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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 33

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

At the end of the banquet, inside the private room was a scene of people passing out from drunkenness, there were barely people who could maintain their consciousness and support those brothers leaning unsteadily from side to side out. Ye Chenglin was drunk to the point of not knowing anything and because he had to catch the train tomorrow morning, without any better option his girlfriend had to ask two waiters to take him to a taxi and send him back to the hotel first.

Han Dong had left early, almost no one knew when he had gone.

On the streets of Beijing during the winter on the twelfth lunar month, Han Dong clutched a rope and cried bitterly. The alcohol had gone up his brain, his mood became more and more uncontrollable and he ran like mad on the streets, and boldly tore off his clothes. From his jacket to his wool sweater then to his T-shirt, from his trousers to his sweatpants then to his long underpants……

Indeed worthy of being an extra, venting all his emotion to the max.

If this was paired up with a segment of sad background music and placed in the “breakup scene” of any idol drama, you could move a large number of those crazy fans.

At this moment, Zhong Ding Company held a “film and television night” themed event in the luxurious hall of a five-star hotel.

In addition to Zhong Ding’s all-stars luxury lineup, there were hundreds of important guests and celebrities from the film industry. Media reporters crowded the hotel’s door, not even one drop could trickle through, there were flashing lights one after another. On the red carpet leading to the central hall, the limited edition sports cars made a public appearance, celebrities and supermodels walked on the same runway, competed with each other in looks of beauty and glamour.

Li Shang joined hands with several newcomers and together they made their debut on the red carpet, although their reputations were low, there were many reporters falling over each other in their eagerness to take pictures of them. With countless camera lens aimed at him, Li Shang finally understood why so many people wanted to be a star.

In such a place where big names gathered, the seating was arranged very carefully.

The first five rows consisted of people in the media, the sixth to eighth row consisted of the giants of Zhong Ding Film and Television Company, from the ninth row on consisted of the celebrities under contract. From the moment Li Shang walked in, just seeing the row with the poster of superstars stick onto the seats already made him feel somewhat dizzy.

Finally, Li Shang found his seat.

“Eh? I&#apos;m not in the last row?"

Could it be that there were people who were even lower ranked than they were? Li Shang curiously looked back and found a certain familiar actor, it seemed like she was very famous three years ago then, later on, vanished without a trace.

Pan Song who sat next to Li Shang whispered to him, “Those are the people who belong to the ‘cold palace’.”

(T/N: 冷宮 = in ancient time the cold palace is the place where concubine that has lost the king&#apos;s favor was banished to. Interesting fact, the Wang in Wang Zhongding mean King)

Li Shang had heard of this particular "section," almost all of them had provoked a high ranked senior and were given the cold shoulder by the company, if their contracts weren&#apos;t expired they couldn’t jump ship, they could only watch their popularity run out. Most of them were reluctant to take part in events like this, therefore a lot of the seats in the last row were empty.

Li Shang glanced at the seat diagonally behind him there were three huge bare words—— Tao Yunyun

In the beginning the company who managed Tao Yunyun wasn&#apos;t Zhong Ding, because she borrowed Wang Zhong Ding to promote herself, Feng Jung bought her with a high price to come over to the company and also had her sign a 5 years contract. The best years of youth to gradually rise up to become a star, at once was ruined by one unpublished press release.

With the opening ceremony of the grand event approaching, the celebrities walking on the red carpet were becoming more and more famous, a sister, after participating in an international film successfully debuted, everyone at the scene was especially curious, who would take the position as Wang Zong Ding&#apos;s female companion and make a public appearance with him.

Finally, a private custom-made super luxury car slowly pulled into the venue.

The doors on both sides opened, Wang Zhong Ding and a mysterious female guest came out from the car, at once countless flashes went off nonstop.

Wang Zhong Ding was dressed in a standard three-piece suit, a four-button gray vest, and a white shirt matched with a solid dark blue tie, the shoulder, collar, and sleeves had reached a degree of suffocating others into submission. The female companion was dressed in a high-grade, custom-made red dress inheriting the Chinese style, it was matched with pure, noble jewels handed down from the ancient time, every step and every posture showed that this person was living a pampered life full of riches and comfort.

Wang Zhong Ding had participated in many events like this, he had walked on the red carpet many times and had also changed female companions many times. This was the first person that, when standing next to Wang Zhong Ding, gave off the air of the first wife.

Li Shang didn&#apos;t know who this woman was, many of the people present were also unfamiliar with her. They only knew that she was called Wan Li Qing, the heir of a prestigious family, who had a very close connection with Wang Zhong Ding.

As for their relationship, it was still a mystery.

Before entering the event, Wang Zhongding accepted a brief interview as usual.

“Mr. Wang, I heard that the company is planning to film a blockbuster of the year, the chief planner is you, right?

Wang Zhong Ding nodded very frankly, “Yes, it is me.”

"We discovered that in all the films that have passed through your hands, you tend to choose old or new cast for the roles, will this film be the same??"

