Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 34

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Driven for less than five kilometers, they were stuck in traffic.

Wang Zhong Ding turned on the CD player inside the car, he chose some light music to calm his impatient mood down.

The heater inside the car was at a very high temperature, Han Dong at first wrapped himself up like a silkworm chrysalis, without moving. It was now warm, so he unconsciously began to pull down the blanket on his body.

Despite the loud music, Wang Zhong Ding still felt that there was an unusual sound.

When he listened carefully, the sound stopped.

Perhaps it was just something rolling around inside the car, or the car rolling into something……or so he thought, Wang Zhong Ding didn&#apos;t care and continued to concentrate on driving.

The light music was changed, compared to the first song the rhythm of this one was much faster and more vibrant, it was even easier to stimulate the brain cortex. Especially for Han Dong when sleeping he is like a various kind of lively exotic flower, it simply stimulated his nerves.

(T/N: Saying someone is an exotic flower just mean that they are weird/unusual/unique)

Soon, Han Dong began to hum to the rhythm.

Once again Wang Zhong Ding heard an unusual sound, he turned off the music directly, as a result after he turned it off, Han Dong didn&#apos;t hum. It wasn&#apos;t until Wang Zhong Ding turned the music on again, that the unusual sound appeared again, the same thing also happened after he changed to the next song.

How could there be noise? Was there something wrong with the CD player?

While he was thinking about it, someone suddenly began to sing along with the music.

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face at that time immediately turned green.

Because he heard the lyrics …

——Wasn&#apos;t this the light song ah!!!

Which company produced a CD Player that could issue such noises that were in defiance of the natural order? Using the lyrics of the song Phoenix Legend and combining it with the piano tune of Richard Clayderman, WTF the beat actually matched!

Wang Zhong Ding suddenly slammed the brakes.

Before he turned on the light inside the car, a lustrous, white hand extended from the back.

"Shifu, go to the river bay community……"

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s neck stiffened as he turned his head, he saw Han Dong&#apos;s hand weren&#apos;t holding RMB(yuan), but the yellow talisman that was leftover from yesterday. Then as he took a glance at the rearview mirror through the corner of his eyes (peripheral vision), the face of a man with two unopened eyes suddenly appeared.

If Wang Zhong Ding wasn&#apos;t a materialist believer, at this moment he would already be scared to the point of losing his soul.

How could a person suddenly appear?

Han Dong threw the yellow talisman at Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s legs and went back to sleep.

Wang Zhong Ding turned on the light inside the car, he saw a man sprawled on the back seats, wearing only a small underpants. Normally people who appeared in this image were either idiots or someone who drank too much, considering that his car was parked in front of the hotel, Wang Zhong Ding guessed that the possibility of the second option was greater.

If directly threw him out on the road, even if he didn&#apos;t freeze to death, he would be crippled.

Therefore Wang Zhong Ding moved to the back seats, wanting to wake Han Dong up to ask about the situation. As a result when he raised his hand, his eyes landed on Han Dong&#apos;s legs.

Close range, high-definition, multi-angle…..There was no mistake!

No surgery, no adjustments, no scars……totally natural!

It had been a long time since Wang Zhong Ding was shocked like this, he was simply unable to imagine, the difficult problem of the human body data that he created in order to suppress his subordinates, to his surprise it was solved on this person’s body!!

It was like Han Dong was deliberately showing off his good body, lying flat on his back was uncomfortable, he turned his body over, his big long legs couldn&#apos;t fully stretch therefore it was raised up and leaned on top of the back of the front seat, highlighting the angle of the curve on his two long stunning legs.

At this very moment Wang Zhong Ding was excited, the excitement was not the slightest less than when he saw a long-lost antique watch.


Because Wang Zhongding knew the address that Han Dong talked about, it was not far from his home, Wang Zhong Ding intended to send Han Dong home first, to check his personal information, convenient for future contact.

After the car stopped, Wang Zhong Ding tried to wake Han Dong up but didn&#apos;t succeed, without a choice he had to wrap him in a blanket and carry him straight out of the car.

As the elevator went up, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s cell phone rang.

Han Dong was shocked by the sudden sound, he fiercely struggles on Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s body, half-dreaming and half-awake, he took the rope and wrapped it around Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s neck.

Wang Zhong Ding just answered the phone, the rope had already wrapped around his neck three times. However Han Dong still didn&#apos;t halt his movements, Wang Zhong Ding just acted as if he was a crazy drunken man, he didn&#apos;t care and continued talking on the phone.

"Miss Wan has been sent home, you can rest assured."


As a result when Wang Zhong Ding opened his mouth, he didn&#apos;t know who provoked this grandpa, Han Dong began to madly strangle Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s neck. He didn&#apos;t even loosen it one bit, strangling Wang Zhong Ding so violently that the blue veins popped up on his forehead, his face had turned purple.

"Is your wife urging you to go to the train station? What? Is it time to check in? Do you want to go? No way!" Han Dong was strangling him while shouting, it was no use trying to persuade him.

"What&#apos;s wrong with you? Hello? Mr. Wang? Why are you not saying……"

The cell phone was hung up, Wang Zhong Ding whose face was never annoyed, today Han Dong had forced him to explode with foul language.

"You motherf***ing stay still and behave for me!!"

This harsh roar had forced Han Dong to wake up, but when he woke up, he was still intoxicated, in a daze he looked at Wang Zhong Ding and murmured hatefully: "F***! JB I dreamed about you again! You damned gay!"

