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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 36

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(T/N: Mr. Wang will change to —> CEO Wang from now on, I’ll fix the all the chapter when I have time)

Translator: Polarbearadise &# Eclipse9 (Welcome our new translator!! *clap clap*)

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

'MLGB! He&#apos;s also very arrogant&#apos;……Han Dong cursed under his breath while getting up from the floor. There was a huge difference in temperature between the corridor and the office and Han Dong was only wearing a sleeping robe, it was cold to the point that he started shivering.

He had no other choice but to press the doorbell once more.

Wang Zhong Ding saw Han Dong&#apos;s face in the intercommunication system situated at the door and coldly asked: "What?"

"It’s too cold outside, you want me to go out like this and be frozen to death?"

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s attitude was indifferent, "Aren&#apos;t you good at running around naked?"

"How can you say that?" Han Dong&#apos;s confused expression was displayed on the intercom screen, "You can play and act like a hooligan however much you want inside, but don&#apos;t directly say it aloud to my face, OK?"

Wang Zhong Ding did not want to speak anymore, and just went back to minding his own business.

At first Han Dong kept repeatedly ringing the doorbell, while shouting nonstop, then there was complete silence. Twenty minutes later, just when Wang Zhong Ding thought that the person had already left, an eerie sound was emitted suddenly from outside the door.

"CEO Wang, if I didn&#apos;t guessed wrong, you have a child hidden in your home right?"

Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s heart immediately went cold, this matter except for Wan Li Qing, he hadn&#apos;t mentioned this to anyone else, including Feng Jun and Er Lei.

After opening the door, Wang Zhong Ding asked Han Dong: "What do you want?"

"Nothing, I just want to go in, change my clothes, then leave."

In the end Wang Zhong Ding lets Han Dong in.

If Han Dong&#apos;s words were considered satisfactory then him carrying out what he had said would be considered extremely slow and tedious. Ten minutes later, Wang Zhong Ding walked into the bedroom and noticed that Han Dong was still wearing the sleeping robe on his body.

"The material for this piece of clothing is quite good, but the style is a bit old-fashioned."

"The color of these trousers are too light, one look and you know it can&#apos;t refrain from getting dirty."

"This pair of shoes doesn&#apos;t seem to fit too well right?"


Five seconds later, Han Dong was forcibly dragged to a corner of the room by two strong men, one was responsible for stripping him down, and the other was responsible for covering his clothes. Three seconds later, Han Dong was wearing his clothes neatly and was &#apos;invited&#apos; out of the office.

However, after being exposed did he expect to just simply leave? No way!

Han Dong was led by the two bodyguards to a small dark room.

The interrogator was the manager of the supervisory department, Guan Quan Sheng, who held the information of many artists in his hand, under his sharp pair of eyes, no one dared not tell the truth.

"Alright speak, what&#apos;s your motive?" Guan Quan Sheng coldly interrogated.

Han Dong responded with a question: "What do you mean by motive?"

Guan Quan Sheng spoke concisely but his words held a deeper meaning, "Who&#apos;s the one instigating you?"

"There are many people instigating me, which matter exactly are you referring to?"

With the increase in Han Dong&#apos;s nonsense, the atmosphere inside the room started to drop lower and lower, the expression on the faces of the two men standing behind Guan Quan Sheng became even harsher, their posture made it seem like they wanted to step forward to attack him at any moment.

Guan Quan Sheng prompted with an expressionless face: "Everything related to CEO Wang."

Recalling the matter of "Wang Zhong Ding hiding a child," Han Dong was still very angry.

At that time when he stood outside the office, the electronic screen displayed on the wall happened to pop out Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face. Ever since Han Dong perceived that their marriage affinity matched, he never wanted to look at that face again. Today he was prompted by a sudden impulse and wanted to see what obstacles there were between their relationship, and the result was that he unexpectedly saw a child!

&#apos;What is wrong with my eyes ah!&#apos; Han Dong wanted to kneel on the ground and cry bitterly, &#apos;to say that you will be a happily married couple with a man is still acceptable, but he even has a f***** family!&#apos;

"I&#apos;m asking you, why aren&#apos;t you answering!" Guan Quan Sheng slammed his hand on the interrogation table.

Han Dong spoke honestly, "I calculated it."

"You calculated that?" Guan Quan Sheng sneered, "then you give me a calculation."

Han Dong casually swept Guan Quan Sheng a glance, he moved closer to his ear and said: "Supervisor Guan, you are keeping a person outside, furthermore she&#apos;s a white tiger……"

(T/N: A white tiger is a Chinese slang referring to a woman who has no hair down there. lol)

Guan Quan Sheng&#apos;s face immediately turned ugly, his eyes had an unconcealable look of shock in them.

"What I said was correct, right?" Han Dong smiled with evil intentions.

"Nonsense!" Guan Quan Sheng&#apos;s tone was firm and cold, "Which evil cult taught you this?"

"I was taught by the White Lotus Sect! Did Elder Rong sign a contract with this company? Come come come, let her deal with me, hahaha……"

(T/N: White lotus sect was a mysterious sect which stemmed from Buddhism (How they got their name, it was popular in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty)

(T/N: Elder Rong is a fictional character from the historical drama series . She&#apos;s used to describing people with bad intentions, villains without a sense of empathy. AKA merciless)

Guan Quan Sheng violently rose to his feet, he waved his hand towards the two bodyguards with exasperation.

"Go go go, get the doctor immediately."

Psychiatrists and psychologists gave Han Dong a five-hour long, detailed examination and sent the end results over to Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s place.

"During the conversation with Supervisor Guan, his attitude was sincere, his words were honest and truthful. After the examination, he was found with no form of mental illness and he doesn&#apos;t have any visible psychological disorders."

In conclusion, he is a normal man!

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