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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 51

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Translator: Polarbearadise

The next morning, Wang Zhong Ding switched to the surveillance video at the gate.

The video clearly recorded the whole story of Han Dong’s “crashed” last night, started from when Han Dong entered the camera shot, he was in a complete sleepwalking state. Immediately after that he walked to the left corner of the gate, Wang Zhong Ding’s car was just in time coming out, in the moment of the collision Han Dong was not in the least prepared, he was unable to see the slightest flaw.

The doorbell rang, Wang Zhong Ding closed the video.

Feng Jun came in and asked: “When will you send Han Dong to my sister?”

Wang Zhong Ding and Feng Jun have already reached an agreement, as soon as Han Dong nodded then they will let him signed a contract with Feng Mu Zhi’s management company. Although the artists managing businesses in Zhong Ding film and television was second to none, but due to considering the image of the company, “problematic artists” will be left to the collaborated management company to manage first, once they were tame into maturity only then they can come back and be signed again.

In just only one night, yet Wang Zhong Ding has changed his mind again.

“Leave him in the company.”

Feng Jun feel rather unexpected, “Did you really think it over carefully? He isn’t anything good.”

“Are you questioning my eyes or questioning the ability of our manager?” Asked Wang Zhong Ding.

Feng Jun embarrassedly smiled, “No, our company have so many excellent managers, how can we possibly unable to settle a little artist? I’m just worried that in the short term, his rebellious behavior may cause you unnecessary trouble.

Wang Zhong Ding humped a laugh, “you think too highly of him.”

“Since this is the case, then I’ll go arrange it.”

Feng Jun arranged a manager with the surname Jiao for Han Dong, in the company she has excellent relations with other people, everyone called her sister Jiao. Sister Jiao was currently carrying three new artists, the company arranged for them to all moved in an apartment building, moreover they have to live in the same suite.

“This is your room.” Sister Jiao led Han Dong to a door.

Han Dong swept a glance inside, the condition was good, although it can’t be compared to the “five-star prison” of before, at the very least it was fully-equipped, much better than his previous “inflate doghouse”.

“You cope with it first for tonight, tomorrow someone will help you replace the furniture with new ones.” Sister Jiao said.

Han Dong waved his hand, “No need to change it, isn’t this very good?”

“This is the instruction from above.”

When sister Jiao said “above”, Han dong automatically associate it with Wang Zhong Ding, immediately there was “cut” sound in his heart, giving me such special treatment again, you’ll die if you don’t be good to me?!

After the manager left, Han Dong went to visit the two rooms next door, as a result one door was locked from inside, one door was locked from the outside, not even their shadow was seen.

Han Dong had to return to his room again, he took out a photo of Wang Zhong Ding to look at it carefully.

Although Han Dong already certain that he will not like Wang Zhong Ding, it doesn’t mean he will sit and wait for death, after all when two people come in contact morning and night, every sudden occurrence is possible to happen.

What he has to do now was to take preventive measures in advance.

“Hate unfaithful lecherous, indecent hoodlum; hate people who love to brag, to feel good about themselves; hate slow-temperament, talk in a roundabout way; Hate people who have unfounded doubts, especially calculative person; Hate abnormal behavior, feudal superstitious people……”

Han Dong made a speculation based on Wang Zhong Ding’s facial features, guessing one thing after another, until the end his face turned green.

This was also too unlucky right?

All of these shortcomings that he hated, I actually don’t have even one!

Han Dong was especially worried, from what he saw, if he wants to put all of these flaws in his possession, and used it freely, it won’t be as simple as it might seemed. Insufficient forces will easily leave behind later calamity, too much force will easily produce the opposite of the desired result.

Take being stupid for example, you think acting stupid will be okay, but if you are not careful it might turn it into stupidly adorable (moe), this dimension is actually very difficult to grasp.

Therefore, Han dong intends to formulate a careful and rigorous plan.

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