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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 50

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Somniator99

While Wang Zhong Ding went to get the rest of the examination results, Han Dong walked limply out of the examination room, seeing Wan Li Qing sitting nearby, he then lifted his feet and walked over to her.

"How are you feeling now? Are you feeling better?" Asked Wan Li Qing.

Han Dong nodded his head, soon after he then did not speak again, he leaned against the side of the wall and put on a cool face, his eyes from time to time would glance toward Wan Li Qing&#apos;s face. Apart from satisfying his own sexual mind, he wanted to pry out her true relationship with Wang Zhong Ding even more.

Wan Li Qing found Han Dong deliberately gazing at her, she hurriedly asked: "What&#apos;s the matter?"

"You are Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s girlfriend?"

"Ha! You heard who say that?" Asked Wan Li Qing.

Han Dong pretended to be serious and said: "Wang Zhong Ding told me."

"How is that possible?" Wan Li Qing couldn&#apos;t help but laughed, "He would tell this to you?"

In fact in the beginning, Han Dong saw that Wan Li Qing was interested in Wang Zhong Ding, but the fate of these two people was shallow, although the relationship was ambiguous but it couldn&#apos;t fall into fruition, this really making people anxious ah!

"He didn&#apos;t clearly say it, but already agree tacitly inside."

After all Wan Li Qing was born in a wealthy and respectable prestigious family, one or two sweet tastes cannot easily capture the girl next door. Therefore even if Han Dong says more words that fit her true feeling, she would not be easily affected, after all the people who YY her with Wang Zhong Ding weren&#apos;t small in number.

"Then what did he said?" Wan Li Qing jokingly asked.

Han Dong didn&#apos;t say how Wang Zhong Ding kept himself clean, just you were the only woman who he was close with, didn&#apos;t say how he emotionally depended on you, but he often hanging you on his lips and other rotten and vulgar reasons, then he went straight onto the most convincing force.

(T/N: 掛在嘴邊 in literal translation means hanging someone on your lips/mouth, meaning talks about someone or something over and over again)

"He said the reason why he can&#apos;t accept you, because of the child."

So in short, the psychological barrier of Wan Li Qing&#apos;s cast iron was broken through, because Han Dong was the only person besides Wan Li Qing who knew Wang Zhong Ding has a child, in this way it was confirmed that the relationship between Han Dong and Wang Zhong Ding were out of ordinary.

(T/N: 铁铸 = cast iron -> willpower)

"What else did he say?" Wan Li Qing as expected asked again.

Han Dong only brought out those rotten and vulgar reasons, but at this moment when Wan Li Qing listened, it had a special kind of flavor in her ears. Especially Han Dong was still an actor, white he could change it to black. Finally with a few flowery sentences, he expressed his supportive attitude that could touch the bottom of one&#apos;s heart, as if they didn&#apos;t get together it would be his fault.

"Sister Wan, I&#apos;m an uncultured man, I have not learned those gorgeous flowery languages. But I dared to slap my chest and say: I have lived for so many years, I have never seen a man like brother Wang who is so dead set on something!"

Wan Li Qing did not like to show her true feeling in front of outsiders, especially Wang Zhong Ding looks like he was coming back soon, she needed to be calm in time to face the reality.

But Han Dong still wouldn&#apos;t let it go, "sometimes I watched brother Wang stayed up at three or four o&#apos;clock in the middle of the night, there was not even a person by his side to serve tea, pour water and be heartache for him, in my heart there is this kind of feeling……" As he was saying he unexpectedly choked with sobs, his head tilted back making the tear flowed back in, he then opened his mouth again yet unable to continue, "really……I……"

"All right all right……" Wan Li Qing hurriedly patted Han Dong’s back to comfort him, “I understand your intention, but this kind of matter can&#apos;t be hasty, we&#apos;ll just let nature take its course.”

Han Dong&#apos;s tears *shua* down, don&#apos;t let nature take its course ah! letting nature take its course there will not fucking be your matter anymore!

"Both of your age isn&#apos;t small, the way brother Wang staying up late like that, I’m really worried that less than few a years……" Just as he finished speaking then saw Wang Zhong Ding coming over, Han Dong immediately concluded the topic, "sister-in-law, please allow me to be affronted and address you as sister-in-law, can you agree to this for me first? Can you can you?

Wan Li Qing on the surface nodded to give her consent, in fact there were words that she had been holding backs inside, that is: Brother, honestly speaking……what can you do about this matter ah?

Wang Zhong Ding came over, seeing the rim of Han Dong&#apos;s eyes were red, he couldn&#apos;t help but asked: "What&#apos;s the matter?"

Han Dong naturally and unrestrainedly flings back his head, "it&#apos;s nothing, just happy for you guys."

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face had just eased up become stiffened once again, you get under the wheel of our car at night, making us spend the time to accompany you for examination, and you still happy for us?

Wan Li Qing could see what Wang Zhong Ding was thinking, she immediately said as a person situated in between: "He didn&#apos;t mean that, he……" but suddenly didn&#apos;t know how she should open her mouth.

"Forget it, I&#apos;ll take you back."

As the car entered the road, Wan Li Qing asked Wang Zhong Ding: "That man just now, are you well acquainted with him? "

"Know less than a month, meet not more than five times."

Wan Li Qing&#apos;s face one minute turned blue and the next minute tuned white, she couldn&#apos;t speak a word for half a day.

Wang Zhong Ding saw that there was something wrong with Wan Li Qing, asked: "What&#apos;s wrong?"

"Oh, it&#apos;s nothing." Wan Li Qing&#apos;s gloomy gaze turned to outside of the car&#apos;s window.

Wang Zhong Ding sent out another car to pick up Han Dong, after Han Dong got into the car he pretended to sleep, the driver called a few times but couldn&#apos;t wake him up, under helplessness without any better option he called Wang Zhong Ding.

"Chief Wang, where shall I send him ah?"

“Send him back to the company first for the time being.”

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