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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 55

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Proofreader: VitaSchaus

Editor: Mosstree

Wang Zhong Ding was angry enough to make his head fume, yet Han Dong ran away with dancing eyebrows and radiant face.

"I laughed contentedly, and laughing contentedly, laughing at the mortal hasn&#apos;t aged, I laughing contentedly, I laughing contentedly again, finding a sound of freedom and happiness; I laughed contentedly, laughed contentedly again……"

Laughing while jumping into the elevator, laughing while swaying out of the building, laughing while rushing out of the gate, laughing while seeing a super-unparalleled handsome man, after that, couldn’t laugh anymore…..

Xia Hong Wei&#apos;s handsome face that dazzled one&#apos;s eyes has appeared in front of Han Dong once again.

Moreover this time, Han Dong got a good look at him.

"Wow, who is this ah? Looks like someone stepping out of a manhua!"

Along with a starry-eyed woman who cried out in surprise beside him, Han Dong&#apos;s legs went limp and he leaned against the pillar in the hall.

This world was too fucking funny……

Turns out, the man that seemed familiar to him, not only was he Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s childhood desk-mate, but also the patrilineal cousin of his benefactor whose sexual orientation was changed by his long white legs and who after that climbed down a well to save him which nearly killed him!!! The most important thing was, Han Dong saw him as his benefactor, he saw Han Dong as his enemy ah!!!

Should his patrilineal cousin by any chance know about that matter, how would I still be able to mingle in this circle in the future?

Han Dong beat his chest and stamped his feet, while regretting his past deeds, his eyes swept over another familiar figure.

Although the car was different, but the people riding it were the same, they were still Li Shang and Fang Yun. The two people sitting side by side, Fang Yun with heavy makeup and gaudy dress radiated starlight all around, Li Shang&#apos;s face was exhausted after overindulging in debauchery.

Li Shang vaguely saw Han Dong, but when he looked back once again, there was no trace of his existence.

Must have been mistaken? This was inside the company, how could he possibly come in?

Han Dong humphed a laugh, then walked over to his apartment as if this matter was of no concern to him.

"Reliable news, Yi Lu wants to re-sign the contract with our company." Fang Yun suddenly opened her mouth to speak.

Li Shang as if not catching her words, his gaze kept wandering outside the car window.

Fang Yun&#apos;s face instantly changed, "I was talking to you, did you hear me?"

Li Shang hurriedly turned back his gaze, he nodded and replied: "I heard, you said Yi Lu wants to re-sign the contract with our company."

"Yes ah, that woman&#apos;s face is very thick skinned, at that time Jinfeng Entertainment came to poach our people, she just ran away to chase money with her butt sticking out! How did it turn out? After three years of mingling, there wasn&#apos;t one decent piece of work, and even got involved in a sex scandal."

The assistant also said: "Jinfeng Entertainment even had to compensate a few big film production companies, their power is getting weaker day by day, Yi Lu has lost patience at that time, if she didn&#apos;t jump ship, she would now be a stable older sister."

Fang Yun rolled her eyes, "Really don&#apos;t know what Chief Wang was thinking, still actually accepted her."

"I heard that he even wants to hold a grand signing ceremony." The assistant added fuel to the fire.

Fang Yun&#apos;s complexion worsened, as if venting she criticised Li Shang harshly: "You&#apos;re also not comforting me."

Li Shang used a familiar coaxing tone of voice that he was well-versed in and said: "Your acting skills, fame, public reputation, and looks, aren&#apos;t you streets ahead of her? You are raising her popularity by competing with her."

Hearing these words, on Fang Yun&#apos;s face appeared a hint of a smile, but when she looked at Li Shang again, her facial expression filled with layer upon layer of worry once again.

"What is wrong with you today? You are in low spirits."

Li Shang forced himself to smile, "Maybe the pressure is relatively high recently, hallucinations keep appearing."

Fang Yun pulled Li Shang&#apos;s hand and softly comforted: "You&#apos;re a newbie that advanced to a high rank very quickly, worrying about personal gains and losses is inevitable."

"By the way, has a newcomer recently signed on with our company?" Li Shang suddenly asked.

Fang Yun cast a look at the assistant, however the assistant wasn&#apos;t very clear, "Recently I haven&#apos;t returned to the company, there should be someone who signed on, I already haven&#apos;t been paying attention to these matters for quite some time."

Fang Yun&#apos;s tone of voice took on a note of an old stager, "You can rest assured, the movie is entering the audition phase, now since the verbal intention still hasn&#apos;t been disclosed, this proves that the position as the male lead is already cast in stone. As long as the role is in your hand, before the movie is screened, the company will certainly spare no pains or effort to raise you up."

Li Shang nodded his head, and fell silent.

Xia Hongwei found Wang Zhong Ding in an open-air coffee shop on the top of the building, the space between his brows still emanated hostility that hadn&#apos;t yet dispersed.

"You&#apos;re very idle today ah." Xia Hongwei said.

"Not idle, just not in the mood to work."

Xia Hongwei was stirring coffee as he asked: "Who has provoked you?"

Wang Zhong Ding didn&#apos;t answer directly, just asked Xia Hongwei: "If there is an actor, his innermost yearned to become famous, but he also keeps doing things that make me disgusted, what kind of mentality is this?"

