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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 57

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Proofreader: VitaSchaus

The next morning Han Dong sat up on his bed, then spent more than half an hour staring at those luxury gift boxes at the door. Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s words that were delivered to him through Feng Jun kept running in his head: If you have personal grudges then find him to vent your feelings don&#apos;t use your acting career to trample on as your expense.

Indeed, Han Dong also felt he couldn&#apos;t continue to behave foolishly.

He decided to put aside personal grudges and listen to brother Wang&#apos;s advice; he is a man, he should be brave and sagacious and have enough foresight to make wise choices. Since this is the problem existing in the emotional plane, then he should begin with all aspects of life, venting personal grudges? Let’s vent them to the fullest. You think your father won&#apos;t dare to?

Article One: Don&#apos;t like to eat smelly food especially Chinese toon.

Regarding this point, Han Dong was just the opposite of Wang Zhong Ding he especially loved to eat Chinese toon. He remembered when he first came to Beijing he rented a one-story house in the outer suburbs, the next door neighbor was happened to plant a Chinese toon tree in their courtyard, because outsiders stole the new tender leaves of Chinese toon every year, therefore Han Dong sprinkled a lot of white flour on the tree to imitate pesticide, since then he became the only one who stole it.

Through observation, Han Dong found that Wang Zhong Ding rarely went home at noon, he would occasionally go out to attend social events, most of the time he would settle for dining at the company&#apos;s canteen. From the office to the canteen he had to use an express elevator, Wang Zhong Ding usually went down to buy food by himself, unless he was too busy and was unable to stand on his feet, only then he would have someone to bring it up.

This noon, Wang Zhong Ding went to buy food as usual. As soon as he got on the elevator, he then heard someone calling him coming from behind.


A figure hurriedly squeezed in, together with a waft of a strong smell, in the split second it took for the elevator door to close the smell firmly locked in this small confined space.

Han Dong was standing next to Wang Zhong Ding holding a portion of tofu mixed with Chinese toon; compared to his previous hostile attitude, this time Han Dong for the first time opened his mouth to greet him, blowing out a mouthful of Chinese toon-scented air.

"Chief Wang, what a coincidence!"

Wang Zhong Ding caught a pungent scent, he slightly furrowed his brows as he silently took a step aside and said with a cold and indifferent tone of voice, " As I recall, the canteen never sells Chinese toon."

"I didn&#apos;t buy it from the canteen, I bought it elsewhere and mixed it myself," Han Dong said while mixing it, letting the fragrance spread more thoroughly, moreover, when mixing it he even moved close to Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s side.

Wang Zhong Ding as smothered in the smell of Chinese toon, it got so bad that his complexion worsened, If you bought it from outside, why did you run here? Isn&#apos;t there an elevator by the entrance?"

Because I want to stink you up ah……A little rascal hidden inside Han Dong&#apos;s stomach was jumping back and forth.

"There are too many people in that elevator, one always has to wait in line to get in, this elevator is rather secluded."

Just as Han Dong finished speaking, his body then shook violently along with the elevator, the Chinese toon in the lunchbox nearly got Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s clothes dirty, at which point, Wang Zhong Ding quickly dodged it to avoid a calamity.

But at that moment the elevator stopped, and all around them sank in complete darkness.

"What&#apos;s going on?" Han Dong frantically pressed the alarm. Confronted by an unexpected event, he was panic-stricken and made too profound conclusions, his voice even trembled, "Will it suddenly fall……fall down ah?"

Wang Zhong Ding, however, was calmly appeasing him, "It&#apos;s alright, it should be a power outage."

Han Dong quietly waited a moment, when he felt the elevator doesn&#apos;t have any abnormal change, he then could set his heart at ease and continued eating his tofu mixed with Chinese toon.

Normally, Wang Zhong Ding would rely on other things to divert his attention, now he really had no place to hide, he could

When the eyes can&#apos;t see, the sense of smell then becomes exceptionally keen, if Wang Zhong Ding normally relies on other things to divert his attention, now he really has no place to hide, he can only hold his breath and endure it.

Han Dong deliberately reminded him, "Hey, you still have to wait anyway, why don&#apos;t you eat your lunch? It&#apos;s going to gets cold soon."

Wang Zhong Ding only just had to open his mouth and he would catch that disgusting smell, therefore simply remained silent.

Han Dong leaned over, "Would you like to try this?"

Wang Zhong Ding pushed him away.

"Do you really need to stand on ceremony? After all, I don&#apos;t feel squeamish about you getting dirty, come on, take a bite." Han Dong moved even closer.

Wang Zhong Ding was driven beyond endurance, "Stay away from me!"

As the result of him opened his mouth, he didn&#apos;t overly scare Han Dong, instead, the turbid air that has long been blocked came pouring in Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s breath. Why does this flavor seem so alluring now?

As a result, after the elevator opened, Wang Zhong Ding hadn&#apos;t eaten a bite of food, has thrown everything in the trash can.

In the afternoon, the elevator mechanic identified the cause of malfunction: Some foreign object got stuck in the elevator sill, causing the door lock protection circuit malfunction, which resulted in the elevator shutdown.