“Yes, this film will only select and use fresh talents.”

Hearing these words, the reporter instantly became excited.

“Mr. Wang, may I ask at present has the preliminary candidate for the male and female lead been chosen?

“Mr. Wang, can you reveal the theme of this film?”

“Mr. Wang, what is your expectations for the box office of this film?”


Feng Jun rushed over and waved his hand to greet the reporters at the scene, “Fellow reporters, thank you for your support of Zhong Ding Film and Television group, the event has begun and Mr. Wang has to take his seat. Everyone from the media, please take a seat inside the venue, thank you, everyone, for your cooperation……"

After the opening ceremony the awards ceremony was held, every individual that won an award had to go on stage and perform, there were a lot of personnel who worked behind the scenes and rarely showed their faces, when they got up there to perform, they very easily went all out and had fun.

When the atmosphere was warm and bustling, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s phone rang.

Wan Li Qing turned her head and saw that Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s face looked gloomy after he hung up the phone, a sharp contrast to the smiling faces around him.

"Something happened to Xi Xi again?" Wan Li Qing asked.

Wang Zhong Ding nodded, “His high fever is not going down.”

"I knew it, your mood change is definitely because of him." Wan Li Qing helplessly consoled, "perhaps it&#apos;s because he simply hasn&#apos;t acclimatized yet, think about it, his body was originally not in good health and you still took him all the way from Hainan to here."

Wang Zhong Ding didn&#apos;t speak, his complexion was heavy.

Wan Li Qing had an ominous premonition, "You are not thinking of leaving, right? This is your group&#apos;s event, you still need to give out the grand prize at the end."

As a result, Wang Zhong Ding not only wanted to go, but he also wanted to go alone and leave everything for Wan Li Qing to handle.

"What? It wasn&#apos;t easy for me to attend this event with you and now you want to leave me here alone? In this entire hall the only person I know is you."

Wang Zhong Ding said: "In a moment when you help me give out the award, they will all at once know you."

“Hey, you……”

Wan Li Qing still hadn&#apos;t finished speaking but Wang Zhong Ding had quickly gotten up and left.

Han Dong still hadn&#apos;t sobered up from the alcohol he had drank, he was walking intoxicatedly in a crooked angle toward the parking lot of a hotel, waving his hand to intercept 10 empty cars.

This hotel was exactly where Zhong Ding Company held their film event, outside the hotel a great number of brand cars were parked, these private cars naturally belonged to celebrities and big shots. Because there were hundreds of celebrities attending the event and only 80 spaces in the parking lot, therefore in addition to the venue seating arrangements, the exclusive parking spaces outside had also become a tool to highlight the identity of the owner.

Han Dong waved his hands for a long time showering affection on an uninterested party, when he arrived at the location of the most luxurious brand car, he knocked on the window glass and said to the empty seat inside: "Shifu, either you pull up first, or I&#apos;ll hit you."

No response.

Han Dong&#apos;s arms, which were wrapped around his chest, trembled nonstop and his two long, naked legs almost shook out flowers.

(T/N: Imagine his legs is a tree, flowers, leaf, etc. would fall off if it was shaken with strong force = his legs is shaking nonstop)

"Shifu, can you hurry up! I&#apos;m……already freezing to death!"

The door still remained closed.

Han Dong was irritated, he used the rope to whip the car lightly, he even used the soles of his shoes to kick the car door before he finally spits directly on the glass, "MLJB! You stopped but don&#apos;t open the door, what kind of attitude is that? Or is it because it&#apos;s close (the distance) so you don&#apos;t want to drive? Do you believe that I will register a complaint about you……"

(T/N: MLJB = curse slang-> f*** your mother)

On a normal day, if some people dared to make noise in the parking lot, seven or eight security guards would already have surrounded them. But today as it happened, there was just some disturbance at the exit of C hotel, all the security guards had gone over there to maintain order, simply nobody cared about Han Dong.

When Wang Zhong Ding reached the hotel door, he would at once use the remote control to open the car, just as he was about to walk towards his car, he heard Feng Jun shout behind him: “Mr. Wang!”

Han Dong pulled the car door once, eh? The car was open!

He quickly opened the door and got in, just as he saw the blankets on the back seats, without saying anything further he directly lay down on top of it and wrapped himself up completely, it was really warm ah……

Wan Zhong Ding turned around and looked at Feng Jun, "What?"

“The driver has taken a temporary leave of absence, I&#apos;ll send you back.”

"No need." Wang Zhong Ding raised his hand, "I&#apos;ll drive myself, you help me send Wan Li Qing home, that would be enough."

When Wang Zhong Ding got in the car, Han Dong had already fallen asleep.

Wang Zhong Ding was anxious to get home so he didn&#apos;t look behind him and Han Dong was laying flat down, he simply couldn&#apos;t be seen in the rearview mirror at all.

Therefore, the car hit the road just like that……

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