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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 45

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Bear with my editing skill, my editor is still busy ^^

Translator: Polarbearadise

Han Dong was worthy of the person who had slept on the same bed with Li Shang, Li Shang had just got onto the car, the corner of his mouth has abandoned his cheeks, inside he secretly scolded: This man is very good, scourged himself and turned into this kind of pretentious man!

(T/N: Y&#apos;all don&#apos;t get the wrong idea haha, by sleeping in the same bed as someone, it just a way of saying that you know that person well)

Just as he about to lifted up his foot and walk away, a car behind him honked frantically.

Last time when Han Dong was at this place he was suppressed with a belly full of anger, then there was someone who came to pour oil on the fire, as a result this time once again there was someone without eyes.

(T/N: 不長眼 = without eyes mean not being cautious/careful/don&#apos;t pay attention to danger)

However, Han Dong didn&#apos;t even say a word.

Today he has completely broadened his knowledge, what&#apos;s called handsome that makes people want to kneel……

The man in the car, white shirt + black suit + military overcoat, bright and proud, with noble air soared to the sky.

The handsomeness of others was to be looked at, but the handsomeness of this man makes you want to scream and threw yourself at him. Without giving you any time to act like a pretentious prick, with a dazzling glance he already makes you displayed your cowardice. Then he will shake his sleeve and left, leaving behind a road of short (窮- qióng), poor (矮-ǎi) and ugly (搓-cuō).

Han Dong was startled as he stared, why does this person look a little familiar?


Feng Jun stood in front of the window, looking at a figure that was like a pillar of light flashed into the building, he joked with Wang Zhong Ding and said: "Everytime Xia Hong Wei came to our company, he would force the groups of male stars turned into losers."

(T/N: 屌絲 (loser) = an internet slang meaning loser)

"Not just our place, anywhere else is the same." Wang Zhong Ding objectively stated.

Feng Jun sighed with lament, "his family genes are too formidable, us worthless commoner can only gaze at his back."

Just as he said, the handsome beyond the normal range of measurement eldest young master entered the door covered in dust. Taking off his sunglasses, without saying a word, he directly pick up Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s cup of water and drank it, then pointed at Feng Jun, "your boss and I have something to discuss, you go out first."

(T/N: 風塵僕僕 = Covered in dust, travel-worn, tired from traveling)

After Feng Jun went out, Wang Zhong Ding joked with Xia Hong Wei.

"What major event have troubled you to personally take a trip to this place?"

Xia Hong Wei sat down next to Wang Zhong Ding, his arm naturally hugged Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s shoulder.

"Let me ask, how much money are you guys currently invested to prepare to film this movie?"

"The current budget is two hundred millions yuan."

After all movie is a project that has high-risk investment, in the mainland two hundred million yuan is basically has reached its peak, those with several hundreds of million was frequently used simply to promote, in term of operating rules, the box office income must reach three times the investment in order to not lose money.

Xia Hong Wei didn&#apos;t even think about it and said: "I will invest one hundred million yuan, you give the male lead role to him."

"The funds are already in place." Wang Zhong Ding directly refused

The expression in Xia Hong Wei&#apos;s eyes was overcast, after a long silence he heroically said again, "this one hundred million of mine was to throw away, could buy a male lead of your."

"Your degree of infatuation already makes me amazed, but this role doesn&#apos;t fit for him. You can take one hundred million yuan to film a personalized movie for him, I will help you find the best director, and the most luxurious star line-up."

Xia Hong Wei&#apos;s fingers on Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s shoulder tightened up, the force of pressure goes straight deep into the flesh.

"I have taken a fancy of this one."

Wang Zhong Ding smiled, "then there is nothing to be done."

Xia Hong Wei&#apos;s attitude was stubborn, "I have decided on this role! You want to give you also have to give! You don&#apos;t want to give you also have to give!"

The complexion on Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face turned from indifferent to cold, when he stretched his hand toward his shoulder, in a split second he gripped Xia Hong Wei&#apos;s wrist in reverse, the smell of gunpowder soared high into the air and begin to spread ferociously in the room.

"Xia Ke!"

Suddenly there was an outcry, breaking the deadlock inside the room.

Wan Li Qing stood at the doorway with a displeased on her face, "why are you two fighting again?"

The "Xia Ke" in her mouth was Xia Hong Wei inside the room, in his second year of elementary school Xia Hong Wei was called "Xia Ke", because there was a certain complication when the teacher doing a roll call, it was then changed to Xia Hong Wei.

Therefore, to be able to shout this name, this person undoubtedly grew up in the same kindergarten.

Also grew up in the same kindergarten, there was also a little expert in arithmetic that for the past many years devoted his effort to repeatedly prevent his desk-mate from investing randomly but failed——Wang Zhong Ding.

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