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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 37

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T/N: Disregard what I said in the last chapter, Mr. Wang will be changed to Chief Wang, not CEO Wang. I’ll fix all the chapter soon.

Translator: Polarbearadise and Eclipse9

Editor: Somniator9

"However, he made it clear that he didn&#apos;t want to sign a contract with us, he also didn&#apos;t want to grow in the show business." Er Lei said.

This point, was contrary to Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s expectation.

"Did he say why?"

Er Lei shook his head, "he didn&#apos;t say."

In the evening, Wang Zhong Ding drove his car to Han Dong&#apos;s apartment once again.

Last time they were in hurry, and didn&#apos;t have time to lock the door, but also there was nothing to steal anyway. After two nights, there was a cheap inflated mattress that had been so shriveled up that one was unable to make out the shape. The mattress was littered with clothes, daily necessities, half-eaten snacks……In this pile of junk, there was a particularly eye-catching storage box.

When Wang Zhong Ding opened it, he found that the contents inside were arranged quite neatly.

Almost all kind of entertainment magazines, were arranged according to the release date, from the first issue to the last issue, not even one was missing. Rummaging through it again, he also saw books for professional acting, every page even has marking on it.

At last, from inside Wang Zhong Ding took out an old discolored yellow book of 《Three Hundred Tang Poems Book》

(T/N: 《唐詩三百首》 (Three Hundred Tang Poems Book) -而這其中還包括韓東自顧延長的一兩妙,如果照實算,真的可以忽略不計。

This book is a compilation of poems from the Tang Dynasty (618-907)—an age in which poetry and the arts flourished with many of China&#apos;s most famous poets—Du Fu, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, and Wang Wei—and are represented by timeless poems about love, war)

On top of the book was written: "Given by girlfriend, first love."

From the degree of deterioration the book was in, it could be seen that it was very old,

from the degree of naivety and innocence in the contents, it could be seen that it was love at an early age, it seemed like some pervert was naturally born like this.

Very soon, Wang Zhong Ding found a magazine that was left out.

This magazine was the one with him as the cover, the face on the cover now had messy scribbles and scrawls all over it, but it was not the kind that of mischief graffiti, but rather with all sorts of strange markings and symbols.

At the same time, Wang Zhong Ding also picked up a picture of Han Dong not far away, it&#apos;s was also scribbled this way.

Wang Zhong Ding tore the magazine cover off and put it in a bag along with the picture of Han Dong.

After that, he turned on Han Dong&#apos;s computer.

Han Dong&#apos;s computer was like a miniature version of the room, inside there were all sorts of messy software and icons, but when he opened a folder named "performance," the classification inside was so neat, and meticulous.

There were hundreds of videos in one sub-folder, it contained all of the movies and TV shows that he had participated in the lasts five years, most of them were produced by Zhong Ding film and television company, but Wang Zhong Ding never knew, there was Han Dong in it.

These videos were all named in a uniform way, such as 12′15″—12′17″,47′33″—47′34″……and so on, the length of time mentioned above were the time of Han Dong&#apos;s appearances.

For a numberphile like Wang Zhong Ding, with just simply a glance, the total time Han Dong appeared could be calculated.

Five years——less than the time when the main actor appeared in a movie.

And among those also included Han Dong cleverly prolonged by 1 or 2 seconds, if looked at it in a practical way, it really could be ignored.

It was hard to imagine, this kind of crazy fool, how could someone like that be so persistent? What was even harder to understand, was why did he turned down such a great opportunity to grow, when he was so obsessed with acting?

Wang Zhong Ding opened another sub-folder, inside contained the pictures taken when Han Dong acted as an extra, as well as a few pictures taken together with celebrity. Sliding the mouse to the bottom, an unexpected picture leaped into Wang Zhong Ding’s line of sight.

Picture of Han Dong and Li Shang!

They were standing in the doorway of Beijing Studio with arms around each other’s shoulders, the picture was taken exactly on the day when Liang Jing sent people over to pick the leading role.

In the picture Li Shang was smiling very stupidly, he was a different person than when Wang Zhong Ding saw him for the first time

Wang Zhong Ding also put this picture in his hard drive.

Before leaving, Wang Zhong Ding also found a rope tied to the door handle, which was the prop that Han Dong used to tie himself up as he cried and yelled. It was an ordinary hemp rope, a few strand of twine was winded and coiled to complete it. Though because of being tossed from side to side by Han Dong like that, the string in the middle was a little loose, and something seemed to pop out from inside.

Wang Zhong Ding used his fingers to disassemble the hemp rope, and pulled out a piece of paper.

"My most beloved Dongzi."

It was very obvious, that this was a man&#apos;s handwriting.

Wang Zhongding suddenly remembered that night when Han Dong cried and tied himself up……

If no one discovered it, in seven days? Ten days? The longest was no more than a month, this paper would have just rotted inside. It was very fortunate, someone had found this secret, but very unfortunate too, as the man who found it wasn&#apos;t Han Dong.

Wang Zhong Ding pulled out the piece of paper and didn&#apos;t put it back afterward, instead he put it in his own pocket.

Then, locked the door tightly.

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