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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 44

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Translator: Polarbearadise

What kind of appearance Han Dong had on when he came in, he still had on that kind of appearance when he go out. From head to toes he was tattered as before, with a curly little rabbit tail was pointing upward, and a graceful bearing of a licentious hooligan……

But the one sitting opposite in the car, was entirely different from before.

Speaking of coincident, Han Dong has stayed at this place for more than ten days, and had never once run into Li Shang. In the end today when he was about to leave, he unexpectedly ran into him at the entrance.

Han Dong happened to stand at the position when he came last time, Li Shang still sat in the car as before, like a recreation of the scene of borrowing money……only this time, Li Shang&#apos;s attitude had changed completely.

"Hey, how come you are here?"

Li Shang took the initiative and got out of the car to greet him, as if he doesn&#apos;t have any air of a celebrity, and still enthusiastic toward people as before.

Han Dong laughed very casually, "it&#apos;s nothing, I&#apos;m just randomly taking a stroll."

"Beijing is so big, you took one stroll and at once strolled all the way to this place?"

Li Shang looks as if he was inadvertently joking, however Han Dong has sharply interpreted his nervous implication, a kind of fear and trepidation that the "real good" has exposed in front of Wang Zhong Ding.

"Taking advantage of the situation to come and see you." Han Dong says superficially.

Li Shang took out a cigarette and handed it to Han Dong, he personally lighted up for him, and also conveniently lighted up one for himself.

The smoke was the same height, same proportion, equally fat and thin as it lingered beside the face of the two men, harmoniously to the point of somewhat satirizing.

"Oh that&#apos;s right, did you received the money?" Li Shang asked.

"Pointless, I already returned to you."

(T/N: In the raw, there was only 沒用 (useless/pointless) before the comma, but what HD mean is the question that LS asked is pointless)

"Oh?" Li Shang seemed as if he know just now, "I haven&#apos;t noticed all this time."

Han Dong ruminate as he laughed and laughed, "right ah, you are well-off now, a few tens of thousands more or a few tens of thousands less are not regarded as anything of importance!"

Just as Li Shang got off, Han Dong could at once make out that his outfit from head to toes are at least 6 figures. Although it still couldn&#apos;t conceal the smell of soil, but in the eyes of ordinary people like Han Dong, it was a complete turnover.

(T/N: Smell of soil = referring someone as a country bumpkin)

Li Shang was embarrassed, "look at what you said! My account has always been managed by the manager, I only kept a little amount that&#apos;s enough for me to spend, toward money I simply don’t have any idea."

"*tsk* *tsk*……still showing off on and on!" Han Dong has on an expression of disdain.

Li Shang jokingly threw Han Dong a fist, refused to admit even in death, "who is showing off? What am I showing off?

"Okay okay okay!" Han Dong hurriedly stopped, "I showed off, I take that 30,000 yuan of your to show off all right?"

Li Shang remembered just now and asked: "Why didn&#apos;t you use it?"

Han Dong coldly humphed, "whenever you see me you would pretend not to know, how can I still protrude a straight face and use your money for?"

"The matter is not like that, you listen to my explanation, in the beginning I really didn&#apos;t recognize you. Until you cursed at me, only then I heard it was you. But the car had already started, and there were so many people in the car, I&#apos;m not that shameless to make the driver stop again!"

Han Dong repeatedly nodded to deal with it, but actually it simply hadn&#apos;t gone into his ear.

In a blink of an eye the cigarette almost finished smoked, Han Dong still hasn&#apos;t mentioned his purpose of coming here. Li Shang looked at him vaguely dismissing it, with an appearance of deliberately evading, inevitably think toward that aspect in his heart.

"Are you short on money again?"

Han Dong was dumbfounded for a moment, "no ah."

"Next time don&#apos;t come here to look for me, I run around outside all day long, and very rarely stayed in the company. This is my new phone number, usually it&#apos;s my assistant who answers the phone, just call directly when you are short on money."

"No need really." Han Dong said, "I have enough money to spend."

"Why are you overly polite like that? Without you, I would be drinking the northwest wind up until now! If you don’t have money just open your mouth to ask at any time, more I can&#apos;t dare to say, but ten thousands or eight thousands are no problem."

(T/N: 見外: overly polite = regard someone as an outsider/ treats someone as a stranger)

(T/N: 喝西北風: drink the northwest wind = idiom for cold and hungry)

While they were talking, a foreigner came over, and said something to Li Shang.

Han Dong still remembered when he first met Li Shang, Li Shang had the same level of English as he does, the basic level of "láishì(來是) is to come qùshì(去是) is to go, diǎntóu (點頭 – nod) is yes yáotóu(搖頭 – shake one&#apos;s head) is no". Didn&#apos;t expect, in less than two months, Li Shang had already able to communicate all in English with the foreigner without any obstacles.

Solely on this point, Han Dong already has no reason to look down on him.

The foreigner turned around and walked away, Han Dong followed his background and swept a glance toward a car, then he said to Li Shang: "good ah, you must be doing pretty good, you just came to the company for several days and was already supplied an RV."

"How could I get that treatment? This is the car of a sister in our company, that foreigner just now was her assistant."

"Fang Yun?"

"Oh, you have good eyes!"

Han Dong humphed a laugh, "she has been my goddess for more than ten years, how can I not recognize?"

Nowadays the management company only used two ways to train the newcomer, one was for them to stationed with the cast and crew and casts a net over a large area, the other is to let the artist that had matured to carry the new artist. On the other hand Li Shang had made a very popular star pave way for him, it can be clearly seen he was highly regarded to what degree.

(T/N: Casts a net = meaning to learn, like throw a net to catch fishes = gather more knowledge/learn from others)

"I&#apos;m must go take on an acting role right now, at that time if there is an opportunity, I certainly will recommend you to the director! However I&#apos;m also a newcomer, what I say doesn&#apos;t have any weight. An important role might be unlikely, but at least I can guarantee you will have a name in it, and a few direct camera shot."

Han Dong smiled and waved his hand, "I&#apos;m not going to join the fun."

(T/N: 湊熱鬧 = join in the fun, to get in on the action)

"I told you I&#apos;m going to help you, you think this brother is joking?"

"Okay, you hurried back to the car, don&#apos;t let the big shot waiting for a newcomer like you!"

Li Shang nodded, intentionally warned repeatedly as he said: "The company recently reorganized the environment at the entrance, a few day ago a fan was squatting on the spot and was beaten by the security guards. In the future when you want to look for me just call in advance, I&#apos;ll make an appointment at a place to have a meal, brother will treat you properly!"

"Uhm, I got it." Han Dong waves his hand.

After getting in the car, Li Shang&#apos;s expression restored to coldness.

Fang Yun couldn&#apos;t help but open her mouth to ask: "Who was that just now?"

"A fan." Li Shang said.

"You can also chat that long with a fan?"

"He is a chatterbox."

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