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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 56

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Proofreader: VitaSchaus

Editor: Mosstree

Shortly after Feng Jun left, Zhang Xinghu excitedly came running back to Han Dong’s room.

“Just now was that manager Feng?”

Han Dong was astonished, “Didn’t you greeted him just now?”

“I just wanted to ask……Do you know him well?”

“Sort of.”

Han Dong casually said a vague general phrase, then started fiddling with the waste fluorescent tube.

Zhang Xinghu looked at him, baffled, “What are you going to do with it?”

“I want to make a small Irish flute.”

Zhang Xinghu sneered, “Why don’t you just buy one? It doesn’t cost that much money.”

Han Dong stopped moving his hands, he spoke toward Zhang Xinghu with a lofty and aloof expression.

“This is called art understand?”

Zhang Xinghu snorted disdainfully, fiddling with some junk all day, it’s still called art? I think you’re just crapping around!

“Go go go, if you don’t understand then don’t stay here to disturb me.”

Zhang Xinghu still wanted to go out, he then went back to his room to change clothes.

Han Dong accidentally saw a tutorial online, after meticulously studying it for several days, today he finally began to work. First, he used a ruler to measure and calculate the lengths, then carefully drilled the holes into it……he kept busy until midnight, a shiny white small flute was finally made.

Seeing the appearance looked decent, however, he wasn’t sure what it sounded like.

Han Dong wanted to try, but when he thought there was someone sleeping next to him, he was then a little bit hesitant.

Strange to say, Han Dong had been staying here for three-four days, but he had never seen the brother next to him coming out. These past two days Han Dong was loafing in his room and nurturing his ass, he would occasionally hear a slight movement from the next room, but he had never seen the door opening.

Don’t know if it’s intentional, in the depth of the night Han Dong picked up the flute to test the sound.

He picked a very emotional song——”Titanic”.

Han Dong tried a tentative blow, the tone was very crisp, it’s just that the high notes were a bit off key, after a little repair, it felt much better. Han Dong was almost done when he heard a movement from the next room, but very soon it stopped.

As a result, Han Dong switched from “Titanic” to “The Song of Heroes” and to “Are you happy to be a mistress?”……one song after another, until he played the song that he was best at “Happy New Year”, he finally heard the sound of footsteps shuffling from behind the wall.

Very soon, the door rang.

“You were making too much noise, I can’t sleep.”

Han Dong put down the small flute, raising his head to look at the person standing in the doorway. His face was of great nobility, life had many valiant fortunes, but didn’t have a lucky start. However this was also unavoidable, his face was average in the entertainment circle, with antisocial characteristic and being bad at communication, it’d be a wonder if he could be popular!

“Brother, you finally showed yourself.” said Han Dong, heartfelt.

Yu Ming repeated the same sentence: “You were making too much noise, I can’t sleep.”

“I know.”

“You know it, yet you are still blowing?”

Without batting an eyelash, Han Dong said: “I just want you to come out and get some air.”

“Senseless.” Yu Ming returned to his room with a cold face.

Han Dong shouted again: “Hey, going back so soon?”

Yu Ming paid no heed to him.

“If you go back to your room, I will continue to blow.”

Yu Ming stopped before asking Han Dong with a cold tone of voice: “All in all, what do you want?”

“I just want you to spend more time outside.”


“I’m afraid you will suffocate.”

Yu Ming indifferently spat out three words: “You are sick.”

Han Dong really was sick, the more the other people disliked him, the more he wanted to worm his way into being friends with them.

“Don’t you think the sound of the flute is very melodious? Don’t you think you will sleep even more soundly with it accompanying you?”

At long last, Yu Ming replied with a sentence, “I study dance.”

“What about studying dance?”

“Every time I listen to a piece of music, I feel an irresistible impulse to dance.”

“Pfff——” Han Dong pounded his bed and laughed crazily, “So the whole time I’ve been playing, you’ve been dancing nonstop in your room, right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……”

Han Dong already laughed like this, Yu Ming’s face was still expressionless.

“Do as you want.” Yu Ming didn’t say another word and returned to his room.

Han Dong grumbled inwardly: “This good is even more twisted than me?”

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