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Sister Jiao directly gave a word: "Tacky!"

"Why should my">

Sister Jiao directly gave a word: "Tacky!"

"Why should my">

Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 53

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Somniator99 + Mosstree

On the first day of his training Han Dong already had a big argument with his manager.

"Why can&#apos;t I be called Han Tianwang? What&#apos;s wrong with this name?"

Sister Jiao directly gave a word: "Tacky!"

"Why should my file be changed? What&#apos;s wrong with me having six fingers? What&#apos;s wrong with me having not graduated from middle school? What&#apos;s wrong with me acting as an extra for 5 years? I insist on my true nature! I was born a grassroots connected with-earth-energy!"

(T/N: 草根 (grassroots) = Figuratively mean people at the basic level in the society)

(T/N: 接地氣 (connect with-earth-energy) = ‘connected with ordinary people/Being in touch with real life)

Sister Jiao looked at him coldly, "Do you think in this society nowadays people still buy the walking on plight route?"

"Who is walking on a plight route? This is my real experience ah!"

"It&#apos;s because it&#apos;s too real there is no explosive point that&#apos;s why I have to make you change it." Sister Jiao directly threw Li Shang&#apos;s file in front of Han Dong, "see this? This is conforming to the concept of the new generation of idols!"

Han Dong didn&#apos;t even look at it and directly threw it aside, "Why should I want to act as a pretentious prick like him? Why should I want to walk the same route as him? Why should I want to eat his leftovers?"

"Just because other people have already held this golden rice bowl up, all you can do now is snatch it."

(T/N: 金飯碗 (Golden rice bowl): secure and lucrative job)

Han Dong and sister Jiao had been arguing for quite a long time, and finally came down to an agreement with an indescribable attitude.

"Not making me follow according to his routine? Okay, no problem."

Sister Jiao continued to inquire: "What&#apos;s your talent and skills?"

Han Dong thought about it, "Skills……Does what I carry in my body counts?"

"Of course, innate skills are more attractive to people."

"Then there are many, glorious lotus tongues, spray water from the gap between my teeth, see people know their hair……"

Sister Jiao heard these strange words, and suddenly became somewhat interested.

"What is called glorious lotus tongues?"

Han Dong immediately opened his mouth to demonstrate, first he rolled his tongue into a curl, after that he rolled it into a second curl, then the third curl……finally it actually rolled up into a flower shape.

Sister Jiao was stupefied.

"I could also turn my tongue over, like this, I could also fold my tongue, also can……"

"That&#apos;s enough!" Sister Jiao couldn&#apos;t stand looking at it directly, "Next one!!!"

Han Dong then demonstrated the water spraying between his teeth, this was actually very easy to understand, it&#apos;s simply to contain a mouthful of water then spray it out from the gap of the teeth. According to common sense this was impossible, but to Han Dong this freak could be said otherwise.

Looking at dozens of streams of water sprayed out from Han Dong&#apos;s mouth, sister Jiao was petrified.

"As for seeing a person and know their hair……" Han Dong showed a smile that harbored malicious intentions, "It&#apos;s whoever I look at, I&#apos;ll roughly know what the color and luster of their hair is, what the shape is. Take you for example, under must be¥%%&#%@……"

Sister Jiao's face was green, after being rigidly stunned for a moment she got up and walked out.

"I will ask Chief Wang to find someone better qualified than me."

Han Dong hastily went to block her path, "Sister Jiao doesn&#apos;t be angry, I was just joking, easing the nervousness a bit."

Sister Jiao angrily choked inside: You&#apos;re not fucking nervous, your mother is the one who&#apos;s nervous! Who would dare to keep an extraordinary strange talent like you that could strip off a person underpants with your eyes by their side? Who could manage you ah?

"Sister Jiao, I have pretty much completed filling out the file form……." Han Dong discarded the extraordinary strength of his whole body, and turned into a newbie coaxing and pestering sister Jiao.

Sister Jiao picked up the file form and swept a glance at it, her brains almost exploding.

"Good, you&#apos;re good……"

Sister Jiao put away the file then stormed out, it would be useless to say anything again this time.

Han Dong exasperatedly shouted: "You can go, but you can&#apos;t speak to Chief Wang about my problem."

Sister Jiao was completely furious, just wait, if I don&#apos;t make you miserable then I have wasted many years of mingling (in the entertainment circle)!

Under Han Dong&#apos;s terrified expression was hidden a secret delight that was difficult to detect.

Sister Jiao went to Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office, she didn&#apos;t say a word, and directly placed the file form on his desk.

"Chief Wang, you take a look at this yourself."

Wang Zhong Ding picked it up to take a look, the file was written by Han Dong, name, age, home address and so on there was not a problem with the first few items, but when reaching the "stage name" column, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s gaze stopped.

"Nicholas. Tathagata."

(T/N: 如來 (Tathagata) = One of Buddha’s name)

The slogan below was also quite conspicuous.

"The number one unparalleled immortal of the great land of China, an unrivaled divine mathematician in the vast universe, master in the two languages of yin and yang, a rare idol with the strength of a great master in the fortune telling circles."

(T/N: 神州 (Shénzhōu) = Another name for Ancient China)

Then looked at the talent and personal strength in the back, it simply could be counted as a defiance of the natural order.

"Can lick my own chest."

Wang Zhong Ding slammed his hand on the office table, raising a layer of cigarette ashes that frightened people.

"Call him over for me!"

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