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Just as he was about to clean up the "ashes", he suddenly heard the sound of unlocking coming from the room diagonally across.


Just as he was about to clean up the "ashes", he suddenly heard the sound of unlocking coming from the room diagonally across.


Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 47

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Somniator99

Han Dong burned the "five sisters”, he also conveniently burned their bras, and underwear altogether.

Just as he was about to clean up the "ashes", he suddenly heard the sound of unlocking coming from the room diagonally across.

Han Dong rushed to the door, what he saw was actually the landlord and an unfamiliar girl. Not only this girl was beautiful, but the beauty had so far also come to look at the room alone. `

If it was before, Han Dong&#apos;s evil fang would definitely bare from the corner of his mouth.

But today, he unexpectedly didn&#apos;t have any excitement at all.

He only swept a glance at the other person&#apos;s skirt, then closed the door of his room.

As if everything was really over.

This place no longer had anything to miss and necessary to keep waiting for.

For the entire day, Han Dong kept pondering over the matter of how to go back.

Call Feng Jun to make him send someone over to pick him up? grand is grand, but according to Feng Jun&#apos;s temper, if by any chance he threw a sentence like "take a taxi on your own", wouldn&#apos;t he lose face even more? Call Er Lei? Er Lei will certainly report to Wang Zhong Ding. If by any chance Wang Zhong Ding personally drives the car to come pick him up, it will give him enough face, but Han Dong had a feeling that he was selling himself.

Soon the evening arrived, it was also the end of the "three-days" deadline.

Han Dong had always been keeping watch of the phone, hoping over there would give a ladder to step down, as a result there had never been any movement.

(T/N: Giving a ladder to someone to step down = giving a person a way out of an embarrassing situation)

It seemed that he had no other choice but to visit on his own.

At that very moment, Han Dong resembled a wife that lost money instead of being paid, desperately looking for a red veil to cover his entire body.

(T/N: 倒貼 (lose money instead of being paid or pay for the upkeep) = spending time/effort doing something but with no result. The person who should get the money in turn gives [money, things, etc.] to people)

(T/N: Red Veil = In ancient time, the bride would cover their head with a red veil when the groom arrived at their house and pick them up. So what HD means is the red veil = a way that he can use to go back to WZD company and not appear like he is going on his own will)

And this red veil, after considering for a long time it could only be "sleepwalking".

However, Han Dong can&#apos;t guarantee that at night he would really sleepwalk, there was also no guarantee that when he sleepwalks he would go to look for Wang Zhong Ding.

Therefore, he could only pretend to sleepwalk.

The great master Han did a little calculation, tonight there would be disaster when going out.

Since the time he met Wang Zhong Ding, Han Dong had directly changed the pronoun "disaster" to Wang Zhong Ding, there would be "disaster" when he encounters Wang Zhong Ding. As to what the disaster would be in the end, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t calculate carefully, in short running into Wang Zhong Ding was not a good thing. But regarding tonight&#apos;s operation it was still very necessary, he needed the "prospective husband" to witness this "lost money instead of being paid wife" didn&#apos;t come visit voluntarily at all.

Over 10 o&#apos;clock at night, Wan Li Qing stayed at Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s office to accompany him working overtime.

"Are you this time determined to not agree to Xia Ke? No matter what method he uses to force you?" Wan Li Qing asked.

Wang Zhong Ding said: "I&#apos;m unable to agree, I have cast "that person of his" into three blockbuster films, in the end to compensate for the loss there wasn&#apos;t any residue remain. No matter how many luxurious packaging technologies were used, how many professional teams were in operation, all could not contend against a box office poison."

Wan Li Qing on one side fixing Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s collar while smiling and said: "I have seen two among of his films, to tell the truth, his role itself isn&#apos;t loveable."

"His acting skill is completely zero, any director would be powerless with him, in the end can only let him act facial nerve paralysis, which is he himself."

Wan Li Qing was puzzled, "in the end what is Xia Ke thinking? Even if he is rich he can&#apos;t waste it like that right? That person of his doesn&#apos;t have an audience base at all, directly walk on a high-end route, how is it possible to raise him up to popularity?"

"He doesn&#apos;t want to raise him up to popularity." Wang Zhong Ding said.

"What do you mean?"

"If he really wants to raise him to popularity, he would already give publicity with great fanfare to promote him. He holds power in his hand, he has no problem with occupying all the headline every day, but have you seen that person appeared on any entertainment news? To put it bluntly, he throws money to make a movie simply not for the audience, but for himself to watch."

Wan Li Qing softly sighed, "Xia Ke has already been strange like that since childhood."

"It&#apos;s late, I&#apos;ll take you back." Wang Zhong Ding said.


Han Dong made the driver park at a place few hundred meters away from company&#apos;s gate, because there were cameras spreading everywhere in front, Han Dong must make his sleepwalking state to appear perfect and realistic.

This, regarding Han Dong would simply don&#apos;t consider as difficult matter.

However there was one thing, Han Dong was unable to overcome.

That was when Han Dong really sleepwalks, even when his eyes closed he was still able to see things and avoid all obstacles, but when it comes to pretending to sleepwalk, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t see anything with his eyes closed.

Therefore, in order to be safe, Han Dong pried open a small crack in his eyelids, squinting his eyes as he walked toward the road. All the way to the company&#apos;s gate, Han Dong observed the inside environment, secretly memorizing where there are trees, where there are stairs, as well as a safe route to walk……then breathe out and closed his eyes

When the car arrived at the gate, Wan Li Qing suddenly asked: "Then who did you originally planned to be the male lead ah?"

Wang Zhong Ding turned the car, just as he wanted to reply, he then heard a "bang".


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