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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 43

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

The next morning, Han Dong got up and as usual went to weigh himself.

As a result, the one pound that was lost during the first three days, no more no less, all had returned.

(T/N: 一斤 = 1 lb or .5 kg)

What was going on? Han Dong was at once dumbstruck.

Could it be the defecation in these two days didn’t go smoothly have caused this? Or was it that the physical exertion was too much that caused it to swell? Han Dong brushed his teeth while looking for the cause.

Suddenly, on the toothbrush appeared a piece of scary shredded meat!

Han Dong hurried back to the bedroom, opened the drawer and looked, a dozen of cans disappeared as expected. Feeling annoyed he pulled his hair, &#apos;if I had known earlier I should have dealt with all these together, I can only blame myself for being so careless!&#apos;

Han Dong listlessly went to throw out the trash, as a result he found that the two bodyguards weren&#apos;t present.

The possibility of them arriving late was unlikely, they must have a different mission at the last moment……Han Dong thought to himself, Er Lei normally came to deliver food at 10 o’clock, currently it was half-past eight, there was plenty of time.

As a result, Han Dong hurried to the hall to contact the courier.

Generally speaking, when the courier received the suitcase, he would have to open it to examine it.

But Han Dong had, in order to save time, sealed the suitcase in advance, therefore he begged the other person: "All I have here is foods, there aren&#apos;t any items that violate the prohibition, brother don&#apos;t trouble yourself with it."

The courier reluctantly agreed, "as long as you clearly indicated all of the items."

"No problem."

Han Dong looked at the courier safely leave, his chest could finally let out a sigh of relief!

After that he went back to the bathroom again to comb his pigtail.

Han Dong&#apos;s hair had always been classified as severely curly, it was dyed yellow, plus his eye sockets were slightly deep, the shape of his bone was tall and straight like a Westerner. At first glance he especially looked like a handsome Westerner, but then when looking at the billboard he carried on his shoulder, "fortune telling, facial reading, glyphomancy, feng shui……"

Just as Han Dong picked up the comb, there was a strange face came to his door.

"Manager Feng has called you to take a trip over."

Han Dong had heard that many female celebrities in the entertainment circle changed their profession to be a boss, he hastily made some inquiries: "Male or female?"


Forget it, no need to comb it then, Han Dong carried the style of Einstein on his head and went out.

When he entered Feng Jun&#apos;s office and saw several suitcases piled up against the wall, Han Dong couldn&#apos;t help but become stupefied.

Sure enough I had left out a hand……

Feng Jun threw the two express delivery bills in his hand to Han Dong, on the first bill was written detailed materials such as &#apos;beer, drinks and mineral water&#apos;, on the second bill was written &#apos;peanut, melon seeds and eight treasure porridge&#apos;.

"Are you sending it to the Ministry of Railway?" Feng Jun asked.

"Pu——" Han Dong himself had just realized, "don&#apos;t tease me, my sense of humor is especially low."

Feng Jun replied indifferently: "I don&#apos;t see how low your sense of humor is, but I do see high your shamelessness are."

That time when Han Dong came to the company to look for Li Shang, he had met Feng Jun, at that time he didn&#apos;t like this person, now even though he had been caught, there was no guilt and shame. He was calmly sitting leisurely opposite of Feng Jun with a sloppy hooligan expression.

Feng Jun raised his chin, "explain it."

"What is there to explain? I can&#apos;t finish eating it and don&#apos;t want to waste it, so I sent it to my friend."

"If you can&#apos;t finish eating it why do you still want more?"

Han Dong shrugged, "I didn&#apos;t want more ah! They keep putting it in the refrigerator, if you don&#apos;t believe me ask Er Lei."

"Don&#apos;t think that just because Wang Zhong Ding appreciates you, you can be unbridled with the capital, let me tell you, even if someone brings in a dog, our company can also still raise it to popularity! I&#apos;ve been doing this for so many years, and I still haven&#apos;t really found anyone here that aren&#apos;t capable! Especially since you still have a spare tire, when you left, he&#apos;ll replace you immediately."

(T/N: 備胎 – Spare tire = someone/something that is a backup or reserve)

Feng Jun&#apos;s remarks not only didn&#apos;t draw out Han Dong&#apos;s sense of crisis, instead it made him speak even more plausible.

"Since there is a spare tire, why don&#apos;t you let me go?"

Feng Jun directly showed Li Shang&#apos;s poster, "This is your spare tire, of course it&#apos;s not as good as the original."

Han Dong at first stared blankly for a moment, then he said cheerfully: "That is my brother, if my spare tire is him, I&#apos;d be more than willing to make room. That&#apos;s why, your reverse psychology is used on the wrong person."

"Whether it was used on the wrong person or not, you yourself are clear about it in your heart." Feng Jun lightly tapped his fingers on the tabletop, "Li Shang has seized the key moment and has already become the rookie that the company&#apos;s strongly raising this year. If you don&#apos;t turn down this position, he&#apos;ll only occupy a small piece of your land. If you turn down this position, he&#apos;ll certainly occupy all of your lands."

Han Dong&#apos;s face didn&#apos;t change color and his heart didn&#apos;t skip, let him take it, it was best to also occupy Wang Zhong Ding, this piece of land!

Feng Jun no longer beat about the bush, he directly put it out: "I&#apos;ll give you three days of freedom, you think it over carefully, if after three days you continue to persist on leaving, we certainly will not keep you!"

"No need to take three days." Han Dong&#apos;s attitude was very clear, "I can give you the answer now."

"Need or no need is your business, I&#apos;m just in charge of providing."

(T/N: What Feng Jun mean is that needing or not needing three days to think it over is HD business/problem, he only in charge of providing the information/change his mind)

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