(T/N: JB = Slang for d*ck)

The notice from the elevator sounded, Wang Zhong Ding endured his temper and carried Han Dong back to his room.

As a result, just as he put Han Dong down on the bed, this good at once caught Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s neck and clung to his body, his mouth moved close to Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s ear and he laughed xi xi like a thief, "in fact when you gave me this rope, it wasn&#apos;t to tie myself up right? It is for me to tie you up right? Right? Right? Ha ha ha ha ha……"

If Ye Chenglin heard this, he surely would burst into tears, but replaced him with Wang Zhong Ding, then what would happen?

Han Dong patted heavily on the back of Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s head, "Did I say what was in your heart? Ah? Am I right? Ha ha ha ha ha….."

Wang Zhong Ding, "……"

While Han Dong was still causing disturbances, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s eyes had inadvertently swept to the photograph of Han Dong on the opposite wall. Normal people would use photo frames to decorate if not artistic photos then commemorative photos, who would enlarge their ID picture N times and hang it on the wall? Fortunately it was colored, if this was black and white, it was simply not any different from a portrait of a deceased.

(T/N: N = many times/unknown number of time)

It seemed, this good didn&#apos;t just go crazy from the alcohol, rather it was a mental problem.

Just when Wang Zhong Ding was hesitating, Han Dong provided the "ironclad evidence" to his assumption.

Han Dong suddenly burst into tears, he was crying while pulling the rope. Wang Zhong Ding watched helplessly as Han Dong circled the rope around himself. That&#apos;s right, on one hand he was crying broken-heartedly, as if he had suffered a great deal of grievances, while on the other he was torturing himself by using the rope to tie himself up.

The more he tied the more he cried, the more he cried the harder he tied.

If he hadn&#apos;t seen it with his own eyes, Wang Zhong Ding wouldn&#apos;t have imagined that this kind of thing was done by a person.

Originally he intended to find documentation on Han Dong in his room in order to get more information about him, now it seemed that he had to carefully consider it. Besides there was something urgent at home, Wang Zhong Ding really had no time to spend on him, he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

As a result, just as Wang Zhong Ding turned around, he was forced to take a big step back.

He unexpectedly saw his own "portrait".

(T/N:遺照 = portrait of the deceased)


Wang Zhong Ding still hadn&#apos;t recovered from the shock, while Han Dong had already gotten up from the bed.

He shook off the rope, eyes half closed, his expression suddenly became very serious. This seriousness was not deliberate or pretend, it was not to frighten people, it rather came from beneath the surface and made him exude a mysterious air.

Poor Great Han the Straight Guy (Han Da Zhinan), even when he found himself in such a sad circumstance, he still didn&#apos;t forget that he had drunk alcohol and violated the prohibition, he must now arrange another ritual to implement the spell. This ritual must be concealed, if there was the presence of others, it would collapse by itself.

However, in the eyes of the drunken Han Dong, Wang Zhong Ding wasn&#apos;t a person at all.

He didn&#apos;t let Wang Zhong Ding leave, instead he turned to face Wang Zhong Ding, showing an expression that was not angry, but has a majestic temperament, he said in the tone as if he had known in advance: "You finally reveal your true form!"

Wang Zhong Ding’s face was rigid like a piece of iron plate.

Han Dong fumbled for a yellow talisman, brush and ink in the cupboard, in front of Wang Zhong Ding he wrote down the Eight Characters of Birth Time accurately without any mistake, then just like yesterday he tear the paper with the two Eight Characters of Birth Times on it in half. Each side wrapped around a copper coin, Han Dong&#apos;s side was tossed northward, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s side was tossed southward. Then he took out a dragon turtle from the cupboard, hanging it under the black and white picture of Wang Zhong Ding. The so-called dragon turtle was a creature with a dragon head and the body of a turtle, it also carried a small tortoise on top of its back, it was especially used for fighting evil spirits.

(T/N: 生辰八字 (The Eight Characters of Birth Time) = Not only just your birthday but also your time of birth)

(T/N: I think I need to clarify this, so when HD throw the coin from WZD&#apos;s side, it means the opposite direction of where he placed WZD&#apos;s photo, as for HD&#apos;s side he throw the coin opposite direction of where he placed his photo. This represents separation, they will go separate way and will not come in contact with each other)

After completing all the arrangements, Han Dong once again stood in the middle of the room and chanted silently.

"The position of Qian Kun (heaven and earth) along with Yin and Yang has now been broken, all things have no more reason (to collide)……."

Finally, Han Dong stood in front of Wang Zhong Ding himself, bowed deeply to the &#apos;portrait&#apos; and said very respectfully: "Have a good journey!"

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face at this very moment especially resembled the black and white photo on the wall……

If Han Dong had worn a chang pao with his hand holding a horsetail whisk while performing the ritual, it would not be so hard to accept.The problem was that Han Dong only wore small underpants, showing an extremely attractive and good figure, even eight poles couldn&#apos;t hit! It was as if international supermodels were wearing bikinis in an advertisement for fruit tree pesticides, it could even be said to be scary and stupidly adorable (moe), cold and beautiful put together with a stupid appearance.

(T/N: 長袍 (chang pao) = traditional Chinese men’s robe)

(T/N: 八竿子打不著的事 (eight poles couldn&#apos;t hit)= Describe the relationship between the two alienated or unrelated/ two things that have nothing to do with each other……)

(T/N: 傻逼 (shabi) = isn&#apos;t a nice word, therefore I use stupid instead of stupid cunt/dumb f**** and so on)

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