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Novel Name : Feng Mang

Chapter 31

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Nobody knew what Liang Jing was thinking when he suddenly shouted: “Stop!”

Xiao Wen quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road.

“Although she is not a man but she can share a corner with Li Shang! If we let her act in the cross-dressing scenes, she can make up for Li Shang&#apos;s shortcomings, why didn&#apos;t I think of that?" Liang Jing said excitedly: "Quick, go back!"

The car sped up along the way and drove back to the massage parlor.

Liang Jing quickly got out of the car, when he arrived at the door of the parlor, he didn&#apos;t find Han Dong but instead he found the female owner arguing with a man.

“That brat put my money in his pocket and ran away, I lost 7,000 yuan, you have to pay me back!”

“Why should I pay you? I didn&#apos;t take your money!”

“The money was spent in your parlor, if you don’t pay me back, I’ll accuse you of fraud!”

"You can go sue! Who can prove that he is a man? Who can prove that he took your 7,000 yuan?"


Liang Jing briefly interrupted them, “Excuse me, can I ask, where is the girl who stood at the door just now?"

The female owner didn&#apos;t say anything but the man quickly open his mouth and angrily said: "Big brother, that’s not a girl at all, that&#apos;s a man! He’s a drag queen! We’ve all been fooled!"

A man?! Could it be……Liang Jing felt that his heart was about to burst! This truth might be a tragedy to others but to Liang Jing it was an unexpected surprise!

“Where is he? Where is he now?” Liang Jing urgently asked.

The man pointed to the east, “I saw him running in that direction."

Liang Jing didn&#apos;t say anything else, he got into the car and immediately gave chase.


The result was as sad as the last time, Liang Jing failed to catch up with Han Dong.

As soon as Han Dong left the parlor, he went all the way toward the Shopping Mall with the speed of a hurricane, he picked two pieces of men’s clothing and changed into them. He then fetched a car and when he arrived home, he arrogantly walked inside the house.

At night Han Dong counted the money, there was a little over 20,000 yuan. He intended to return 15,000 yuan to Ye Chenglin, the remaining 5,000 would be put in the red envelope leaving only less than 1,000 yuan for himself.

Finally the problem of money was solved, Han Dong breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, yesterday he knew that he would meet a villain today, he had used a method to resolve the villain in advance, that was why today he could escape this fate. Han Dong fixed his eyes on the ritual he had set up yesterday and suddenly realized that something was wrong, when he had calculated yesterday, the appearance of the villain was obviously pointed in the direction of the entertainment business, how did it change into a coal boss?

Was it possible that the coal boss also invested in film making? At the thought of this, Han Dong felt scared inside, he quickly burned everything the coal boss had seen, from the sunglasses to the leather bag as well as all the female items.

Because tomorrow he had to attend Ye Chenglin&#apos;s banquet and had to go out, Han Dong still didn&#apos;t forget to calculate his fortune.

It was &#apos;will meet the villain when leaving the house&#apos; again! And this time the villain was alluding to the predestined marriage fate.

In other words, he would meet Wang Zhong Ding tomorrow?

Han Dong&#apos;s heart burst of irritation, if he doesn’t leave his house, he couldn’t attend Chenglin&#apos;s banquet before the wedding and it was impossible to dress up as disgustingly as he did the last time. Since he couldn&#apos;t hide, he could only try to find a way to get rid of the disaster.

&#apos;Wang Zhong Ding, since you&#apos;re always haunting me, I will set up a big ritual this time to completely part from you!&#apos;

Therefore, Han Dong went to the photo studio at night, he combined a picture of him and one of Wang Zhong Ding into one, Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s photo was black and white while his own photo was colored, symbolizing the separation of Yin and Yang. After he went home he used a pair of scissors to cut the photo of the two people, implying the division of two segments with a single cut. Then he framed the two pictures separately, one hanging on the South wall, the other hanging on the North wall, with the meaning that, even when they died of old age, they would never come in contact with each other. Finally, he wrote both of their birthdays on yellow paper with ink, then cut it with the scissors again, sticking one side on Wang Zhong Ding&#apos;s photo and the other on his own photo.

(T/N: 生辰八字 (The Eight Characters of Birth Time) = Not only just your birthday but also your time of birth)

(T/N: 一刀兩斷 (two segments with a single cut) = To make a clean break w/ someone)

After he had arranged a proper ritual, Han Dong stood in the middle of the room and chanted silently: The position of qiankun (heaven and earth) along with Yin and Yang, has now been broken, all things have no more reason (to collide).

And then he turned his body toward Wang Zhong Ding’s black and white photo and bowed, “Wang villain, have a good journey!"

As a matter of fact, in the end, whether it works or not, Han Dong was uncertain, he was only good at calculating and not dispelling, he had offered apples to his benefactor and yet he still didn&#apos;t know if it could avoid disaster or not.

(T/N: Pray (offering fruit, aka apple in this case) to the 恩人 (benefactor) to ensure his ritual works – Thanks AnneNoh for helping me translate this part <3)

However Han Dong clearly knew about one thing, alcohol was a big taboo, if he touched alcohol tomorrow, his ritual today would at once lose its effectiveness. If he wanted it to work again, he would have to perform a stronger ritual than this one and it needed to be hidden, once someone knew about the ritual, it would collapse by itself.

In order to guard against the unexpected, Han Dong decided to never touch a drop of alcohol tomorrow, no matter who encouraged him to drink, he must not drink.

After tossing from side to side in his bed, Han Dong finally went to knock on Ye Chenglin&#apos;s door, his head slowly went in to explore, he closed his eyes as he pretended to sleepwalk and said: “Today I want to sleep with you.”

Han Dong had reached the highest level of a scoundrel, while he obviously exercised his wits for personal gains, you still thought that he was naturally stupid.

Although he knew that Han Dong was going to steal his blanket at night, Ye Chenglin still accepted his fate and lifted up his blanket.


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