"Why did the foreign object got stuck?" Asked Wang Zhong Ding.

"There is a lot of reasons for that, losing a screw, plastic parts and such like on the way, all might cause the elevator door to get jammed."

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s complexion changed, didn&#apos;t ask any more questions.

The next day, still at that time, still at that same elevator, Han Dong came again, this time carried scrambled eggs with Chinese toon.

"Chief Wang, what a coincidence, me running into you again."

An even more of a coincidental even was the elevator went half way up and got stuck again.

But this time the emergency light could be turned on, and Han Dong&#apos;s table manners that took a lot of elaborate planning were displayed in great detail. The fierce chewing movements, the distorted swallowing expressions, also these gorgeous yolks and oil stains in the corners of his mouth of his lips……

As it turned out, this meal of Wang Zhong Ding had to be skipped again.

In the afternoon, the elevator mechanic had checked the malfunction again, and it was just like yesterday: Some foreign object got stuck in the elevator sill, causing the door lock protection circuit malfunction, which resulted in the elevator shutdown.

On the third day, the familiar scene was staged once again.……

Even though Wang Zhong Ding wasn’t a genius he still figured out Han Dong did it on purpose.

Only this time, he has changed his usual straightforward temper, he neither called Han Dong over to interrogate him, nor took any evasive measures. Instead, he kept going down to buy food, continue to use that elevator, continue watching Han Dong eat fish-shaped deep-fried Chinese toon, crisp dumplings with Chinese toon, salted duck eggs mixed with Chinese toon, wheat porridge with Chinese toon……

Moreover, he seemed to become progressively less sensitive to this smell.

On the contrary, Han Dong has been eating Chinese toon for consecutive days, which result in his sneeze, pooped, shootout XX all having the smell of Chinese Toon; as much as he liked eating it, he’d had enough after consuming such a lot.

Wang Zhong Ding had been staying at his office, working until 1 a.m. that day, then he didn’t go straight home, instead, he went to the apartment building located behind the office.

Moreover, he also carried a branch of Chinese Toon in his hand, covered with the lush green of Chinese toon leaf, emitting a unique aroma.

There were only a few rooms in the apartment building that have the light on, these actually included Han Dong&#apos;s suite, plus, the door wasn&#apos;t closed, Wang Zhong Ding went immediately walked inside.

Han Dong had already fallen asleep, even started snoring.

The computer screen was still gleaming, a blogging interface was displayed on it, a paragraph caught Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s attention.

"The entertainment circle is just an enhanced version of the regular folds. Ordinary people are happy, the artists are ecstatic; Ordinary people are sad, the artists are greatly sad; Ordinary people give present to seize the top seat, artists give themselves to seize the top seat. Just like the relationship between vampire and humans in "The Vampire Diaries", everything is amplified."

The last modified date of his post was more than a week ago, that was the day that Han Dong unintentionally met Li Shang by ran into Li Shang.

Wang Zhong Ding stared blankly for a moment, very soon he was fascinated by the small flute beside the computer.

Although the outer appearance was not very pretty, but it gave Wang Zhong Ding quite a shock.

Before making a small flute, it&#apos;s necessary to remove the phosphor coating on the inside of the fluorescent tube, a slight mishandling will cause the fluorescent tube to shattered into small pieces. Han Dong used the sand filling method, he had to shake the tube back and forth quite a few times to wipe the inner wall clean.

In addition to this, the length of the fluorescent tube, as well as the thickness, have to undergo a rigorous calculation, sometimes ten fluorescent tubes may not successfully be made into a single flute. Moreover, one also needs to drill holes, polish, and test the sound. Especially when turning the instrument, one needs to adjust the hole one by one, the distance between them is crucial for tone quality and accuracy in pitch, even the slightest error can have a great impact.

However, Wang Zhong Ding didn&#apos;t find any scrap fluorescent tube inside the room, the trash can only contain "processing waste", the maker&#apos;s meticulous design and strong control power were admirable.

For a "numberphile", anything that is precise carries a particular charm

It&#apos;s like Han Dong&#apos;s legs.

Wang Zhang Dong didn&#apos;t know what&#apos;s gotten into him, he actually stretched the Chinese toon in his hand to Han Dong&#apos;s nose.

Once Han Dong got a sniff of Chinese toon, a look of disgust immediately appeared on his face, he quickly turned over his body, avoiding that smell, even did not hesitate to expose his gorgeous and beautiful butt to Wang Zhong Ding.

Sure enough……

A hint of a faint smile emerged in the corners of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s mouth, as if he was deliberately bullying the man, this time he stretched the branch of Chinese toon to the other side.

Han Dong at once became like a big dog that got all riled up, a depressed grunt sound his mouth issued. Annoyed, he burrowed in the blanket, covering his head completely.

One can well imagine the result, that branch of Chinese toon got under the blanket again.

Han Dong was hiding here and there, at first he was facing upward, then he lay on his side, and then he curled up……no matter how he changed posture, angle, direction, that damned Chinese toon smell was followed him like a shadow.

When he finally got nowhere else to burrow, he then directly plunged into Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s arms……

Now, it&#apos;s safe.

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