"Very simple, to attract your attention."Xia Hongwei said.

Wang Zhong Ding was still unable to understand: "I have already paid enough attention to him, if he didn&#apos;t do anything, he would probably receive even more preferential treatment. And he himself also knows this point well, but still does whatever it takes to make me angry at all cost."

The instant Wang Zhong Ding said it like that, Xia Hongwei then made a serious speculation.

"Perhaps, he isn&#apos;t looking for the attention on his career, instead it&#apos;s on his personal feeling."

Wang Zhong Ding slightly narrowed his eyes: "What do you mean?"

"He is emotionally invested in you, this kind of motivation is unrelated to your status, just simply targeting you as a person."

Regarding this theory, Wang Zhong Ding was actually quite approving of it, "He&#apos;s always been treating me like an imaginary enemy."

(T/N: 假想敌 (imaginary enemy) – refers to the military exercises to envisage the enemy; can also be said to achieve a certain purpose or goal and illusion or design out of the training opponents)

"Treating you as an imaginary enemy doesn&#apos;t necessarily mean he loathes you, it&#apos;s also possible that he likes you."

Wang Zhong Ding was still perfectly clear, "He acts in a very explicit way, absolutely leaving no room for any trace of liking."

"Man or woman?"


Xia Hongwei laughed heartily, "Ha ha ha……I really want to get to know him."

In these past two days the company had canceled Han Dong&#apos;s training, everyday Han Dong would leisurely nurture his butt in the apartment, and fiddle with some useless stuff. There was no message from the manager over there, if it was other people they would already go nuts with worry, but Han Dong still felt free and unconstrained.

It seemed that earlier you were angried not lightly by me ah! Detesting me bitterly right? I will suffocate you to death!

In any case sooner or later I will become popular, not anxious to obtain temporary preferential treatment, I will accumulate knowledge and deliver it slowly, there&#apos;s a long road before me, no rush, I will just take my time.

Han Dong flipped open an English booklet and acted cute, "I.am.slow-tempered.cool.East.East!(I&#apos;m a slow-tempered and cool Dong Dong)."

When Zhang Xinghu returned, Han Dong was right in the middle of applying medicine on his butt.

Every time he looked at the area where swelling still persisted, he would remember how fierce Wang Zhong Ding was at that time, then smiled knowingly it went without saying that he felt satisfied. He strenuously stretched his hand to reach behind his back, every time he touched the wound he would hiss while feeling thrilled, it was a mixture of pain and joy. People who didn&#apos;t know might even think that he finally received the emperor&#apos;s favor after having anxiously waited for many years, only he had actually suffered a kick.

"Your butt hasn’t yet recovered?" Zhang Xinghu asked.

Han Dong burst into loud laughter, "Not that soon."

"Then you are still happy like this?" Zhang Xinghu wasn&#apos;t getting it.

Han Dong waved to him, "Come here."


"You help me look, is my butt heavily injured?"

Zhang Xinghu walked over and glanced at it, "It seems to be swollen pretty bad."

Han Dong was quite satisfied with this answer, also asked with joy and expectations: "Using your observation toward the degree of swelling, what is the mentality of that person who kicked me at that time?"

Zhang Xinghu thought for a moment then said: "Should be very angry, otherwise he wouldn&#apos;t kick you so fiercely like that."

"Was wishing he could kick me to death, right?"

"Looks like he was."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha……"

Han Dong smirked contentedly, as if he had gained an advantage over somebody.

Zhang Xinghu saw it and felt afraid, "Are you a masochist, by any chance?"

Just as Han Dong wanted to deny, he then heard two knocks on the door, he originally thought it was the guy next door who was finally ready to show himself, it turned out the person he found standing outside the door was actually Feng Jun, holding a gift box in his hands.

Han Dong was stunned in an instant, what kind of situation is this?

Zhang Xinghu was also startled, wasn&#apos;t this Feng Jun? Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s personal assistant and also the director of an artist managing company, often representing Wang Zhong Ding to speak to the media, and absolutely regarded as the number one figure.

"Manager Feng." Zhang Xinghu hurriedly greeted him, then whispered to Han Dong: "I&#apos;m going out first."

Han Dong gave him a hum.

There were only two people Han Dong and Feng Jun left in the room, Feng Jun didn&#apos;t sit down, he directly stated the purpose of his coming here.

"Chief Wang wanted me to tell you, if there are personal grudges then find him to vent your feelings, don&#apos;t use your acting career to trample on as your expense.

Han Dong was at a loss for words. Feng Jun didn&#apos;t explain too much, he just put down the thing and left.

Han Dong stared blankly at the gift box on the floor, he didn&#apos;t react for half a day, this……what&#apos;s this supposed to mean? Feeling very apologetic inside? Sending someone over to visit me?

Feeling apologetic inside, it also should be Han Dong who feels very apologetic inside ah!

Han Dong was in disbelief, a demanding person like Wang Zhong Ding, a person that&#apos;s hard to please like that, unexpectedly disregarded the old grudges, and also spoke out this kind of lofty words.

Why did he suddenly feel he was very manly?

Han Dong hurriedly slapped himself, you forget about it!

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