feng Jun knit his brows, "How come I smelled Chinese toon in your room ah?"

Wang Zhong Ding made a perfunctory remark, "You have a very keen sense of smell."

"You didn’t even smell out a strong scent like that?" Feng Jun was very surprised, "As I remember, you used to be very sensitive to the smell of Chinese toon, as soon as a bud of Chinese toon flew into your food, you would throw the whole thing away."

In the end, Wang Zhong Ding not only didn&#apos;t throw it out, but he also ate every bite of food permeated with Chinese toon flavor.

Was there something wrong with my nose? Feng Jun stopped wondering and got straight to the point.

"The problem of Han Dong&#apos;s manager, how do you plan to deal with it?"

Wang Zhong Ding thought for a moment, "Change to Ji Tao."

"That’s what I thought too, Ji Tao&#apos;s and yours temperament is similar, he is not willing to tolerate deceit, the things he says can correct the unsavory flaw in Han Dong&#apos;s character."

Just as Feng Jun finished speaking, someone knocked at the door.

"Chief Wang, Miss Wan has heard that you are going on a business trip this afternoon, she has specifically asked us to bring you some pastries, please take it with you to eat on the way."

Wang Zhong Ding nodded, "Thank you, put it there."

Feng Jun quipped: "That’s really thoughtful."

In the afternoon, as soon as Wang Zhong Ding got into the car, he asked Feng Jun: "Did you bring the pastries?"

"I brought it, do you want to eat it now?"

Actually, Wang Zhong Ding had no appetite, but in his philosophy of life, dessert couldn’t be eaten on alternate days, and could only be consumed at afternoon tea, and afternoon tea must end before four o&#apos;clock.

It was already 3:55, Wang Zhong Ding who had an extremely precise biological clock, had only five minutes left, after 5 minutes passed, even the most precious thoughts would become trash.

Can&#apos;t help it, number OCD is that deadly.

"Tsk tsk……I don&#apos;t feel like eating lunch, so I can only feed the hunger with snacks!" Han Dong stood in a secluded corner disregarding the strong wind and making sarcastic remarks, "Look at you hungry like that, gobbling up the foods, eating quickly like that, aren&#apos;t you afraid you are going to choke! Is this another business trip? It’s really sad that you have to run around all day and cannot eat a full meal……"

As he was saying this, Han Dong suddenly thought: Why am I so wicked?

Aware of this line of thought, Han Dong hastily brainwashed himself.

To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself, happiness is not to be compromising but to be cruel!

Therefore, Han Dong turned the collar up and confidently strolled back to the suite.

Wang Zhong Ding didn’t come back until the next evening, there was an unexpected pleasant surprise on the business trip – a one of a kind super large single button chronograph wristwatch he bought at an auction. He was in such a hurry he didn&#apos;t take off his clothes, and just impatiently took out the treasure, scrutinizing it carefully, admiring it up to midnight as if he was entranced.

Han Dong also couldn&#apos;t sleep, didn&#apos;t know which kind of craziness was this, in the middle of the night he went out to take a walk disregarding the strong wind. He walked into the office building, looked up and saw the lights in Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office were really on.

Crap! Ate his fill and still stayed up late?

Not long after, Han Dong came back to his senses again. Wasn&#apos;t it none of your goddamn business if he stayed up late? Will you fuckin’ stop being such a man? Wanting to protect anyone so badly! Isn&#apos;t your kindness worthy of a better cause?

Fuck! Go back to bed, will continue stinking him up tomorrow!

In the end, the next day at noon, when Han Dong brought the lunch box into the office building, he suddenly remembered how Wang Zhong Ding ate pastry to "feed the hunger", and how he had the lights on all night, he could not take another step no matter what.

Forget it, let&#apos;s give him a break today, just take it as changing meals!

Han Dong was about to throw away the lunchbox when he spotted a cold and stern figure standing at the entrance to the nearby elevator. Huh? Wasn&#apos;t that Wang Zhong Ding? Why did he come here to wait for this elevator?

Ai……he must be scared of being stank up by my Chinese toon! The thought of a dignified CEO being actually forced to squeeze in an elevator with the staff by the smell of Chinese toon was enough to make Han Dong feel a kind of ball-breaking sadness.

But he couldn&#apos;t do anything about it, Wang Zhong Ding already saw him.

Now that he saw him, that meant Han Dong couldn&#apos;t throw away the lunchbox. Not only he couldn&#apos;t throw it away, instead, he had to put on a mask of Big Grey Wolf seeing Beauty Goat and rush forward, and continue to carry out the task of harming others without benefiting himself. There was no other way, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t let Wang Zhong Ding see his heart waver, not even a little bit.

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